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How is ART IN BLOOM in McKinney texas

Hello fellow artists. I just got into Art in Bloom in McKinney Texas.  I wamted to see if anyone has done it and if they think it's worth doing. I tried four new shows last year and they were not very good except for 1. So trying to do more do diligence before accepting invites to new shows this year. So any advice is awsome. Thanks in advance best wishes to all for a great 2020 art sales year

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1. 43rd Annual Art in the Park
July 8 & 9
Presented by Steamboat Springs Art Council
160 Artists
Deadline: May 15

Application fee: $35; Booth fee: $400

Art in the Park is held in beautiful Steamboat Springs. The festival is free to the public and features nearly 160 artist vendors, live entertainment, food vendors, and an interactive children's art area. This popular and successful event takes place on Hot Air Balloon Rodeo Weekend, which draws large crowds through a weekend of fun and excitement. 
Around 10,000 people attend our festival located in West Lincoln Park, on the west end of downtown Steamboat Springs in beautiful Northwest Colorado. New this year will be a wine-tasting truck and 2 beer trucks
Marketing: Local newspaper, social media, emails, web site, local variety paper, local radio and television, street banner, posters, balloon rodeo collaborative national marketing.
2. Steamboat Springs All Arts Festival 2017
August 11, 12 & 13
Presented by Steamboat Springs Art Council
60 Artists
Deadline: June 1

Application Fee: $35  
Booth Fee:  Arts Council Members $225; Non-Members  $250

Steamboat Springs Arts Council is proud to announce the 2017 Yampa River Fine Art Stroll as part of the 9th annual All Arts Festival. The stroll will extend from the corner of 12th and Lincoln Avenue and will wrap around to Yampa and 10th Street on the west end of downtown Steamboat Springs. This year's show falls on the same weekend as the established Steamboat Springs Wine Festival, bringing qualified clientele to beautiful downtown Steamboat Springs in Northwest Colorado.

This show will feature only 60 artists, ensuring high sales volume! Mediums will be limited in each category and all artwork for sale will be high quality and unique. This will greatly reduce the competition vendors generally experience with most fine art shows.
Local newspaper, radio and television, collaborating with the Steamboat Springs Wine Festival with national marketing, social media, local variety magazine, email blasts to 3,500 email subscribers, posters, chamber web site, city web site.

For questions contact: Beth Liggitt,   (970)879-9008
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Charlotte riots and the "Festival in the Park"

I noticed on that Charlotte’s “Festival In the Park” this weekend is still going ahead as scheduled, despite the Charlotte riots and curfews.  I was wondering how that is working out.  Are the artists and crafters actually setting up?  What were they told by the promoter?  Will anyone show up tomorrow and Sunday?  Are the police actually able to provide credible security?

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8869097853?profile=originalFriday, November 20, 2 pm ET has just finished its 3rd annual "America's Best Art Fairs" survey and we announce the winners. Our survey is the only national online look at the country's juried art fairs and craft shows, designed to reward the festivals that create opportunities connecting artists and communities.

Listen live:


We asked our mailing list of over 50,000 art fair patrons what was the best art fair in the country and had an amazing nationwide response. Nearly 90% of the respondents completed the lengthy 25 question survey and the answers were both expected and intriguing. 

Listen to find out what the Top 25 shows in the country are as voted on by the people who attend them. Discover their choices for the best regional fairs, best urban fair, best small market show and the best cities for art fairs.


We'll share the survey answers on:

  • what makes a show "Best"
  • why people say they attend an art fair
  • why they don't attend shows they used to love
  • suggestions for show organizers

Lynn Smith, vice chair of the Old Town Art Fair in Chicago, will give her insights on how that show garners so much enthusiasm throughout the greater metropolitan area, making it a "must attend" event. Art buyers from Florida and Ohio will also join us to tell us why they attend art fairs and buy art.'s (the parent site of AFI that pays the bills for this site) mission is to promote the American tradition of art fairs by showcasing events where art collectors find hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind fine work and encourage the interaction of client and creator. 

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Call for Artists: Art in the Park, Elmhurst

May 2 & 3  2162.jpg
Elmhurst, Illinois
19th Annual Art in the Park 
Grounds of Wilder Park and Elmhurst Art Museum
10am-5pm both days

125 Artists booths
Deadline: January 31
Why spend the weekend in Elmhurst? Information that should intrigue you:
  • in the Chicago area, where art fairs flourish
  • high level of educational attainment
  • Average family income:  $104,392 

More demographics for the area: 

Art in the Park features artist-created jewelry, ceramics, fiber, photography, sculpture, furniture, glass, and paintings. Artists will be selling their handcrafted items all weekend in this popular park in the middle of town. Enjoy live entertainment, assortment of food for sale by vendors of all tastes (including gourmet desserts) and lunch inside the historic Wilder Mansion.
For more information and to download the application please visit:
and LIKE our Facebook page.
2160.jpg?width=250 2156.jpg?width=250 2158.jpg?width=300 2167.jpg?width=275 
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art in the park, garden city kansas

This is a one day show in september in conjunction with fall fest. the lady who runs it is so unbelievably nice that its hard to write anything bad about the show, but Garden city is a shitbox.  the town is all grain elevators and feed lots and depending on the wind direction smells like rotting cow flesh.  I was there for about 30 hours and that was far too long.  There are a few people from what I've heard who have lots of cattle or oil money but i saw no evidence of it.  I mostly sold cheap prints.  I'd say if its geographically super convenient to do, maybe do it. the jury fee is only $10 and $60 for the booth fee which i actually didnt even pay til i was at the show. and they had prize money! not a ton but compared to the booth fee it was okay.  I got 2nd prize which was $200 so that was nice. 
Just a little info for anyone considering this show. 
Although the jewelers near me seemed to be really busy, but i dont know how well they did.

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Richmond Arts in the Park 2014

I've done previous reviews on this show so I'm not going to rehash what I've already written.  Do a search for my previous blogs if you want to get further information.

This is a jury by check show and at first glance looks like it is not going to be very profitable for fine art.  But there is a lot of fine art here and most of it is segregated in what is fondly or not so fondly called the dust bowl.  Booths in the dust bowl are on grass which quickly succumbs to the many feet of the attendees.  Booths near the Carillon are on pavement and are nearer to parking which makes load in and out easier.  Rumor says sales are better in the dust bowl but I am interested in hearing from Leo Charette about how his sales were by the Carillon.

Setup is by dollying and is allowed on Friday from dawn to dusk.  When I arrived early Friday morning there were a couple tents already set up so there may be the possibility of setting up earlier.  My first year doing this show I arrived for setup at 1:00 PM hoping to save some vacation time.  Don't do that unless you have a very light setup or are a glutton for punishment.  Parking for setup is tight and you will dolly a lot further.  Setup is also allowed on Saturday morning and the show does not open until 11:00 so there is plenty of time.  However people start coming in around 10 so it is best to be setup and ready for customers by then.

It looked like it was going to be a perfect storm this year.  There was pouring rain all week long and then a beautiful weekend.  It did not materialize.  The weather was perfect but my sales were down by half.  Attendance seemed to be normal but there was a bike event going on in Richmond that apparently made traveling in Richmond very difficult with a lot of closed streets.  It still was a good money maker for me and I do recommend the show.

One last note - I have tried and I have never been able to get to the show when following the directions that the show gives me.  If you are coming down 195 to the show instead take the Cary St. exit, turn left on Cary St. and then right on Boulevard St.  When you come to the Y go to the right and head towards the tall building (Carillon).  There is a 20 cent toll going out, bring dimes.

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Art Fair in the Mill Park, Paoli, WI

Last weekend, I participated in my first outdoor art fair (I have, before, only participated in the inside, small art fair at my church in Madison, WI, First Unitarian Society, called Art in the Wright Place). It was an experience. Before hand, I had purchased a brand new Trimline canopy with mesh walls, French door--the whole shooting match. It arrived a couple of weeks ago with a shipping note indicating altogether it weighed around 200 pounds. My wife and practiced assembling it by watching a video they supplied. We would watch one step, turn off the video, go outside and complete that step. Then we returned for the next step until we had the whole thing up.

Also, before, the fair, I printed many new pictures (I am a I got them matted, purchased frames and glass, and did that as well. I also purchased some new canvas prints of my work. I also created sets of note cards of my pictures. My work, by the way, is somewhat eclectic, with a lot of pictures from Europe as well as Wisconsin and other places we have traveled to. The night before the fair, which was last Saturday, August 10, 2013, we set up our booth. Though my vehicle for doing is a Prius, I got it all the back of the car, with the backseats down. The venue for the fair is a small town south of Madison on the Sugar River, and there is a park along with river, and that is where the fair took place. It is an attractive and tranquil place. It took us about 2-3 hours to do this as it was our first time and we were trying to figure out everything. We set our prices quite reasonably.

The next morning we arrived early, put up our pictures, organized the booth, and waited for customers, who started arriving a little after 9 AM. Paoli is in the midst of many farms with vast fields of corn. To make a long story short, we did not sell one framed piece nor any of the canvas pictures. We did sell most of our cards ($16 for 8) and we did sell some 11x14 ($30) and 16x20 double-matted prints ($60). At the end of the day, we had sold about $430 worth of stuff. I guess you could say I was disappointed. I thought we could do at least $1,000. However, this is a small fair, and the amount of people who came, while steady throughout the day, was probably around 1,500. In seeking to understand what was going on, we have attributed the small sales to both the number of people attending and the demographic, which I am not sure is taken with nice European prints.

Tomorrow we will participate in the Agora Art Fair in Fitchburg. We will take to heart the lessons we learned last week. We have even more cards. We have more matted but unframed prints. We will also have a good selection of framed works and some very nice canvas prints, including one 30x40 print of a restaurant on a bridge in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Provence. This fair is much better attended, and is situated in a town with many high-income residents. So I think the demographic will be more favorable to what we have. This fair has been well reviewed here in the past. I am hoping for better results, and I will continue to learn from this experience. I will give a report on my continuing adventures after the dust settles on this one.

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Hot, hot, hot – a major sweat builder … that’s how I would describe this show.  The day started out with an 80+ mile drive from our cabin in Northern Minnesota to Brainerd.  Normally, I love this drive but we had rain all day on Saturday and the fog made the driving treacherous.  The show was to start at 10:00 AM, which means that you better be ready to sell at 9:00 AM.  We arrived at the park at 7:30 AM and found that we couldn’t get into the park with our vehicle as so many were already there.  We pulled up as close as possible and my husband started moving tent, grid walls and boxes of glass from the car to our spot in the park.  My husband was an unfortunate volunteer at this event, normally my son comes and helps me or I do the show alone, but I had major back surgery last January and I still have a weight limit requirement – the tent alone was double that limitation! 


Off we went, setting up, draping tables, working like banshees to get everything done.  The weather kept getting hotter (89 degrees) and more humid. I put up a couple of stained glass panels and turned around, they were gone … nope, not stolen, a couple (return customers from last year) had walked up and took them off the walls to hold them up to the sun.  By 8:30 AM, I had sold two panels … I was thinking, “This will be a great day!”  By 10:30 AM my booth fee was covered.  By 2:00 PM, I finally got a spot of lunch and started talking to other artists … the heat was on, literally and figuratively.  In talking with other artists, they weren’t selling … I felt embarrassed, because I was, but most of the sales were in the $50 and under category.  I’ve done this show many times and had learned that you better have those $50 and under items because the people purchasing at this show are mostly cabin owners … they like to buy, but they like the smaller items, lots and lots of smaller items!


I was lucky this time … this year I worked on small stuff because doing the large stuff was too hard to do after back surgery … and what I did sold.  One of my neighbor artists didn’t sell anything (I’ve been there before) and another discounted all his artwork to ensure that he sold enough to cover his booth fee, not something that I recommend. 


However, my best, and most thought provoking, sale of the day was an $18 sale … a young teenager in a wheelchair came by, being pushed by his mother, and accompanied by his two sisters.  His mother explained that he loved color and insisted that he come into the booth (he was using sign language and you could see how adamant he was to visit my booth).  His mother was discouraging him as he had muscle tremors and this was a booth full of glass.  I encouraged the family to bring him in and started talking to him, with his mother translating.  He kept grabbing for a sun catcher, the piece consists of seven stars cascading downward.  I held the piece up for him and he pointed at colors and tried to verbalize the color out loud.  I got into the mix with the family, “So what color is this?”  “RED”, “And this one?” “GREEN,” And this one, “LOVE.”  Love?  His mother translated his next words; he LOVED the piece and wanted it.  No, Mom was not going to purchase it but he had enough money in his pocket if he wanted to buy it … he did.  I carefully bubble wrapped his purchase and put it into the bag and turned back to the young man and thanked him.  His response?  Through sign language, with his mother translating, he said:  “Thank you for treating me like a human, I am trapped in this body, but it doesn’t mean that I am not smart.”  I walked around the counter and gave him a hug and told him, he had made my day … I didn’t care if I sold another item; I had received my blessing for the day.  Thank you to my young friend for reminding me that customers come in all shapes, colors and bodies!  I cannot wait to see him again next year and promised to have another “Love” piece just for him. 


So now I guess I better start designing the piece because I really do mean to give him a piece that says, “LOVE”, in many colors! 


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Our future buyers, starting young...

I just have admit that in the past when I had kids coming to my booth and started touching everything would drive me a little crazy, but it is not always the case. I have learned to listen to them, pay more attention and explain them why I love to paint and do shows. Sometimes they look and after couple hours you see them coming back with their parents and their cash. I am so proud when I see them the next year, taller, more grown up, more mature and to purchase a second piece. They see the artist with respect and admiration, something that I wish some adults will do. These little guys won't try to bargain with you or tell you "I could do that" (like a woman just told me this weekend "40.00 dlls for this?? It's only a piece of wood with paint!") They just watch, listen, learn, look at you in a WOW way and can't wait to come back to see you the following year. I see a good future in art :) Cheers to kids! And cheers to their parents that teach them to love art young :)8869111293?profile=original

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Some nice prizes went out to some wonderful artists last weekend _sized.BWAS_final2013_VERT_color_PNC_nodates.jpg?width=200

at the Boardwalk Art Show. Congratulations to all especially popular AFI member Alison Thomas!

Best in Show Award ($7,500)

  • Molly Strader, Jewelry, Booth #2311

Virginia’s Finest Award ($2,500)

  • Daniel Robbins, Painting, Booth #2715

Thomas A Felton Jr. Award of Distinction in Fine Art ($2,000)

  • David Figueroa, Sculpture, Booth #3021

Friends of MOCA Award of Distinction ($2,000)

  • Pam Fox, Jewelry, Booth #2925

PNC People's Choice Award ($1,000)

  • Aleksandr Maryaskin, Jewelry, Booth #2908

The Randy & Irene Sutton Best in Glass Award ($1,000)

  • Josh Soloman, Glass, Booth #2026

Judge’s Choice Award ($1,000)

  • Aaron Hequembourg, Mixed Media, Booth #2611
  • Nicario Jimenez, Mixed Media, Booth #2113
  • Jeffrey Nelson, Wood, Booth #2223
  • Cheryl Smith, Ceramics, Booth #2016

Award of Merit ($500)

  • Stephen Brehm, Painting, Booth # 3015
  • Kirk Mullenax, Painting, Booth #2813
  • Thomas Wargin, Sculpture, Booth #3024

Sand Dollar Awards (17 total)

  • Larry Smith, Jewelry, Booth #3030
  • John Dennis, Wood, Booth #2923
  • Thomas Bothe, Ceramics, Booth #2915
  • Jen Swearington, Fiber, Booth #2905
  • Susan Gott, Glass, Booth #2531
  • Anne Morris Simcoe, Fiber, Booth #2816
  • Lee-Margaret Borland, Photography, Booth #2006
  • Ummarid Eitherong, Mixed Media, Booth #2009
  • Brianna Martray, Sculpture, Booth #2010
  • Chloe Wang, Painting, Booth #2013
  • Flora Zarate, Fiber, Booth #2112
  • John Claude Louis, Photography, Booth #2129
  • Russell Turnage, Ceramics, Booth #2218
  • Bert Beirne, Painting, Booth #2225
  • Brian Bortz, Wood, Booth #2319
  • Alison Thomas, Digital Art, Booth #2424
  • Laura Post, Graphics/Printmaking, Booth #2710
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Hi Friends....Here is my review of Art in the Park in Columbia, note:  I was originally scheduled to be at Summerfair in Cincinnatti, OH this past weekend, but chose this show instead due to a "gut" feeling.  Enjoy!


I arrived at the show which is held in Stephens Lake Park in Columbia on Friday afternoon.  The park is beautiful and an ideal place for a show.  I checked in and due to recent rains, the park was not allowing any vehicles in the park or golf carts on the grass.  In most cases, this would have been a dolly in by yourself set up, but not this show.  I was met with 2 volunteers in a golf cart who helped me unload my van, placed everything on the cart and drove on the sidewalks to my booth assignment and helped me unload everything.  It was the easiest and fastest load in ever!  The volunteers were very nice and eager to help.  I set up the tent, panels and shelves and due to the threat of bad storms overnight, opted to stop there and bring in the art Saturday morning.  Fortunately, the area did not have the 60 mile an hour winds that were being forecasted, we got lucky, the storm took a southern turn and missed Columbia with the exception of some rain.   

Friday evening was the artist welcome reception at the Columbia Art League Gallery.  It was very nice with adult beverages and delicious pizza, salad and dessert.  All complimentary and provided by the League. 

Saturday morning was the remainder of set up and load in for many and it ran very smoothly.  Some artists had to be relocated due to the mud and everyone seemed to be doing well.  The show started at about 10am and the people came.  I had good sales on Saturday and ended the day with all costs covered.  Booth sitters were abundant and the show was cofortable to do.

Saturday evening the show held an awards dinner.  The dinner was very nice in a reception hall that was beautifully decorated and the food was very good.  Awards were given out in all categories with a Mayor's choice award and 3 Best of Show awards (1st, 2nd and 3rd). 

Sunday was just as busy as Saturday with good crowds and good sales.  I ended the show with a good profit and hopes of returning next year.  Load out was similar to load in.  After breaking down the booth, volunteers came with golf carts and drove everything to my van and I was loaded up in about 15 minutes and on my way home.  It was amazingly easy. 


Ok, now that the particulars are done I would like to talk about the show's Director, Diana Moxon and her volunteers.  First of all, let me say that Diana is truly amazing.  I have rarely seen a show director who is as involved and works as hard as Diana does.  This show had its share of challenges due to the weather and having to deal with mud issues and the relocation of many booths.  Diana managed to pull this off like a well seasoned professional.  She was there late at night and early in the morning and worked all day long making sure artists were taken care of and happy.  She truly values and cares about each artist and it shows.  She was assisted by a staff of very caring and hard working volunteers who were as dedicated to the artists as she was.  At no time during any part of the show, no matter how busy or tired they were, were any of the volunteers or Diana not friendy or attentive.  They were all truly amazing.  It was said many times that the people of Columbia look forward to this show all year and love it and they truly do. I was, as was every other artist I spoke with, grateful for and very impressed with Diana and her staff.  If there was a show director award, Diana would surely win first place!!

I was able to meet many nice artists at this show and I bought a lot of art in Columbia.  I felt the show was well juried and had just about everything I love in it.  I was able to purchase an original piece from Lorraine McFarland, Pastelist, that I adore and have already hung it in my home.  I met Lorraine earlier this year and she is also an AFI member.  I was also fortunate enough to be approached by the Bluestem Gallery and offered representation with a 12 piece collection to start.  I did not know this was such a well reputed gallery at the time, and am now thoroughly excited that they chose me. 

Overall, this show recieves a grade of A++ from me for organization, Show Director and Staff, artist treatment and venue.  Sales were good, I made a good profit and I will re-apply next year and hope to be accepted. 

I will be doing Talbot Street Art Fair this coming weekend.  My husband will be with me for the first time in a long time.  Hopefully, we won't kill each other hehehe.  Look for that review next Monday.  Thanks for reading!  Elle        

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Four Rivers Craft Show: June 7-9514.jpg?width=255

Fine Art Show: June 8 & 9
Salina, Kansas
Deadline: February 15

Celebrating Artists, Celebrating Excellence!

  • Over half-a-million dollars in visual arts sales annually!
  • Ranked in the top 100 art fairs in the country and at the top of those in the central Midwest. Kansas' finest!
  • 90 exhibitors in the Fine Art Show
  • 50 exhibitors in the Four Rivers Craft Show
  • over $11,000 cash Merit &Purchase Awards
  • Reasonable booth fees and jury fee
  • Booth sitters, water/tea/coffee brought to booth, assistance with unload and loading, Artists' Reception & Breakfast, free reserved parking within the event
  • Presented by the nationally acclaimed Salina Arts & Humanities

 A Festival Like None Other

The Smoky Hill River Festival presents a sophisticated palette of events: exceptional fine art and contemporary craft, art installations, superb entertainment, and interactive arts experiences for all ages.  Salina is widely acknowledged as an Outstanding Arts community where art and culture are a $23 million industry annually.  A model in its rich cultural landscape, Salina is a vibrant example of a community that grows, thrives and reaches for the future, through the arts.

  • 2000 volunteers assures community involvement
  • 75,000 attendees, drawing patrons from the region and across the country 
  • $130,000+ thriving Art Patron Program

The artists speak:

Smoky Hill River Festival-All around quality show-first class from patrons to art to staff-8869103275?profile=originaloutstanding! Michael Stephens-Edinburg, PA

I traveled far, but gained a lot! Ana Petercic-Lincolnwood, IL

Very well run, all-out effort. Duke Klassen &LaDes Glanzer-Minneapolis, MN

A top-notch show in the middle of Kansas-what a treat-great volunteers, easy set-up, oh yea and great sales! Julie Jerman-Melka-Fort Collins, CO

Smoky Hill River Festival is put on and run by geniuses! Ashley Robertson-Woodbridge, VA

This is the most unique show I have ever done in 20 years.  There is so much going on and the community is really into it! Layl McDill-Minneapolis, MN

This show has it all.  Great volunteers, organization, quality and crowds! Carole Osburn-Des Moines, IA

We as artists have the privilege of having an individual voice.  What we ask and hope for is a venue that allows the voice of our art to be heard in its most beautiful form.  This show is a stage unto its own. Here your voice is heard, seen, and felt. Denise Robertson-Columbus, NM

We welcome your application. Available online at or may be downloaded and printed from the Festival website for submitting by mail.

For more information: and

Karla Prickett, Visual Arts Director

Salina Arts & Humanities

(735)309-5770, ext. 2306


Below: "Oakdale/Carver Pool" by Molly Dilworth, Brooklyn, NY

Salina Art Center, Artist-in-residence

Oakdale/Carver pool

Integrating the histories of Salina's summer  pastime activity, swimming, the large 1920s municipal pool is painted with two patterns that represent the whites only pool and the inset representing the blacks-only pool. This work is  visible through virtual maps such as Google Earth, marking a visual  history of Salina from an aerial perspective.

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1082.jpg?width=155June 8 & 9
Indianapolis, Indiana
Talbot Street between 16th & 20th
& Pennsylvania and Delaware Streets
Sat.: 10am-6pm; Sun.: 10am-5pm
270 Exhibitors
Deadline: January 21

The  58th annual Talbot Street Art Fair is sponsored by Talbot Street Art  Fair, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the arts  and philanthropic endeavors; program grants, scholarship endowments and  awards.

270 fine art and fine craft artists from across the nation will participate in the oldest juried fair in Central Indiana.  The fair remains free to the public.

Media  categories are two dimension, two and three dimension mixed media,  clay, fiber, glass, jewelry, metal, photography, sculpture and wood.  Merit  Awards of $250 are given for each category and also a $500 Best of Show  Award. In addition to the Merit Awards, we also sponsor Purchase  Awards.

All of the fair's focus is on the artists.

  • We do not have  TalbotPic2 commercial booths or performing musicians.
  • We do extensive advertising to bring you the customers that buy.
  • The fair has a dedicated following of patrons who show up rain or shine.
  • Our  local and regional media coverage includes billboards, newspapers,  magazines, online ads and radio and television interviews.
  • We provide 24 hour security with our Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers
  • Free parking for both artists and RV's and cold water.  We also offer the option of Friday afternoon set-up.  Our Block Captains help us create an organized fair that runs smoothly.

The booth space sizes vary from the standard of 10'x12' to 10'x22'.  Fees: $25 Application Fee; Booth Fee of $295-$545.

For more information:

Visit now to find shows looking for you!


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February 9 & 10  Peoria4
Jacksonville, Florida
Saturday & Sunday
10am - 5pm
Deadline: November 7

Application Fee:  $25
Booth Fee:  $210

Don't miss this opportunity to join some of the nation's most talented and respected artists who will be showcasing and selling their artwork at this highly organized and professional outdoor fine art festival.

This open air art gallery is located in the gigantic parking lot on the corner of Blanding Boulevard and Wells Road at Orange Park mall - the largest mall to the west of the Saint John's River. Artists will be displaying and selling all forms of art including ceramics, metal, glass, jewelry, paintings, sculpture, wood, stone, fiber, photography, and more. All artwork is juried, which provides a higher level of quality, diversity and creativity of art on display.

Artist Amenities

  • Extra space behind your booth for storage.
  • Drive up access for easy unloading and end of festival loading.
  • Friday setup from 3pm-6pm with overnight security and also Sat morning from 6am-9am.
  • Complimentary continental breakfast, coffee and water (Sat & Sun from 6am - 9am).
  • Floating volunteers will be available to provide breaks for the artists.
  • On-site vehicle, trailer and RV parking.
  • Discounted lodging rates at local hotels and local restaurant discounts.
  • Free golf cart shuttle service as needed.
    Security  will be provided from the close of Friday evening setup (6:00pm) until  Saturday morning at 10:00am, and from the close of the festival Saturday  evening (5:00pm) until Sunday morning at 10:00am. 

Free Admission and Parking
All festivals are open to the public with free admission and free parking.  

956.png?width=150Learn more about our shows at:

 Apply online at:

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After last weekend’s soggy experience in Sequim WA, we were excited to be headed east to the warmest part of Washington.  Several of us who had put up with the rainy weekend were looking forward to the opportunity to dry out and we weren't disappointed. 

This was our 3rd year participating in this art show.  Last year it was our best show of the year and still stands as our best 2 day show EVER!  So, we went into this weekend with expectations of a good show, but also trying not to be overly optimistic.   Sales?  We hid the dead center of the results from the past 2 years, less than last year but much better than our first year and to date this year, our best 2 day show of 2012 thus far.  In our minds we at least achieved our goal for this show.


Load in / Load out is fairly easy, I blogged about the show logistics, fees, etc. last year so instead of re-writing all of that, I’ll refer you to last year’s blog:


We had several repeat customers and seem to be building a great client base in this area.  This is the one big show they have each summer and is well attended.  We were a bit disappointed to see how they had reconfigured the portion of the show where our booth was located.  We had the same booth number but instead of having our nice shady location we were without shade most of the day, we had a lot of comments from customers that we had one of the hottest booth locations, groan, grumble, etc.  Set up and tear down in the direct sunshine was also a little more exhausting, but at least the tent dried very quickly after being packed away in rain the weekend before.


Friday sales started early and rapidly  between 9-11 and then seemed to die for a couple of hours.  The crowd seemed to shrink about 2 PM until early evening.  We had a few sporadic sales through the afternoon and then after 6 PM the crowd seemed to multiply quickly and we closed the evening with a few more sales.  Overall it was our lowest Friday at this show, a decent day but not the great day we had last year on Friday.  Friday’s weather was warm (97 for the high) with higher than normal humidity for this part of the state.  We were saved by having a fairly windy afternoon, that helped keep the air moving and made it feel a little more bearable.


Saturday started slower but sales were very steady for us from 10 – 4 and then a few last minutes sales between 6 PM and 7 PM.    The weather was much more pleasant with a high only in the lower 90’s, low humidity and a wonderful breeze for part of the day.  Saturday was a better sales day for us and the crowd was pretty steady all day.


Overall this is a fairly pleasant show to do.  No artist amenities are offered, the focus is really on just the art.  There is a stage with music and some performances by various dance groups, but it’s off to the side and the volume is not an issue.  The food area is close to the stage and there’s plenty of seating near the food area so we did not have near as many people walking through with messy hands, trying to touch jewelry while eating their junk food.   The show is held the weekend of the hydroplane races on the Columbia River.  I learned this year that this used to be a 3 day show and years ago the organizers decided that holding the show on Sunday wasn’t worthwhile for the artists due to the races, so they shortened it to a 2 day show and eliminated Sunday.  Nice to see a show where the organizers are actually concerned about making it worthwhile for the artists. 


This is a show that most likely remain on our schedule and continues to be the start of our summer road trip. Next stop?  Couer d’Alene ID, Art on the Green.  Hoping to get a few things restocked between now and Thursday.

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Arts in the Park - Richmond, VA

As I said last year, everything bad they say about this show is true.  It is huge and there is serious junk here from air plants to nerf bow and arrows.  Load in and load out are difficult.  If you are in the treed area, which seems like the best spot to me, you will be dollying across uneven grass and big tree roots.  And those huge beautiful trees are all sweet gum trees.  If you know sweet gum trees I don’t need to say any more. If you don’t know sweet gum trees well, it’s best to wear hard soled shoes.  It can be dirty although this year it was quite damp so it wasn’t as dusty.


Spaces are exactly 10’ x 10’.  You can usually manage a storage box or two beside your chair across from your booth but there is no space beside or in back.  Bring a rug to keep the dirt down in the booth.


On the plus side this is pretty much the only major art show in Richmond all year.  People attend in droves.  They buy but they want to see everything first. 


This year the weather really destroyed Saturday for me.  My work is large and somewhat fragile so unless I get someone who wants to pay for something and pick it up on the way out my sales really don’t start until 3:00 as people are leaving.  It was fairly hot in the morning and I had many people seem really interested.  I made one sale before 3 and then at 3 really big black clouds rolled in and the people disappeared.  No more sales.  It never really rained until 5:00 (for the drive home) but most people park at the stadium and take a shuttle bus to the show so it is a long trek back for them. Sunday was better and I managed to pull out about 75% of last year when it was one of my best shows of the year.


This is a sleep in my own bed show for me so I can’t say anything about restaurants in the area.  There are the pretty standard food booths and they are away from the art.  At least for the women there are artist only bathrooms.  Coffee and doughnuts in the morning.  They are just glazed doughnuts but you don’t need a ticket and you can take as many as you want.  The food booths get mobbed so it is probably best to bring your own lunch.

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Join us live on Thursday, April 19 at 1 pm EST, as Connie speaks with Bonnie Blandford, a Michigan 8869086679?profile=originaljeweler, and Carla Fox, an Oregon jeweler, as they talk about their experiences developing and running art shows for their peers in the art fair business.

Bonnie along with her "road husband", Michael Kifer, runs the popular Garage Sale Art Fair held at the Kalamazoo Fairgrounds in late February. Carla fronts a small board of directors of like-minded artists and craftspeople to present Art in the High Desert in Bend, Oregon, every August.

Artists talk all the time about how we should run our own shows because no one else "gets" what we need. Here are two people who do a LOT more than talk.

Join us as we learn about their passion to create a marketplace where their fellow artists can sell their work. How do these women do it all? Create distinctive one of a kind work, travel to art fairs and host events for the rest of us?

Pick up tips on how you can do this in your community.

Here's the link to listen:

If you can't join us live, this program is being recorded. You can listen to it later and download it as an Mp3 to listen to on your travels.

If you have any questions you'd like me to ask please add them in the comments below.

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June 2 & 3Art Fair
Deerfield, Illinois
Deerfield Festival of Fine Arts
Deerfield Road and Park Avenue
Presented by: Deerfield Fine Arts Commission & Village of Deerfield

Deadline: March 1  March 8

(Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that cause a show organizer to extend their dates - in this case a serious tech snafu that didn't allow exhibitors to complete their applications. Learn more about that here:

Artist Notification: March 15

Debbie Netter is proud to announce the 10th Anniversary of the Deerfield Fine Arts Festival. Ms. Netter, President and founder of D & W, has 20+ years of organizing events and knows how to make it less stressful for everyone!

Held in town, busy city-like atmosphere
- Approximately 125 artists
- 10th year festival
- Median home price - $825,000

Top reasons to consider this show: (not in order of importance!)

  1. Well run, organized and fun!
  2. Attentive artist hospitality including booth sitters, hot and iced coffee both days, continental break fast both days, indoor restroom facilities, bottled water delivered to you frequently throughout the show, discounted hotel rates, overnight security
  3. Booth fees for all shows remains at $300.00, and jury fee, $35.00. Larger booths and corners available for an additional fee
  4. Wonderful attendance from a higher economic buying crowd
  5. Advertising intrinsically placed to capture the high to middle economic crowd
  6. Easy load in and out
  7. Promoter who cares and will implement your suggestions
  8. Apply easily on line through Entry Thingy
  9. Smaller show means less artist competition
  10. Juried and judged by industry professionals

What artists say about D & W Events, Inc.:

This is our 10th year returning to the festival in Deerfield. D & W runs a great show. Nothing is left to chance. Christine & John Strobel
Your organization, attentiveness and hard work makes your festivals successful. Karen Joyce
I've consistently done well at D & W festivals. That's why I return every year! Devin Somerville

548.jpgVisit the D & W Events website for more information and to download an application:
More questions? Contact Debbie Netter at
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