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Let's Celebrate!

10766277690?profile=RESIZE_400xIt is time to celebrate!  Art Fair Insiders just hit a new milestone.  We just surpassed 17,000 members.  

I started working for Connie Mettler and Norm Darwish way back in 1995 when they were heavily involved in the art fair business.  I did the framing and shipping.  Connie soon bought her first computer.  I remember she taught herself how to do so much.  She printed off address labels and kept lists of art patrons who purchased Norm's work at shows.  I remember her saying "Why do we have to learn how to do this stuff!"  It is amazing now to see how far we both have come since we didn't grow up on computers like the kids do today. 

Connie's first wesite was Art Fair Calendar.  Connie's son, Scott, was a website builder so he got her started and helped her all along the way.  She was rapidly surpassing the amount of computer knowledge that I had.  She would ask me at work if I had checked out The Art Fair Calendar.  I always had to say no because I didn't know how to find much beyond my email.  Eventually, Connie built five websites and they were all designed to help artists make a living selling art.

Eventually, Connie started building Art Fair Insiders, an online community around the nation's art fair business so artists and others could connect with one another for mutual support and fellowship.  She kept building it bigger and better adding new information pages along the way. 

Art Fair insiders was ready to launch in June of 2008.  It took a while to get the word out but eventually the artists came.  Artist CL Cunningham joined in September 2008.  By October of that year artists Carlye Crisler and Kayte Strong has joined.  The word began to spread.  Today, we have just a little over 17,000 artists, show producers, and art patrons using this website to find the information they need and to connect with each other. 

Five Hundred and Forty Nine people alone have joined us since last August 2021.  We really grew during the first year of Covid-19 when everybody was in lock down with time on their hands.  2020 was such a terrible year for artists that lots of artists were just looking for help where ever they could find it.  We began posting virtual shows on Art Fair Calendar in an effort to help keep artists in business and to try provide a type of art show for art patrons to attend.  Certainly the virtual shows could never replace the face to face in person shows but it was better than nothing.  Our goal is to evolve so that we are always useful and ready to meet any challenge so that we are always relevant and helpful to artists.

So, let's all celebrate this amazing milestone.  We will always try to be helpful.  We need your help, as well.  We need artists to be active in some way here.   The more active artists are here the more likely other artists will want to use this site.   So, please check in here at Art Fair Insiders and let us know you are using our website.  Post an occasional blog post.  Invite your friends.  Interact with each other, comment on the blog posts and discussions.  Let's all make this a great site.   

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    Once again I have spent some time evaluating the website.   Take a look.  I think you will find some very interesting facts.  We know many of our artists use our Art Show Reviews website.  We know because you have also told us many times that you do use it when you are making up your schedules. 

    However, we need your help.  This website will not be as useful to you or any other artist if we don't get new show reviews.  We are averaging 1 review for every 4,000 times someone uses our website.  Artists are using us but not giving back.

    I have often asked artists to write a review for certain shows.  Many are hesitant and I have gotten the impression they think I am looking for a bad review.  I am not asking for bad reviews.  I am hoping the reviews are good ones because I hope all the shows are good shows.  However, mainly I am just looking for honest reviews that are helpful to others.

    If you want to review a show that isn't on our website, go ahead and write your review.  If I find we don't have it listed I will add it.  No problem, I am just happy you wrote a review for us.  

    Every year I get a comment that is left on our website like this one:

How come so many of the posted show reviews are from 2-5 years old?  Can't you supply some more updated review information from artists that have done the shows.  After all, many shows go through changes from year to year.

    This comment is very true.  If we don't get new reviews all we have is old reviews.  Shows do change.  Shows try to improve.  We want artists to know the show has changed for the better if it has.  Please help us.  Please consider writing a review for us.  We are just asking for about 5 minutes of your time.

Please give back to keep our website as useful as possible.

#1:  We now have 650 art shows on our website.  Last year we had 643, so we had a slight gain in the past year.

#2.  We still have 7 states that do not have any art and craft shows listed at all.  The states of Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, and West Virginia have never had a show review submitted for them, thus those states have not been added.  If you submit a review for those states I will add the show and get that state on our website.  Surely, someone here has done a show in one of those states.  Please write a review for us.

#3.  The state with the largest amount of shows listed on our website is Florida.  That probably isn't a big surprise.  We have 86 shows listed on our site in Florida, that is two more than the year before.  Coming in second place is Illinois with 43 shows.  Michigan has 37 shows and is in 3rd place. 

#4.   We have 24 states with 10 or less art and craft shows listed.   

#5.   We have three states with only one art or craft show listed for them.  Those states are Arkansas, Rhode Island, and South Dakota.  Anybody have a show they can submit for these states? 

#6.   We still have only one show listed for Canada.  We know they have shows up there.  Does anyone have a show and a review that they could add to that page to make it more valuable?

#7.   We actually have a European page with one show listed.  Has anyone done an European shows yet? We would love to add a couple shows to that page.

#8.   Since our website went live we have had 1,285,929 page views.  That is amazing!  We know artists are using our website.  We need new reviews so that our site remains useful and needed.

#9.   In 2019, we had roughly 130,655 page views.  

#10. In the last 30 days, 1/11/19 - 2/11/20, we have had 10,182 page views.  Of course, this is a time when many artists are using our site to put the finishing touches on their show schedules. 

#11. We usually average about 375 page views per day.  In fact, we had had 257 page views by 8 am today.  Artists were up early and working today. 

#12. We had a total of 30 reviews that were written for us during 2019.  Of course, many people use our website without ever leaving a comment or writing a review.  We also had 17 comments left. 

#13. In the last year, we had 130,655 page views.  Of those over 130 thousand visitors only 30 times did artists leave a review.  Certainly we can give back to the art community better than that.  We want artists to use our website, but we would also need you to give back.  

#14. The average show review probably takes less than 7 minutes to write.  There is a simple form is right there on our website and you just fill it in.  Easy peasy!  Simple as pie!

To submit a show review click on this link:

To submit a show that is not on our website click this link:

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8869193886?profile=originalUnfortunately, the Art and Craft Show held in Old Town San Diego will no longer be held.  This show had been held in the Historic Old Town San Diego.  Old Town is a quaint area that attracts tourists to San Diego.

The Arts & Crafts Show Old Town San Diego first began in 2011.  This art and craft show had something for everyone, fine art, entertainment. delicious international tasty food, tequilas, and craft beer and wine.  The colorful art event ran along San Diego Avenue from Conde Street to Twiggs Street.

The art and craft show was hosted by the Old Town Chamber of Commerce.  In 2018, the show was schedule to take place.  The artists were juried in and a month before the show was to take place the show was abruptly canceled.  The artists' money was refunded.  

The Old Town Chamber of Commerce did not receive the annual financial support in 2018 that it had received in the past.  That lack of funding caused the show to be cancelled in 2018.  Because that lack of financial support still continues there was also no show taking place for 2019.

So, as of this date, there is no sign that this show will return in the future.  It is always sad to report the end of an art show. 

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The Rising Ground for Indian Artists

The posh outlook of the art sector has been showing a staggering expansion as the eastern art world is now penetrating the European and American market.

For long, European and American art were the major crowd pullers at the global level. The reason was the perpetual suppression of Eastern art styles and conventions.

However, things have changed tremendously in the last few decades or so. Eastern art community isn’t just growing but also showing a remarkable upsurge in terms of creativity and innovation.

The entrance of Christie’s exhibition in India in 2013 has declared the arrival of Eastern art at the global level.


And to make things better, the Christie’s first auction in India sold paintings worth $15 million, which was way beyond what was expected. 98% of the total stuff was sold!

Untitled painting of V.S.Gaitonde was sold at a staggering price of $4.1 million. Now that was something that didn’t happen commonly for Indian artists.

There isn’t a single piece of doubt that Indian art is on an unerring climb. Let’s take a deeper view in the same by checking out the stats and keeping a notch on what drives this hike.

What do numbers say?

The year 2018 proved to a prolific one for Indian art.

With a 21.6% rise in the sale, Indian art is all dressed up for the party ahead.

There were 1559 artworks put up on sale in the year 2018, out of which 1469 got sold generating around INR 685 crore.

One reason for deterring in the sales of 2017 was the implementation of demonetization policy by the Indian regime.

Amongst Indian artists, the iconic S.H.Raza leads 2018 by fetching a towering sale of INR 98 crore for 67 pieces he sold.

His most expensive sale recorded a whopping INR 29 crore for his exquisite work, Tapovan, at Christie’s auction.

This proves that Indian art is on a shining path that leads to more record-breaking sales.

But what are the aspects that drive this excellent escalade?

Driving Factors – What pushes the growth?

There are a dozen reasons that are responsible for pulling Indian art from the sink and putting it at an apex level in the market.

However, there are a few factors that influenced the ascent of Indian art more than others.

Coining Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group

Pre-independence, the creativity of Indian artists was surrounded with pre-set themes and a definite objective. Patriotism, socialism, and nationalism used to drive the artists to pick up the brush.

However, post-1947, Indian artists weren’t bounded by anything. This is what inspired them to make a separate identity of Indian art, where thoughts, imaginations, and creativity didn’t experience any sort of friction.

With this in mind, the emergence of Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group became possible. The group was formed in 1948 and got dissolved in 1956 but the impression and impact it had on artists in India can still be seen in contemporary works.

Understand that the founding members of this group are known names of Indian art. All of these lads were young then, mostly in their early career stage, but held an impeccable vision.

These illustrious artists were S.H.Raza, K.H.Ara, H.A. Gade, M.F.Husain, F.N.Souza, Soon the likes of Ram Kumar, V.S.Gaitonde, Tyeb Mehta, etc joined the movement.

This was a breakthrough in shaping a new face for modern Indian art.

The Global Sweep

The centuries-old thirst of Indian art to win global recognition is now quenched, eventually.

As said, Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group played a pivotal role in gaining ground for Indian art. But the group got scrapped in just 8 years – what then?

A lot of Indian artists in this group were determined to showcase their talent on the global platforms post-independence.  

The first one was Souza, who left India and went to France in the year 1949. His paintings were already exhibited in London Burlington House a year before.

Soon after, artists like Husain, Gaitonde, Mehta, and Raza began to sweep European and American nations with their extraordinary talent.

A few of these artists toured and came back while others stayed there.

In a nutshell, Indian artists beginning to participate and impress the western art collectors and zealots turned the eye of major art dealers towards the untapped market of India.

The online burst

The unbelievable emergence and rise of the online world have impacted a number of sectors quite heavily – art is no exception.

If you want to look in terms of numbers, let me tell you that the record sales of 2018 what we were discussing above was because of the online platforms.

Surprisingly, the contribution of online sales (339 crores) is more than what offline deals yielded (318 crores).

The Paramountcy and popularity of the online platforms can be seen by the fact that out of 716 works put for sale online in 2018, 657 got their buyers.

These three are the major drivers for the phenomenal rise of Indian art in the world.


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We have closed our art show business and would like to sell our tent.  The tent was used for only a few shows.  It is clean.  It has been kept in hard plastic containers in a temperature controlled environment.  So it is in good condition.  One corner zipper is broken part way down.  However, the tent does close and the bottom of that corner can be secured easily.  Tent comes with an awning as well.

Pro Panels are beige.  They have also been kept in house in a temperature controlled environment.  There are 13 Panels, 14 shelves, and 3 pedestals (each varying in height).  A couple shelves have some minor stains.  

Tent and Pro Panels as a unit $2000.  Located in SW Florida.

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Can you spare 7 minutes of your life to help the art fair community?  Let me convince you.

Below you will find some very interesting facts about   I have spent some time evaluating the information from the website from 2018 that I would like to share with you.   Take a look.  I think you will find some very interesting facts.   Please consider giving back to the Art Fair Community with a review or two ( about 7 minutes per review).


Fact #1:  We now have 643 Art and Craft Shows listed on our site.  We have shows throughout the entire country.  

Fact #2:  We have 7 states that do not have any art and craft shows listed at all.  The states of Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, and West Virginia have never had a show review submitted for them, thus those states have not been added.  We sure would appreciate having some reviews for those states.  

Fact #3:  The state with the largest amount of shows listed on our website is Florida.  That probably isn't a big surprise.  We have 84 shows listed on our site in Florida.  Coming in send place is Illinois with 49 shows.

Fact #4:  We have 25 states with 10 or less art and craft shows listed. 

Fact #5:  We have three states with only one art or craft show listed for them.  Those states are Arkansas, Rhode Island, and South Dakota.  Anybody have a show they can submit for these states? 

Fact #6:  We have one show listed for Canada.  We know they have shows up there.  Does anyone have a show and a review that they could add to that page to make it more valuable?

Fact #7:  We actually have a European page with one show listed.  Has anyone done an European shows yet?  We would love to add a couple shows to that page.

Fact #8:  Since our website went live we have had 1,155,274 page views.  That is amazing!  We know artists are using our website.  We need new reviews so that our site remains useful and needed.

Fact #9:  In the last 30 days, 12/12/18 - 1/12/19, we have had 11,964 page views.  Of course, this is a time when many artists are using our site to put the finishing touches on their show schedules. 

Fact #10:  We usually average about 381 page views per day.  In fact, we had had 111 page views by 11am today.  Artists were up early and working today. 

Fact #11:  Ninety two reviews or comments were left on ASR during 2018.  Of course, many people use our website without ever leaving a comment or writing a review.  Of the 92 comments left, 58 of those were actual show reviews using our list of questions to answer for the shows.  Those 58 reviews are more useful to artists.

Fact #12:  In the last year we had 143,568 page views.  Of those over 143 thousand visitors only 58 times did artists leave a review.  Certainly we can give back to the art community better than that.  

Fact #13:  The average show review probably takes about 7 minutes to write.  The form is right there on our website and you just fill it in.  Easy peasy!

Fact #14:  To submit a show review click on this link:

Fact #:  To submit a show that is not on our website click this link:

One person who visited our website left this comment:

How come so many of the posted show reviews are from 2-5 years old? Can't you supply some more updated review information from artists that have done the shows. After all, many shows go through changes from year to year.

My answer back to this person was sure, we would love to add more current and up to date reviews for each show.  However, if the artists don't submit the reviews I can't add them.  Our website will be as useful to artists if everyone does their part.  It is only 7 minutes!

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Warning - Artist scam to watch out for

I recently was accepted to the Mission Federal Artwalk in San Diego.  A few days ago, I receive a call from someone saying I should call them regarding the Mission Federal Art show.  The voice mail was very hard to understand due to their accent and fuzzy line. 

So I called today and ask for Sarah Jackson.  After talking to a rude guy insisting I know what the voice message was, I get transferred to Sarah.  I'm placed on hold... she comes on... line fuzzy with static.  I commented on the sound and it clears up somewhat.  She starts talking fast and with the accent, very hard to understand what she's saying.  I comment on her to slow down and she comments that she's going to help me on my hotel rate.   That she's authorized by the Mission Federal to help the artists and vendors.  Ok.... Let's see what she can do.  I had already booked my room from Orbitz.  As she asks questions, I answer them.  She wants the name of the hotel, the address, and she comes back with my room rate.  Hmmmmm, wonder how that happened?  She then says my rate is $248 and she can make sure I get the discount rate for vendors, which would be $237.  I'm thinking... $10 isn't a lot to save.   Ok.... she then says that she's going to transfer me to the reservation department.  I get the same rude guy at the beginning when I called.  He starts talking in the same accent and the phone line starts it's static again.  I comment on it.  He states that "the line is engaged".... who says that in America?  I ask again how he knows about the rate and hotel information.  He's authorized by various art shows to help make sure they get the discounts.   He says he sees where Sarah made her recommendations and he'll send me an email.  "You need to go to your computer now and open the email".  

Me - "I'm not near my computer".   (inside voice... I have work to do)

H - You have a smart phone, use that.

Me- I don't have it with me.  (thinking... why so urgent to open an email)

H - In order to get you the discount, we need to do this together.

Me - Alright

H- I'll wait as long as needed.

Me - I got the email. ( which is coming from OPS at(ehsrooms).com via

When I opened the email, it was an information form to fill out, I see all the highlighted areas.  All those areas are your personal information... credit card number, expiration number, name, address, etc.  And at the bottom, you sign off on the form.... Giving them all the permission to use your information.

I told him I'm not going to give any information.  His comments try to reassure me that all the information is confidential, nothing goes to "his" computer.  LOL.... maybe not his computer but it's going to be recorded somewhere, on someone's.  :)

I hung up on him and call the Mission Federal Artwalk group.  I told them about the incident.  They confirm it's a scam (someone else told them the same thing)  and they'll be sending out an email to notify the other artists.  They also said that there is an actual company of EHS ROOMS, but probably someone is using it to their own personal gain.

We might be creative but we aren't stupid!  :)

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8869170455?profile=original     The Garage Sale Art Fair was held February 27th.  I really look forward to this show every year.  It is great fun catching up with people and the deals are crazy good.  Usually I am there as a shopper.  This year I went with Connie to sell some of Norm's art fair equipment and his art work.  I have not helped her do a show in about ten years.  It was always fun being on the artist's side of the fence and I missed that.  It was really nice talking to the artists as we set up.

     So, three of us loaded up a cargo van, and I happened to be the only person with two good hands, and headed for Kalamazoo.  The load in was super easy.  We were able to park right next to one of the many entrances into the Kalamazoo County Expo Center.  So, the walk from the van to our booth was fairly short.  There wasn't any extra space around the booths for storage.  This event is held indoors and space is at a premium.  That wasn't a problem though because the van was not far away.  We were able to go back and forth all day to get things. 

     The doors opened at 9:30 am on Saturday morning for customers.  The line was huge and stretched out for a long ways indoors.  People said it was huge outside, too.  When they let the crowds in the place was packed.  At about 12:30 I heard thy had already had 6,000 people come.  Shoppers want to get there early because the deals are so good.  By one o'clock I was already seeing a few booths had shut down and left because they had already sold out.  

     This show is produced Michael Kifer and Bonnie Blandford's Road Wife Productions LLC.  They do a great job.  They were always visible to take care of problems.  Even though Saturday is wild and crazy they were both in great moods and they stayed like that all day long.  On Friday night during set up they served cold bottled water and pizza.  Someone brought in the best brownies to share, too.  Then, on Saturday, to encourage shopper spending, they have a drawing.  About once an hour they draw a shopper's name and give them $20 in Garage Sale bucks to spend at the show.  About 2 pm Bonnie began making announcements from artists for further mark downs.  Poor Bonnie was getting these announcements fast and furiously.  She happily stayed on course and kept making announcements. 

8869170688?profile=original      Artists occasionally posted funny signs to grab the customer's attention.  This sign was on Alison Fox's table.  Alison came with a tons of things.  I walked by her booth about 2 in the afternoon and she was down to a few pieces. 

     This show had about 150 artists.  The artists were housed in to adjoining rooms.  There was food available to purchase from the concession stand in the building.  The food was not the highlight of the day and people were not there to eat but to shop. 

      This artist with the pottery sells a lot of his inventory every year.  I have seen him before but this year he was determined to get rid of it all.  This was taken later in the day when most of his stuff was gone.

There are about 150 artists that get into this show.  Many artists apply hoping to get one of those spots.  I saw several AFI members there.  AFI member Joan Tweedell was not far from our booth.  I have read many of her show reviews over the years but hadn't met her.  She had some very pretty work with her.

8869171661?profile=originalMy iPhone usually takes crisp photos but I think it was taking a hiatus the day I was at the show.  I had to sharpen these photos.  Sorry about the blur. 

This really is a great show to get rid of your no longer wanted stock.  I have seen some strange items for sale at this show, too.  Last year someone was selling a microwave.  Every year there are a few strange items.  It is worth a try and you never know who may want that item you brought.  This show is a great way to kick off the new art show season.  See you there next year.

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Art Show Reviews written by You

I just want to thank Jeff Gracz for submitting several show reviews this month.  He wrote reviews for several west coast shows.  We are always looking for some west coast shows to help out artists on the west coast. 

You all know how important it is to have an idea of what to expect before applying to an art show.  Nobody likes to be blindsided once you get to a show and find out it is nothing like you hoped it would be.  That is why art show reviews are so important.  You can find art show reviews at

Here are a few west coast shows that we really could use a few more reviews for.  So, if you have done any of the shows listed here we would love you to review one or a few of them.

Bigfork Festival of the Arts - Montana

Proctor Arts Fest - Washington

Sequim Lavender Festival Street Fair - Washington

RAGS Wearable Art Show - Washington

Urban Craft Uprising - Seattle

Lake Chelan Fine Arts Festival - Washington

Bellevue Festival of the Arts - Washington

Woodland Hills Art & Craft Faire - California

America's Clay Fest III - California

We would also be happy for anyone to review any other show that you would like to.  If you want to review a show not on our site, that is fine.  Just submit it and I will get it added for you.  Then, you can add your review once I get it posted to the site.

To write a review or to submit a show just go to

And once again, thanks so much Jeff Gracz for all of your help.  It was so appreciated.

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We like breaking records here at AFI

If you missed the Daily Tip a few days ago you may not know that we broke a record here at AFI.  We broke our record for the number of art show reviews submitted during a one month period.  In April we had 56 reviews submitted!  That was simply amazing. 

Everyone realizes that it is a real help to have a place where you can check a show out before you apply.  Nobody likes to go into a show blind.  Artists also hate to waste the jury fee if you find out later that the show just isn't a good fit with your art work or that there is something just not right about a certain show.  It is always good to be able to do some research before you apply to a show. 

We also try very hard (and it is quite an undertaking) to keep up to date and ready to use.  Not only do I add the reviews people write to our site but I also try very hard to make sure all the other show vitals are current.  It is nice to find jury fees, booth fees, application dates and show venues all right there to help you with making your decisions. 

We have over 200 shows on our site now.  Plus, we keep adding new shows every week.  We also try to make sure that we have a good variety of shows on our website from all parts of the country.  There are so many art shows up and down the eastern half of the country that our website would be full even if we only included shows from that side of the country.  But, we don't want that.  We want our website to have a great variety of shows from one side of the country to the other to help artists everywhere.  However, to be able to provide that service to artists that requires your help.  That is why Connie put out a post asking for reviews.  Artists make our site what it is today.  That is why we often times will ask people to review a show they were just in. 

So, getting back to our record, you might like to know just how big this record break was.  Our previous record was set about 2 years earlier.  Our high point had been 40 reviews in a month.  That, in it self, is a lot of reviews, too.  I am the person that gets the reviews added into the site and I was so busy this  past April that I decided I needed to check out how many reviews I had been working on.  I counted up over forty reviews.  That was around April 20th.  So, I set out asking a few more people to submit  a couple more reviews.  Many people responded and the reviews kept coming in.  I didn't tell Connie I was working hard to get a few more reviews.  I wanted it to be a surprise when she saw our new record posted as the tip of the day. 

We all know that records are made to be broken.  We can break that record again with your help.  Quite often we hear artists say how thankful they are that they can have the use of a site like Art Show  If you use our website and you like it, please take a few minutes to write up a review.  It really only takes a few minutes and the information is so useful and helpful to so many people.  How about this, if our website was useful to you could you add one show review as a way to say thank you.  This plea is for those who have never written a show review before.  Of course, we also won't turn down any reviews that are submitted by those who help us out regularly.

We really appreciate the many artists who have helped us over the last few years to make Art Show Reviews such a helpful site.  We could not have done it without you.

Let's go for another record!

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May 2 & 38869133269?profile=original

Sanford, Florida
Historic Downtown Sanford
Sat. 10am-6pm; Sun. 10am-5pm
125 Artists
Deadline: March 21
Applications on ZAPP

$15,000 in Awards $3,000 Best of Show


A NEW art festival experience...

"where the artistic process comes alive before your eyes"


We are very excited to announce our 4th annual event, rapidly becoming one of the South's premier outdoor fine arts festivals. A different festival experience awaits you!

Throughout the festival there are 12 demonstrating areas for artists selected through our jury process. These artists will have adjacent spaces to demonstrate their artistic process along with their finished artwork to sell.

Our plans to make this an exciting successful event for you:

  • Our Patrons Program offers ART-BUCKS to be spent on your artwork
  • Fine art judges are top quality and between them, knowledgeable in all categories
  • Easy Check-in and exit at the end of the Festival
  • Comprehensive broadcast, print and electronic/digital media coverage
  • Artists who apply early may be showcased in the media spots
  • Booth numbers and artist information in the festival program and website
  • Convenient parking for Artists
  • Artist Retreat with breakfast & lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Frequent visits by the Artist Support team. Booth sitters. 


Anticipated attendance: Approximately 20,000 visitors over the two days

Entertainment: Soft acoustical music artists perform throughout the festival footprint.



Jury Fee: $35.00 - Booth Fee: $225.00


Contact Information:
Phone: Director/Artist Support - Kim House: 407-416-1779
Alt Phone: Liz Darwick, 407-314-6809
Find more 2015 festivals looking for you:
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8869159696?profile=originalJune 19-21
Alpine, Wyoming

Presented by Alpine Solstice Events
Nordic Inn Park Grounds
50 Artists
Deadline: May 20

Application Fee:  $25

Booth Fee:  $250 for 10'x10'

The Alpine Solstice is a juried art event to showcase fine handmade original artwork in the categories of:  Drawing & Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, Jewelry, Photography and Fiber.  The categories are general and subject to juror approval.  This event is located on the park grounds of the Nordic Inn, a 5-star restaurant with exquisite indoor and outdoor seating residing at the base of majestic Fairy Peak and overlooking the scenic Snake River.  The event is held in a grass area near the main road measuring 300'x200' and will contain up to 50 booth spaces.  

Alpine Junction is located 35 miles southwest of Jackson Hole on US Hwy 26. It is a mountain town with approximately 800 residents.  There are 3 rivers that converge at this point and flow into Palisades Reservoir adjacent to the town.  The river valleys are surrounded by majestic snow capped peaks covered with spruce, pine and aspen stands.  Alpine is a visitor-friendly destination with ample restaurants, hotels, motels, and camping, fishing, hiking, rafting, horseback riding amenities.


"Although the Alpine show was in it's first year, we decided to take a chance on it.  The low numbers of attendees was discouraging, until we noticed the very high percentage of those that did attend purchased.  Mark took VERY Good care of us artists.  Easiest set up of our summer circuit!  Lunches provided, and quickest tear down!  We will certainly be returning.  Thanks again. TJ and Lori Thompson



Contact:  Mark Marino,

Phone:  (307)413-9911

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Call for Artists: Art in the Park, Elmhurst

May 2 & 3  2162.jpg
Elmhurst, Illinois
19th Annual Art in the Park 
Grounds of Wilder Park and Elmhurst Art Museum
10am-5pm both days

125 Artists booths
Deadline: January 31
Why spend the weekend in Elmhurst? Information that should intrigue you:
  • in the Chicago area, where art fairs flourish
  • high level of educational attainment
  • Average family income:  $104,392 

More demographics for the area: 

Art in the Park features artist-created jewelry, ceramics, fiber, photography, sculpture, furniture, glass, and paintings. Artists will be selling their handcrafted items all weekend in this popular park in the middle of town. Enjoy live entertainment, assortment of food for sale by vendors of all tastes (including gourmet desserts) and lunch inside the historic Wilder Mansion.
For more information and to download the application please visit:
and LIKE our Facebook page.
2160.jpg?width=250 2156.jpg?width=250 2158.jpg?width=300 2167.jpg?width=275 
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1782.jpg?width=200 September 13 & 14
Deer Park, Illinois
Deer Park Town Center
Sat. 10am-5pm; Sun. 11pm-5pm
80 Exhibitors maximum
Deadline: June 1

This juried fine art festival takes place in the thriving Deer Park Town Center.  The festival is held around a charming gazebo in the center of everything.  The average home value in Deer Park and the surrounding areas is $850,000!  There are, on average, 40,000 visitors to this lifestyle center every weekend.

The Village of Deer Park and DDR Corp are thrilled to host this 3rd year, artist focused festival and are committed to its success. Deer Park Town Center is a high end lifestyle center. In addition to the amazing shopping experience, the center offers a spa, book store, restaurants, high end retailers and electronics store. 

Our commitment to artists includes:

  • Aggressive marketing campaigns-print, radio, posters and internet
  • Shows located in areas of high income and traffic
  • Best of Show and First Place Awards
  • Professional jury and judging with enforcement of all Standards and Rules
  • Overnight Security-contracted through a professional security company
  • End of show feedback survey to help us continually improve the artist experience
  • Discounted hotel options
  • Drive to spaces for easy load in and out
  • Free day and overnight parking, booth sitters, cold bottled water delivered to your booth, indoor restroom facilities
  • Continental breakfast both days plus afternoon snacks
  • Jury fee: $35, Booth fee: $300 (10x10) 

8869136496?profile=originalLearn more:

Apply on line:

or: paper application

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8869116492?profile=originalAna Petercic (Fiber art), Connie Mettler, Elle Heiligenstein (3D Mixed Media) and photographer Larry Berman

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds," motto of the U.S. Postal Service Creed.

Do you ever feel in the same boat? When I see my postal service worker at my mailbox on beautiful days I give thanks in her behalf just as when I wake up on a beautiful day and say to my husband, "a beautiful day for an art fair." Right? I'm sure you know what I mean.

Last Thursday evening, July 18, some stalwart artists showed up at Sava's Restaurant in Ann Arbor, despite it being 9:30 pm, they'd been up since 8 am meeting and greeting visitors to their booths through the heat of the long day. It was such a pleasure to stop for a few minutes and meet them. Here are some of the people who showed up. Some of us looking the worse for wear after the long day and others looking fabulous!

8869117255?profile=originalJeweler Roger Rimer, his wife Alison (fiber), Connie, glassblowers Richard Ryan and Andrew Shea

8869117695?profile=originalMy friend and often art fair companion Sandy Dunstone, Michael and Victoria Terra (ceramics), Elle, (standing Connie & photographer Scott Pakulski), glassblower Henry Levine, photographer John Bell, Farah Darwish

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Call for Artists: Cantigny Fine Art Festival

June 15 & 162012NewYear
Wheaton, Illinois

Cantigny Park
Sat. 10am-5pm; Sun. 10am-4pm
Deadline: February 1

Cantigny Park is pleased to announce Art in Bloom, an outdoor arts festival. More than 80 juried artists will showcase their work amidst Cantigny's beautiful gardens, grounds and museums.

Art in Bloom promises even more excitement than our past art festivals, which are always among the park's most popular events. Two-day attendance should be about 10,000 if the weather is favorable. Friday night set-up is available as well as an air conditioned artist break room, snacks, and volunteers galore. This event is located on grass under large trees. Ample parking is another valuable asset!

30.jpg?width=187Our publicity campaign will include, but is not limited to, radio, newspaper, eblast, twitter, facebook, postcards, web, Cantigny Visitors Guide as well as our Spring and Summer Events guide, posters and banners. In addition we plan on working with many of Cantigny's partners, affiliates and sponsors to help make this art fair the best that it can be.

Cantigny is a 500-acre park and part of the Chicago-based McCormick Foundation. It is home to two museums, formal gardens, picnic grounds, restaurants and 27 holes of championship golf.

Quality of artwork will take precedence over quantity of artists so the show may vary in size somewhat. Art in Bloom 2013 promises to be Cantigny's best arts fest ever!

For more info and to apply:


For additional information please contact:  
Erin Melloy - 630-536-8416,
Find even more art fairs looking for artists:
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1082.jpg?width=155June 8 & 9
Indianapolis, Indiana
Talbot Street between 16th & 20th
& Pennsylvania and Delaware Streets
Sat.: 10am-6pm; Sun.: 10am-5pm
270 Exhibitors
Deadline: January 21

The  58th annual Talbot Street Art Fair is sponsored by Talbot Street Art  Fair, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the arts  and philanthropic endeavors; program grants, scholarship endowments and  awards.

270 fine art and fine craft artists from across the nation will participate in the oldest juried fair in Central Indiana.  The fair remains free to the public.

Media  categories are two dimension, two and three dimension mixed media,  clay, fiber, glass, jewelry, metal, photography, sculpture and wood.  Merit  Awards of $250 are given for each category and also a $500 Best of Show  Award. In addition to the Merit Awards, we also sponsor Purchase  Awards.

All of the fair's focus is on the artists.

  • We do not have  TalbotPic2 commercial booths or performing musicians.
  • We do extensive advertising to bring you the customers that buy.
  • The fair has a dedicated following of patrons who show up rain or shine.
  • Our  local and regional media coverage includes billboards, newspapers,  magazines, online ads and radio and television interviews.
  • We provide 24 hour security with our Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers
  • Free parking for both artists and RV's and cold water.  We also offer the option of Friday afternoon set-up.  Our Block Captains help us create an organized fair that runs smoothly.

The booth space sizes vary from the standard of 10'x12' to 10'x22'.  Fees: $25 Application Fee; Booth Fee of $295-$545.

For more information:

Visit now to find shows looking for you!


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July 13 & 14
Scott Causey's work at the Krasl Art Fair

St. Joseph, Michigan
Downtown St. Joseph
On the bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan
216 Artists
Deadline: January 11 - 12 am EST
(note: This show has historically done a large reinvitation of artists, making it hard for new artists to jury in. This year there are over 150 openings, increasing your chances of being accepted.)
Please note: Open jury February 1 at Lake Michigan College, worth attending to learn more about the jury process as well to see how well your work looks in the jury.

Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff is one of the nation's top fine art festivals (Sunshine Artist Magazine #20 2012)

The  Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff celebrates 52 years of artistic  excellence  at Lake Bluff Park in 2013, over looking Lake Michigan.  The  festival draws crowds from Chicago, northern Indiana, Grand Rapids and  other nearby cities.


  • Average sales (2012): $4190 (source: Sunshine Artist Magazine), $3700 (source: 136 respondents from 2012 artist survey)
  • Jury/Booth Fees ($30/$275 or $300, depending on space size: 15x15 and 20x20); many with exposure on two sides.
  • Estimated attendance: 70,000
  • Friday set-up; drive to space for load-in and load-out
  • Artist-in-Residence program; residents host artists in their homes
  • Excellent  artist amenities: artist-only parking, Saturday gourmet breakfast,  booth sitters, electricity available to many booths, artists'  hospitality room and much more
  • Best of Category Awards $100 cash, Krasl Board Choice Award and Shore Magazine "Best Booth Award"
  • Friday night kick-off party with gourmet food, wine tasting and live music and more
  • Round table artists' discussion with committee and staff
  • Jury session open to artists and public to observe

1030.jpg?width=350Comments from participating artists:

(mixed media work by John Gutoskey)
  • In  this age when most art shows think they can "improve" their shows by  bringing in carnivals and petting zoos, Krasl has not forgotten that it  is about the artists and kept their focus on that.

  • The community support is overwhelmingly the best of any show I do.  Out of doing 25+shows a year, this is the one that I look forward to.  A big thank you to the pastry chef for the 'BEST' calories ever and the Boulevard Inn for the artist discounted rate.

  • I just wanted to thank you for having me in your show.  The award I won was such an honor!   I had a great show both in terms of sales and the fun factor.  You and your staff of volunteers do such a great job with the show.  It was such a pleasure being part of such a well run event.  I also wanted to thank you for finding a host family for me to stay with while I was in St. Joseph.  My host family was wonderful too.  I look forward to next year.

Krasl LogoFor more info and artist's prospectus:


Sara Shambarger, Director

email:, Phone: (269)983-0271

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February 9 & 10  Peoria4
Jacksonville, Florida
Saturday & Sunday
10am - 5pm
Deadline: November 7

Application Fee:  $25
Booth Fee:  $210

Don't miss this opportunity to join some of the nation's most talented and respected artists who will be showcasing and selling their artwork at this highly organized and professional outdoor fine art festival.

This open air art gallery is located in the gigantic parking lot on the corner of Blanding Boulevard and Wells Road at Orange Park mall - the largest mall to the west of the Saint John's River. Artists will be displaying and selling all forms of art including ceramics, metal, glass, jewelry, paintings, sculpture, wood, stone, fiber, photography, and more. All artwork is juried, which provides a higher level of quality, diversity and creativity of art on display.

Artist Amenities

  • Extra space behind your booth for storage.
  • Drive up access for easy unloading and end of festival loading.
  • Friday setup from 3pm-6pm with overnight security and also Sat morning from 6am-9am.
  • Complimentary continental breakfast, coffee and water (Sat & Sun from 6am - 9am).
  • Floating volunteers will be available to provide breaks for the artists.
  • On-site vehicle, trailer and RV parking.
  • Discounted lodging rates at local hotels and local restaurant discounts.
  • Free golf cart shuttle service as needed.
    Security  will be provided from the close of Friday evening setup (6:00pm) until  Saturday morning at 10:00am, and from the close of the festival Saturday  evening (5:00pm) until Sunday morning at 10:00am. 

Free Admission and Parking
All festivals are open to the public with free admission and free parking.  

956.png?width=150Learn more about our shows at:

 Apply online at:

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