How to start a discussion:

  1. Go to "Forum" on the home page, or click on "Discussions"
  2. Scroll to bottom to find "+Add a Discussion" - click
  3. Type in a title - the catchier the better. Ask a question if possible
  4. In the body type in your information. Use the tool bar to emphasize your points.
  5. If applicable add a photo, which is more attractive than an attachment.
  6. Category: click on the little downward arrow and choose the category to which your discussion belongs
  7. Tags: here you add "key words", words that describe the topic so that people can find your discussion. Put these tags in "  " with a , between each tag
  8. You can preview your discussion to see if it says what you want it to say by clicking on "Preview." Do you like it? Then click on "Add Discussion".


Add a blog post (reserved for show reviews and editorial stories):

  1. Click on Blog in the tabs at the top of the site.
  2. On the right hand side you'll see a small box that says "+Add" - click
  3. Follow steps 3-8 above to add your post.

Want to write a great post that everyone will read?

Nels Johnson wrote this to help you out:


How to add an image to a discussion or post:

A photo always adds interest and will get your writing more attention.


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