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Call for Artists: Coconut Grove Arts Festival

Miami CoconutFebruary 19, 20 & 21
Miami, Florida
Saturday & Sunday 10am-7pm and Monday 10am-5pm
300 Artists
Deadline: September 30
Application fee: $40   Booth fee: $800+
There is not a more iconic South Florida event than the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. The idyllic Coconut Grove setting, the sailboats moored on Biscayne Bay, the familiar faces, the festive atmosphere, and of course the world-class art, all lend to the success of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. For 58 years, the Festival has been one of the premier art events in the country and this coming season, the City has cleared the way for a full-capacity festival and in fact, an expanded festival with more art for everyone to enjoy!
Miami Coconut
For 2022, we have reduced the application fee, the booth fee and number of artists to be invited to show. We are re-launching and re-branding our Collectors Circle which will include pre-purchased 'art bucks' to ensure sales. We will also be expanding our marketing efforts to focus on a demographic most likely to buy art. Attendance is expected to be above 100,000 for this three-day event.

Miami Coconut shoppers
The Coconut Grove Arts Festival wants to ensure that your participation is a positive experience. During the Festival, the following amenities are offered to all artists:
  • Daily morning coffee and continental breakfast at the Hospitality Area.
  • Lunch delivered to your booth daily by our volunteers 
  • Artist Gallery on the CGAF website through 2022
  • Artist's contact information available on the CGAF website until the end of 2022
  • Individualized Discount Code to send to your collectors for the opportunity to purchase Festival tickets ahead of time and for a discounted rate
  • 24-hour security
  • Booth sitting staffed by volunteers on call.
  • Extensive media promotions throughout South Florida leading up to and during the Festival
  • Artists retain all sales proceeds
South Florida's Premier Art Festival back at full capacity!

Contact: Camille Marchese
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Call for Artists: Ann Arbor Holiday Art Fair

Integrity Ann ArborDecember 4 & 5
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Washtenaw Farm Council Fairgrounds

Deadline: September 30
Application fee: $10
Booth fee: $145-$375
Reflecting on a very popular event from the 1980's, the Holiday Art Fair will be at the Fairgrounds (home shows, antique shows...).  
With a focus on fine art, we will be accepting some traditional craft. Use your Ann Arbor collectors list. Lots of free parking and heated buildings.


Mark Loeb, Integrity Shows President, has been producing and consulting with events since 1982 in metro Detroit. In addition to these five events he consults with art fair and event organizers.


Intentional events for extraordinary results:

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Arts and Apples—Stinker for me, good for others

This is a tough blog to write.  I want to be fair and give an accurate account of the show.

For me, a veteran of 45 years of shows, this is my last time there.

Once upon a time this was the best show to do in Michigan.  Better than Ann Arbor.

Now it is way past those glory days.

When you allow handmade puppets 101 into your show along with another 100 sub-crafty booths it is time to say aloha.

I could not even do a thousand a day for three days, that is my minemum that I will put up with at a show. I do not care whether you are an artist or a crafter if you cannot do $1K a day, time to move on--your expenses and time are worth more than that.  Just saying.

OK. I will get off the soapbox and give a good report.  I always give a lot of super info that is really helpful to newbies, I give way more than you see in any blog out there.

Once upon a time in America there was a lovely early fall art festival held in a beautiful wooded city park with a magical running stream, replete with diving mallards.

People flooded the park by the thousands.  They rejoiced in the sounds of marching bands, mixed with lively stage dancers.  The smells of popcorn and smoking sausages wafted thru the air. OK there were lots of white tents there.  Some were full of paintings, others were covered with photos from all over the world.  You could find pottery in every color of the rainbow.  Some were filled with wonderful crafted wooden furniture, jewelry ran the gamut from bronze to precious jewels.

There were also tents filled with puzzles made out of wood.  There were handmade clothing items, crafty puppets.

The people flitted along like fireflies. They would quickly flit in and out, maybe give a shout, to the artist, "nice work!".  Then on to the next booth.

To me, they would chuckle, tell me that I had a great sense of humor, then move on.  No moola for Nels.

They called the show Arts and Apples.

It is held on the second week in September.  A three day show with setup the day before and the morning of the first show day.

It's held in Rochester,Michigan. A very affluent city north of Detroit. Oakland County.  Lots of moola here.

It is run by the Paint Center of Arts. It is a fundraiser for them.  They are going to get 300 booths in their show come hell or high water. They charge a very hefty booth fee (look it up on Zapp, you gotta do a little work for all the gold I give you).

Used to be, the 300 booths, were all great artists,It was an honor to be juried in.

Not that way now.

There were empty spaces all thru the show.  Who needs a waitlist.

Many artists made serious money here.

But many artists with outstanding work died here.

The crowd was not buying art.  They bought basic art 101. I know, there are exceptions.  A few great artists sold their work.  Notice I said, "a few."

I was pretty much ignored. Friday was a debacle.  Did $300.

Saturday the crowds were out in serious numbers, shoulder to shoulder.

Did not help me one bit.  Did not even come close to a thousand.

The judge came into my booth, took one look at an image, then whirled out right.  Some judge.

BTW. Besides doing shows for 45 years, I have been consistent in getting into at least three biggies in the biz every year.  These are always $10K plus.

I also do at least 20 other shows where you grind it out to make a living.

Also, this October, I turn 76.

The setup at shows takes a serious toll on your body as you age.  Trust me, I feel it.  Most shows, after setup, I take a hour nap to recoup.

OK.  Back to the show.

Here is my recommendation about whether you should do the show.

They buy basic, traditional, conservative items, mostly Lowend.  If you got that, then try it.

For me, it is aloha to this show.  Did my first art show by a waterfall in Hawaii in 1974.

If you want to see my work go to

OK.  Now a Tequila Report.

This is when I tell about finding an exceptional place to eat at.

I have written about this place in previous blogs, but this format is not setup that easy to find those previous blogs.  Plus, most of you would never take the time to search.

So enjoy this.

The restaurant I am going to write about, in my humble estimation after traveling the Midwest for more than 35 years, is one of the best deals ever anywhere.

It's called Luckys Prime Time Restaurant.  They are on Walton Road about one mile west of downtown Rochester. Use Googlemaps.

I have eaten here for more than six years. They are the berries.

You want a good filet.

How about four two ounce filets, cooked to temperature. With a salad or soup plus a loaf of bread. Then pick a side, like a baked potato or sweet potato, or sautéed spinach,or five other choices.

What is the price? Try $19.99. Yep.

Want fresh fish.  Try baked grouper with crabmeat in a lobster cream sauce with all that other stuff for $18.99. I got a grouper sandwich for 9.95. Cheaper and larger portion than anywhere in Florida.

Anything here is delicious and well priced in big portions.  Three lobster tails for $30.99, no way. Way.

You gotta go to this place, it is the ultimate deal.


Well, this is my report.  I call them as I see them.

This could be a good show for a lot of you

On to Kansas City Plaza next, this is a real Biggie!.


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Larry Berman's Zoom Meeting Today 4:00PM

LARRY  BERMAN is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Anything about art shows or selling art can be discussed.
Topic: LARRY  BERMAN's Zoom Meeting
Time: Sep 14, 2021 04:00 PM Eastern Time
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 433 889 5789
Passcode: art-show
Larry Berman



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Redwood Group

Deadline: September 30
October 28 - 31
Artexpo New York 2021
Pier 36, New York City
225 Artists

December 1 - 5
Spectrum Miami 2021
Mana Convention Center, Miami
225 Artists
Application fee: 0   Booth fee: $2495
Spectrum Miami
We believe that art reminds us of what is possible and that, through our art fairs and online art marketplace, you, too, can make your life a work of art.
At Redwood Art Group, we help people make a statement-from the artist showcasing one-of-a-kind originals that serve as portals into their life and unique experiences to the gallery that embraces their incredible vision to the collector who discovers that perfect piece and proudly displays it in their home.

Redwood Art Group

"We absolutely love working with Redwood. They make you feel like family, they work really closely with you, and they come and check on you continuously to make sure that everything is going smoothly and if there's anything they can do to help." - Ester Shupe, Shupe Collection
"What can I say? This has been the best Spectrum Miami show we have done so far in eight years of doing the fair. More sales, happy artists, great attendees." - Michael Joseph, Artblend

"This show is what you make of it. Great opportunity to meet galleries. And there were plenty of opportunities to network and sell. There were buyers there, money, and crowds. The Spectrum team are excellent communicators." - Marlon Costa, Artist

Artists have the option to have their work shown both in-person and/or online.
More info: 
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The Passing of my Wife, Mary Berman

It's with a heavy heart and much sadness I want to let my friends know that my wife Mary passed away Friday morning peacefully in her sleep. She had been dealing with chronic pain for years and she's finally at rest. We would have been married 34 years next month and loved each other very much, no less now than we did at the beginning of our relationship. We met while I was doing the Three Rivers Art Festival in Pittsburgh and it was love at first sight. I still remember her in the long purple dress she was wearing that day, sitting on the wall across from my booth by what was then the Hilton. She bought a small print from me in order to give me a check that had her phone number on it, hoping I would call her. As it turned out she had second thoughts and sent a girlfriend back with the print to retrieve her check. Because I was just as taken with her, I told her girlfriend she would have to come back in person for her check. We went out for the first time the next day and were married four months later.

9558906298?profile=RESIZE_400xLarry Berman


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Call for Artists: Palm Beach Fine Craft Show

Exhibiting Space Filling Up Quickly – New Rolling Jurying Process
Apply Today: 18th Annual Palm Beach Fine Craft Show
February 18- 20, 2022 • Palm Beach Convention Center

The 18th Annual Palm Beach Fine Craft Show is a juried exhibition and sale of contemporary American & International crafts and design hosted over Presidents' Day Weekend, February 18-20, 2022 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

The Palm Beach Fine Craft Show encourages artists to apply early. Booth space is filling up quickly as artists are committing earlier than ever before. The live and in-person craft show's highly anticipated return is a must-participate event. Don't miss the opportunity to exhibit in a safe and socially distant event amongst 100+ artists at the first indoor show to take place in over a year.

About the Jurying Process: 
Three jurors who are experts in the field and newly selected each year choose artists from a large pool of applicants. There is no quota for any category of Craft Art. Artists are selected on the basis of the originality, artistic conception, design and quality of their work. 

Why Participate? Learn More
For more information, please visit
Palm Beach County Convention Center

2nd Floor Show Room 
650 Okeechobee Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
February 18-20, 2022
Friday, February 18............11am - 7pm
Saturday, February 19.........11am - 7pm
Sunday, February 20...........11am - 6pm
Apply now for the opportunity to participate in the most anticipated fine craft event! The non-refundable fee for applying is $35. NOTICE: The application fee is due at the time you fill out the online application and accept the terms and conditions.


Electronic application deadline is October 15, 2021. 

Apply Online Now
Feel free to call our main office at 561.822.5440 to speak with a member of our team.
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Woodland Park Art Festival-Lexington, Kentucky

Well, here come the belly dancers--it must be the Woodland Park show.

More about them later.

I have done this show about eight times.

It is held in a wooded park on the edge of downtown Lexington.

Last year it was cancelled because of COVID.

This year they  advertised that it would be a small show of 125 artists.

Then they changed their minds and it ended up being almost 250 artists.

The show is held on the third weekend of August. It is run by the Lexington Art League. You can setup on Friday afternoon. Vehicles can drive into the park right up to your space.

It is always hot, but there is lots of shade. Their are a few scab shows surrounding the park.

Everybody has ample storage space in the rear and room side to side.

This year the crowds were more sparse. COVID has been rampant in the Lexington area and it affected attendance.  Lots of masked patrons.

Sales were more on the Lowend side with very few high end framed pieces going out the door.

Sunday was a better day for sales, for me, then Saturday.

BTW, I sell color photos in the price range of $33-$1100.  This show, all my sales 9546700094?profile=RESIZE_710xwere in the $33-$175 range.  They were few and far in between,

Lexington is a prosperous town with lots of horse-related jobs and the State University is there.  Lots of young people, but with little disposable income.

They buy very traditional here and they love the crafts. That said, I saw lots of artists making money here. Many, who I-talked to, we're doing their first show post-COVID.

It is a pleasent show to do.  Mellow and leisurely setup and a smooth teardown.

They have great food and beer vendors here.  The people flock to them in greater numbers than to artists.

Usually they have a nice artist breakfest on Sunday and then they announce the awards.

This year neither happened.  The organization claimed they were too strapped for cash and volunteer help.  Yet they doubled the size of the show, go figure.

Lexington is a beautiful southern city.  Great choices of restaurants and retail.

Plenty of hotels out by I-75 to choose from.

Overall, it is a nice show to do in August.

Now, about the belly dancers.

A local dance studio, who specializes in belly dancing, always puts on a one hour show on Sunday.  The music starts slow and then builds do a feverish frenzy at end. The patrons love it.  I love it but it kills sales for most of us when they are on.

Belly dancers in Kentucky-- who would have thought?

Next up for me is the Arts and Apples show inRochester, Michigan.  This was at one time, one of the best selling shows in the state, many artists did better here then Ann Arbor.  It is September 10-12. Two weekends later, I finish my summer at a biggie--Kansas City Plaza, then return home to Florida.

Later, Gators!

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Call for Artists: Smithsonian Craft Show 2022

WAshingtonApril 20 - 24
Washington, D.C.
National Building Museum
Preview Night Benefit Friday 6pm-9pm
Thursday - Sunday 10:30am-5:30pm
120 Artists
Deadline: September 17
364a51f4-e7c6-4f85-a04c-bdf3fb2fc38e.jpgThe 40th year of the Smithsonian Craft Show - our first live show since 2019 - is coming April 20-24, 2022! Craft lovers are eager to come, experience American craft excellence, meet and reconnect with outstanding artists, and buy their latest work. Apply now to join this 5-day celebration of the best of present and new directions in craft. The show is produced by the Smithsonian Women's Committee, and supports education, outreach, and research programs of the Smithsonian Institution.

The venue, the National Building Museum, is located in downtown Washington, DC. It is a historic building with a beautiful great hall that houses the show. The Museum is easily accessible by bus, surface transportation, and Metrorail. It is near other museums, restaurants, shops, and hotels.

Washington showThe Craft Show is looking for artists who produce one-of-a-kind and limited edition objects that have been conceived and perfected by the artist's own hands and created in the artist's studio.

More info:
Contact: Heidi Austreng
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10x10 Trime line Tent for sale in Texas

10x10 tent with all accessories /Trimeline by Florish

10 ft awning 

carry bags for tent, poles , awning etc

3 mesh white panels 

4 sand weight bags

Set of dark burgundy fireproof show curtain, cover 3 sides

lighting included for overhead + telescopic clamp table lighting


Tent is in very good condition. I live in East Texas. No shipping, must pick up.

asking $750 or best offer

936-568-0570  leave message.

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Call for Artists: Naples New Year's Art Show

Naples New Year_s 2021January 8 & 9, 2022
Naples, Florida
585 Park Street

Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm
250 Artists
Deadline: September 13
Application fee: $35
Booth fee: $540
Start your new year off in sunny Florida. New opportunities await you at this wonderful, well-established art show. This fine art show draws over 250 professional artists from around the country and was ranked in the 2020 Best Fine Art shows in the U.S. by Sunshine Artist Magazine and was named to's "BLUE CHIP 100" Fine Art Events for 2019.
Naples New Years 2022
Held in the heart of downtown Naples, on prestigious 5th Avenue South, this show attracts approximately 17,000 art-savvy attendees surrounded by upscale shops and restaurants. The Naples New Year's Art Show benefits from the phenomenal Southwest Florida weather and the large number of seasonal residents arriving and shopping to refresh and restyle their homes with the addition of your fine art pieces. The quad setup for artists affords every artist a corner booth and great visibility. Show guests enjoy the set-up along 5th Ave South, which provides easy access to parking and dining.
Naples New Years 2022 2
Subject to the latest health and safety guidance, artist amenities may include: artist goodie bag, hospitality stations with water and snacks, and booth sitters.

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ACC Baltimore 2022 logoFebruary 11, 12, & 13
Baltimore, Maryland
October 7, 8, & 9
St. Paul, Minnesota

Application period: July 8 - August 23
Application fee: $45   Booth fee: $1500
Now in its 45th year, the Baltimore marketplace is our flagship show and takes place at the impressive Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland. With an average attendance of 17K annually, this highly competitive and prestigious show is a must-attend event for the craft community, attracting artists, buyers, and craft appreciators from across the United States. Total retail artist sales for our 2019 Baltimore show came to an estimated $5.2M.
Baltimore show floor
ACC shoppersFormerly known as American Craft Shows, our in-person craft marketplaces are open to artists from across the country and will feature a brand new ecommerce component. Don't miss this opportunity to share your story and sell your work to our focused audience of craft enthusiasts. Come be part of our craft community!
Artists will have the option to have their work shown both online and in-person.

ACC 2022
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New Fashioned Changes ?

1. I do not like some of the initial visible changes to your website.  But I am waiting to see if that changes.

2. I was happy with the colors and arrangement of "My Page" profile and photos before but apparently this option is no longer available?  I am waiting to see if visible / customizing / improvement options will be made available soon.  The new "My Page" is dull, colorless, grey, ...  
3. On the new, "My Page" - can the unneeded 'zero' be removed from before my name to become "J.R. Beatty = GATOR DADDY PHOTO"?
J.R. Beatty
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2021 AFI Redesigned ... What do you Think?

9438310492?profile=RESIZE_400xTechnology is relentless. The company that hosts Art Fair Insiders said it would disappear if we didn't update the site with their new software. We built this site in 2011 and it was easy to edit and stay in touch. It certainly has been helpful:

  • 16,500 members from across the country in all media, pros and newbies alike sharing information
  • 7100 blog posts covering every topic you can think of
  • Oodles of discussions, really helpful information, including my favorite when members helped the police track down someone in Minnesota who was passing bad checks.
  • Over 50 podcasts with guests who really knew their stuff.
  • Friendships made and tents sold

The bad news: Change is a bitch and now you have to learn a new way to navigate the site.

The good news: Some changes have been made that should make it easier to share your information, some that you have asked for over the years.

A few the good things: 

  1. Members can edit their comments in the discussions and blogs (not just us folks who run the site)
  2. In the forum/discussions it is necessary to choose a category to publish your info. In the past discussions were often posted in the "wrong" categories. What works well now is that you write your article and then at the end you can choose the correct category, there is a place to click. I like that.
  3. Supposedly we'll be able to give "star ratings" for the good stuff. I haven't seen this function yet, we'll see if it actually works.
  4. It is easier to write "tags" for your blogs and discussions so others can find your fine work.

Not, one of the good things, because it will cause some work on your part. When you go to "My Page" it looks kind of bleak. This is your chance to be a designer ... not only can you upload an image of yourself, and we hope you do, but you can also add a large image of to show off your work or some other meaningful object to personalize it even better. Here is "My Page" ...  How do you do this? See the "options" in the upper left hand corner? That's the place. 

Let us know in the comments below how this is working for you and any changes you'd like us to make. We really need your help.

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Protecting your jewelry at an Art Show

Just wondering if anyone has used wireless security cameras at an art show and posted that their booth was secured with cameras?  Usually there are two of us manning the booth at an art show but I'm still being hit.  I did a show in RI a short while ago and someone walked off with a $149.00 pair of seaglass earrings. They took the earrings and the earring holder.  At a show a few years ago (I was by myself) someone walked off with a necklace and bracelet valued at $550.00 while I was busy with a customer.    I do have glass cases but I also have a lot of my jewelry out on forms so that people can touch and try. I'm thinking of using wireless security cameras, has anyone tried this? 

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brand new K D Kanopy top leaked

And it caused matting to get wet, about $500.00 in damaged materials and labor.  The sales Rep, Clint Nagel, refused satisfaction and put it on me to have known in advance that the top would leak.  Warning others to avoid this company.  Suggestions as to how to proceed?

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Well, this show was last weekend.  Usually it is in mid-May but because of COVID it was moved to August.  It was cancelled last year.

They made it a smaller show, 85 booths instead of 150-plus. Also the competing craft show, on campus, was not moved to August, which would had made it another 300 booths.

That said, it is early August in the height of summer season in Michigan, and all the “Good Shoes People” are up north in their summer cottages.

Which means it was a Lowend selling show.

But, they were buying.

Itwas a nice setup. They had one block of 20 artists facing each other with the road in the middle. The other 65 booths were on a straight line down a perpendicular street. Only problem was, we were all crammed in side to side.  I guess they forgot about COVID. This is only the second show this year that has no spacing.  The other one was the Bonita Springs shows.

That said, the show is held right in the heart of the business district with retail and food biz everywhere.

Normally, this show is held in mid May, the college is happening and professionals  biz people are out buying.  It is the only show there for the year.

I have done it since the 90’s, and it always been a $3-4K show, mostly Lowend sales. When I found out it was only 85 booths, I was licking my chops.  Unfortunately, the serious buyers never showed up. But, a lot of artists had not done a show for a year,and they were hungry.  They were happy to be out again. If they only made $1K, so what, it was money in the account.

I was fortunate to clear $3K, that is still a great amount for a two day small time show.  We are not talking Saint Louis here.

My neighbor was a great painter who did a underlay map of Michigan with local scenes over painted, like the Mackinaw Bridge. Her fiancé was busy going back to the van for more stock all weekend.

I never saw any real big pieces go by me, and my booth was dead center, number 44. Maybe they got picked up later or went out at either end. The crowd was young and energetic, and valued our art.  Lots of good comments. “That is seriously sick man!” I think the May time is better and hopefully next year it will be there.

Now, how about a Lansing Tequila Report.

The fourth time is the charm—finding a good sushi bar, with booze, in East Lansing.

I shared a room with Barry Bernstein for the show. He is more renowned than me, and that is not easy to do. He has been out on the circuit for centurys. They are thinking of putting his face on Mount Rushmore in place of Crazyhourse—is that sick! Barry does great ceramic pottery and gets into the best of shows, ahem, Cherry Creek next. I was hoping rooming with him, some of that would rub off on me, besides his snoring.

I know, WTF, does this have to do with Tequila Report?

I am slowly getting there, I am using the Hemingway experience. Live, breathe, read, stay with me, if necessary drink a margarita. So, Friday, after we setup, I said, “Let us go find a good sushi restaurant.” Barry has eaten with me many times and usually likes my choices. So, I used Google Maps and found four good sushi choices, none that I had been to before.

The first one we went to was four blocks from the show. I got there first. When I walked in I saw a small counter with chairs.  Saw two people munching on a sushi roll. Saw no sushi refrigerated cabinet with fresh fish. Perflexed, I looked at this small Asian man who pointed to the ceiling. ”What!” I exclaimed.  “Menu on the ceiling, all rolls” he said.

I asked if he did Uzusukuri (a dish of sashimi grade whitefish sliced razor thin), he looked at me like I was a crazy man. ”We only do rolls, mostly for takeout.” Oh, and they did not do any alcohol. Wham,bam! I was out of there.

Barry had just pulled into the lot.  He drives real slowly like most of the old farts that I grew up with in Saint Petersburg.  God!  Do not let me end up like this. He is a safe driver, just slow…and very…steady. So back to Google Maps and I find a promising choice—Korean Sushi Bar. Let’s go.

I let him lead on this one.  He had his GPS map on it, and you know how that can go. We drove by the place twice before we found it. We walked in, place looked promising.  Saw a sushi chef slicing at the bar, thank God, she missed her fingers. Waitress came and led us to a nice sunlit booth.  My mouth was watering with anticipation. I asked, “Do you sell alcohol here, like sake and beer.” She solemnly nodded, “No!” I was ready to leave but Barry was hungry and ready to eat. So, I was all in.

The waiter brought us two bottles of water with iced cups. Then, we waited, and waited,and waited, and she never returned. We were out of there.  Barry was hungry, but I was hungrier and wanted booze too. I have never eaten sushi in my life without a hot sake and Sappharro beer.

We spotted a Thai restaurant around the corner. ”Let us do Thai, they always have booze,” says Barry. I was all in. At that point I would have eaten grilled Phad Thai off a heated sidewalk if I had sake too. The place was around the corner from the Korean place. It had a large takeout counter with menu boards hanging from the ceiling. No alcohol served.

We said,”Loggone” and fled the place.

So  Barry got on his phone and found a promising choice. It was billed as San Su, a sushi restaurant with Cocktails. I was all in. I followed Barry in his aging Ford-Michigan-encrusted-rusted-Upper Peninsula van. We got lost again, fricking GPS. But we got there.  It is about 7:45 pm now.  We have spent almost a good hour trying for sushi..with booze.

I loved the look of the place. From the outside it was sleek charcoal building with large windows that went floor to ceiling. You could hear people chattering while munching,the place waxed energy. We walked in, and we saw about 25 people waiting in the lobby. The place was fantastic, sleek tables, slim razor chairs,modern bowls and utensils. The sushi bar was as long as a runway in Daytona with 16 empty chairs. Oops! Sleek alcohol bar with slim high back chairs, nobody in them.

Hopefully, because I know at most sushi bars people want to eat at the table, not the sushi bar, Iasked, “Can we eat at the sushi bar?” ”We are short of staff, only seating at tables, it is a 30 minute wait.” The greeter said. We were hungry, we’re not leaving here, this was our Alamo sushi moment, I would have traded my Jim Bowie knife for a set of chopsticks in a Mexican moment.

The lobby was jammed and I spied the empty chairs at the more empty bar. I figured Barry and I could tell old Art fair war stories for 30 minutes. And we did. About 40 minutes later, our friendly host spotted us. ”I did not forget about you guys, but…I forgot there are three groups ahead of you. ”How much longer?” My head, inches off the bar, I was sake-driven with no prospect of salvation.

Then Barry made the best quote of the night which led to our salvation. He said,”Well, maybe you should comp us a few beers for being so compliment rather then belligerent.” The guy looked at Barry like he was talking Greek and walked away. Soon, maybe five minutes later, this well groomed, and well built, guy shows up behind the bar-bar where we were sitting. He was tiny, with a pencil thin mustache and he radiated confidence. ”So, do you guys want to eat appetizers here with drinks.” Music to my ears.

Barry, mused for a minute, and asked can we do entrees too? I shushed him and told tiny Mike (we found out he was the manager of the place) “please get me a large hot sake and a 16 oz Kirin beer." Barry did the same, without sake.

(Stay tuned for the rest of the story. CM)

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Call for Artists: Babcock Ranch Art Show

Babcock RanchMarch 12 & 13
Babcock Ranch, Florida
Founder's Square

Opening night VIP event: March 11
Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 10am-4pm
85+ Artists
Deadline: October 22

Application fee: $25   Booth fee: $325

More information: 

The Babcock Ranch Art Show, produced by the experienced ArtFest Fort Myers staff, is now a 2½ day boutique art show held in the new town of Babcock Ranch. This FREE-to-the-public art show will feature 85 exceptional artists centered in Founders Square overlooking Lake Babcock. Babcock Ranch is the first solar-powered town in the U.S. surrounded by seven new neighborhoods.

Babcock RanchThe Babcock Ranch Art Show is dedicated to promoting and showcasing your artwork. Extensive promotion, featuring YOUR artwork, to neighboring cities in Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties assures that the buying public will be eager to see you. Advertising will include newspapers, radio, billboards, and online advertising with paid and organic Facebook ads all featuring artist work.

The Babcock Ranch Art Show has artist-friendly procedures in place to ensure that your weekend with us is pleasant and profitable. Our Artist Hospitality team is there to greet and direct you on Set Up Day and is available to you all weekend. Artists are set in a circular flow around Founders Square that allows booths to have at least 3 feet of space in the lakefront setting.

Artist Perks include:
  • Drive-up access to your booth location on set-up day (Friday morning) with ample behind-booth storage
  • Indoor bathrooms
  • Convenient free artist parking adjacent to the Art Show site
  • Professional overnight security
  • Oversized booth spaces with at least three feet between booths and ample storage space behind
Babcock Ranch Art Show is accessible to all artists, including those with disabilities. Physical accessibility includes booths with no physical barrier to entry, parking on solid surface with continual paved path to artist's booth; accessible bathrooms and on-site artist support volunteers for questions. Please indicate any specific accommodations needed in your ZAPP application.

Artists are selected in a jury process to create a well-balanced show that represents artistic diversity in the following categories: Ceramics, Digital, Drawing/Pastels, Fiber, Glass, Jewelry, Metal, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Watercolor, Wearable and Wood.
If you are new to the idea of selling at outdoor art festivals, please contact us for any support you may need - 
we love to help. 
Our staff is available to talk about any details you seek and to take a peek at your images in advance and provide feedback on "jury strength," at least in our opinion based on 20+ years of watching juries. We love talking with artists and are happy to share our insights to support artists' success.

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