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Call for Artists: Geneva Arts Fair 20th Annual

10024082863?profile=RESIZE_400xJuly 23 & 24
Geneva, Illinois
Downtown Geneva
Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm
150 Artists
Deadline: February 1
Application fee: $30         Booth fee: $400
Geneva, a chic and charming historic town located on the Fox River, will celebrate its 20th annual Fine Arts Fair in 2022. Its prestigious reputation of offering a superb selection of original fine art by renowned artists and cutting edge newcomers attracts beginning and avid art collectors. Presented by the Chamber of Commerce, the show is tucked among 100+ specialty shops located in Victorian-style homes and century-old buildings. Warm small-town hospitality offers a picture-postcard setting for this juried art celebration.
This allows ample space to display artwork, move about your booth and have several patrons in your booth area at one time.
  • Snacks, morning coffee and light breakfast
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Flexible booth fee payment schedule
  • Event marketing & publicity: web, social media, print
  • Close artist parking reserved
  • Booth sitters and volunteers
  • Overnight security
  • Air-Conditioned break room
  • Festival programs with listing of attending artists
In order to maintain the quality of our shows and offer our visitors and buyers a fresh look at new work, we prioritize artists who are new to or unique in the region. We value being a high-end show that promotes quality artwork and attracts an enthusiastic crowd. 
It's About the ART!
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Call for Artists: 9th Annual Uptown Art Expo

10018809473?profile=RESIZE_400xMarch 26 & 27
Altamonte Springs, Florida
9th Annual UpTown Art Expo
Saturday 10am-7pm & Sunday 10am-5pm
140 Artists
Deadline: February 11
Application fee: $30     Booth fee: $320
The streets along beautiful Cranes Roost Park at Uptown Altamonte in Altamonte Springs/Orlando will come alive with artisans showcasing their talents, color and music. The free admission Art Festival is limited to only 140 juried art & fine crafts artists and features chalk street paintings, festival foods and live entertainment.
  • 25,000 Patrons
  • Friday Drive up Load-in
  • Free adjacent parking
  • Overnight Security
  • All booths have small storage behind
  • Sunday Morning Artists' Breakfast
  • Extensive PR and Marketing
  • Highest household buying income in the region
  • $7,800 Artist Awards
  • Limited electric available additional fee
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Art Fair News from 2009

Back in 2009 before Facebook was even a glimmer in Mark Z's eye, there was ... an exciting place for artists to discover. So many of us work alone in our studios and it was fun for all to share the life of being a creative who stands on the streets of the U.S. selling our soul created work. The post below had over 60 comments from artists across the country dishing on the Krasl Art Fair, Magic City Art Fair, Coconut Grove Art Festival, etc ... If you've got the time to read, you'll find lots of interesting information from the good old days when people stood in line to buy art ...

You'll find so much good information, such as this excerpt from Jim Parker:

"... the weather was excellent for the most part. My sales were about what I expected for this economy. Ann Arbor has been four days of work for two days pay for several years now. Too many artists, a confusing layout with lots of dead ends, and waning interest on the part of the public for real art bought from real artists in favor of Walmart and Costco crapola. Canvas prints haven't helped this at all, nor has cost-cutting and lower pricing structures from certain groups of photographers in a vain attempt to compete on price alone.

I bucked the trend this year and only showed split-toned black & white digital photographs at a higher price point. I've been at the same spot three years running, at a slower area of the State Street show. Previous customers do know how to find me and email marketing pre-show helps a little. I was on Channel 7 news on Friday, and a few people mentioned seeing me. Publicity was great.

My sales were about the same as the past two years in this location. However, my newer work does not look like the cookie-cutter Tuscan landscapes, or the national park sh... "


"In the interest of getting all the show reviews in the same place we are incorporating the Show Reviews section into the Blog. Please post your show reviews here. One of the advantages is that you can add "tags" at the bottom of each review so it is easier to search the reviews for specific events.


This is the place! Tell us about your art fairs, short or long reviews, we all want to be in the know.

Please include your media as, for example, a jeweler's experiences may not match a painter's. Also, include the state in which the event took place. There are way too many cities with the same name!"


And here's where you can find the rest of the story:

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The Truth About Art Fairs

Arts, Farts & Applecarts
A Blog about Being an Artist

I published this blog in two parts on my website. It is mostly directed at people who buy art, but I thought other artists might find this interesting as well.

There are a lot of different kinds of art fairs. Typically, they are gatherings of artists, usually outdoors, where artists can exhibit and sell their work. In recent years, the New York City-centered, gallery establishment, has co-opted the term, “Art Fair,” to mount expensive and extravagant exhibitions by high-end galleries from around the world. That’s not the kind of art fair I participate in. I’m talking about grass roots, artist-centered, localized art fairs.

These days, local art fairs are sprouting up all over the country. Too many, in my opinion. These art fairs originate in two ways, by arts organizations and civic groups, or by entrepreneurs and promoters. 

The majority of art fairs are profit-making enterprises organized by promoters. It is a business for these entrepreneurs, who depend on us artists to pay entry fees and booth rentals. In return these promoters guarantee an audience to buy our work. These entrepreneurial businesses provide a service to us artists by bringing artists and customers together. But, the more art fairs they can organize and sell to us artists, the more profits they can realize. Some of these businesses have 100 or more art fairs going on in any given year. Some of these art fair promoters are good, with a healthy respect for us artists. Some are not so good. But, in an effort to make more money, they continue to organize and establish ever more art fairs, diluting the market for buying art.

Art fairs organized by arts organizations and civic groups are the other category. These are non-profit art fairs run, mostly, by volunteers, although some of the big ones have a paid staff that work year-around to organize and promote their art fair.  The goal, in most cases, is to provide their communities with access to the arts. The best of these community-based art fairs have a long history and tend to draw the best crowds. Over the years I have participated in both promoter art fairs and community art fairs, but I prefer, and do better, at art fairs run by arts organizations and community groups. 

In my art gallery I might see a couple dozen people on a weekend. At an art fair, I see thousands. Art fairs are a terrific venue for selling art but they are expensive to do. Some misconceptions about art fairs: 

First, art fairs are not all alike. There are thousands of art fairs around the country but only a handful will provide the audience and the income to satisfy the professional artist. The good ones can be very profitable as long as the weather is good.

The good art fairs are difficult to get in to. Artists have to apply to art fairs with samples of their work. A jury reviews the samples of all the artists who apply and selects only the best artists in the application pool. A good art fair may have up to 2000 applicants but only 150 booths. Only a fraction of the applicants get to exhibit.

Art fairs are expensive for an artist to participate in. Besides the application fee, which ranges from $30-$60, a 10x10 foot booth fee will range from $400-$1000, depending on the show. Add the expenses of lodging, transportation and meals and an artist’s investment in a given weekend show can be over $2000 before selling a single piece.

Art fair equipment is also expensive. Most professional artists own their own tents and exhibit panels. The best setups cost $2000-$3000. And then, there is the vehicle for getting all that equipment and artwork to the art fair. A reliable van or a trailer and SUV devoted to the art fair business can easily cost $20,000 and up.

How can artists afford to participate? Here is a short statement from the application prospectus for the Cherry Creek Art Fair in Denver (one of the best): 

…historically very high art sales potential, estimated at $19,400 per artist in sales for 2021…

Yes. Art fairs can be very profitable.

Another misconception is that us art fair artists travel en mass from art fair to art fair… like a circus. All artists are different in their approach to art fairs. Some travel with RVs to sleep in. Some use hotels or B&Bs. Some seek out nearby campgrounds. But, no, we don’t sleep in our art fair tents. It is a gypsy lifestyle, but each “gypsy” has his or her own agenda and interpretation of that lifestyle. I know art fair artists who sleep in their cars and brush their teeth at a local gas station. And I know art fair artists who travel with an entourage of helpers and stay in the best hotels. I know a high end jewelry artist who travels with an armed guard to protect his gold and diamonds.

Part 2

Art fairs are a lot of work, and they are also very stressful. The work is setting up the outdoor art gallery, and the stress comes from the uncertainties of weather and the mood of the buying public. After renting the booth space, reserving a room for the weekend at a local hotel and traveling hundreds of miles to an art fair, an artist might have $2000 or more invested before selling a single item. Hopes are always high among artists before an art fair begins. We are an optimistic breed.

If severe weather hits the art fair and the public stays home (or the art fair is cancelled for safety reasons), there are no booth fee refunds and the hotel still has to be paid. All art fair artists have their own personal horror stories about those lost weekends. Marcia reminds me of some of the more memorable disasters that we survived over 20 years of exhibiting at art fairs… the tornado warning sirens going off in Columbus,… cowering in a campus building watching the wind and rain batter our tent in Ann Arbor,… sloshing through puddles up to our knees, in Winter Park, Florida,… hiding with our fellow artists in the brick rest rooms with tornado sirens blaring in Peoria. 

I especially remember one show we did in St. Louis. This was before we invested in a heavy-duty tent. After setting up the booth on a cloudy, threatening day, Marcia and I went back to our hotel and had a nice dinner as the rain and wind picked up. Early the next morning I got a phone call from the art fair. “You better get down here. Your tent has been knocked down by the storm.” We rushed to the art fair and, sure enough, the tent was all bent out of shape and lying on its side with all my art scattered around… my precious framed artwork lodged under the devastation. Volunteers from the art fair sprang into action. They showed up in force with towels and tools to dry off the artwork and help us get the tent back up. After we realized the tent was a complete loss, the committee, somehow, found another tent that we could use. With the help of about a dozen volunteers, we got our booth set up again. Lots of artwork was ruined, but a lot was saved as well, thanks to a terrific art fair committee.

There were a couple camera crews from local TV stations recording the destruction caused by the storm. We weren’t the only artists who had storm damage, but, apparently, we were the most photogenic. We were featured on several local newscasts and, over the weekend, we were the beneficiaries of a sympathetic audience. We sold lots of artwork and had our most profitable show, ever. Yes. The bad with the good…

I now have a 10x10 foot Trimline tent; a dome-style tent that is one of the best brands for withstanding foul weather. But it is expensive and very heavy. It is a beast to set up. I use 7-foot tall pro panels (carpet-covered walls) in my tent and I’ve designed and fabricated many additions to display my artwork and to keep my tent from blowing away. It typically takes me about five hours of back-breaking labor to set up my exhibit. I prefer art fairs that have an extra setup day before the art fair begins (which also adds an extra day to the hotel bill). Although no tent is impervious to bad weather, this heavy Trimline tent gives me a little peace of mind when the wind picks up.

A long time ago, when I made my living as a TV producer, I produced a documentary called “Art Fair.” It opened with scenes of artists setting up their exhibits at an art fair in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. One of the artists tells this story: 

“Two ladies were admiring all the art exhibited at the art fair. One asked ‘All this beautiful artwork. Where do you think they find the time to make all this art? The other one answers: Well, you know, they don’t work!’” 

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10009742478?profile=RESIZE_400xAugust 5, 6, & 7
Park City, Utah
Historic Main Street
Friday 5pm-9pm, Saturday 10am-8pm, & Sunday 10am-6pm
200 Artists
Deadline: February 8
Application fee: $50  Booth fee: $775-$1850
The Park City Kimball Arts Festival is an award-winning, jury selected visual arts festival located in the heart of the world-famous resort community of Park City, Utah. Now, in its 53rd year, the Kimball Arts Festival is Utah’s longest-running visual arts festival and is one of the most highly regarded art events in the West. For three days, the Park City Kimball Arts Festival proudly features professional fine artists across 13 disciplines, providing visitors with an opportunity to meet and purchase art from a wide variety of talented artists. In 2021, the Festival drew more than 26,000 ticket holders to Park City’s Historic Main Street and reported art sales were over $1.8 million!
  • Kimball Art Center partners with a variety of hotels and other accommodations in Park City. Prior to the Festival, we will pass along special artist discounts from our lodging partners! 
  • Website listing with artist images and link to artist website.
  • A customized map just for Participating Artists with addresses and important locations.
  • A Welcome Tent with bagels and coffee at the Artist Check-In location Friday morning.
  • An Artist Lounge with coffee and all-day refreshments, plus electrical outlets for charging devices for Participating Artists during the Festival.
  • Early morning load-in option for those with long or delicate set-ups.
  • Staggered assigned load-in times for an organized load-in with space to unload.
  • Complimentary artist parking for one vehicle (and 1 trailer) per artist in dedicated lots, including oversized parking.
  • Participating Artists will be given festival credentials for themselves and one assistant or co-artist (two total). Additional credentials will be available for purchase.
  • Lunches available for purchase delivered directly to Participating Artist booth during the Festival.
  • Water and snacks delivered by volunteers throughout the Festival.
Accolades from Past Participating Artists:
“This is our most profitable and enjoyable show every year!”
“I thank you for running a terrific show. Artist friendly and very well-run show.”
“Well run, well attended, attentive staff, great sales.”
Contact: Hillary Gilson
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10009678664?profile=RESIZE_400xJune 25 & 26
Muskegon, Michigan
Lakeshore Art Festival
Saturday 9am-6pm & Sunday 9am-4pm
350 Artists
Deadline: February 1
Application fee: $35   Booth fee: $180-$250
The Lakeshore Art Festival is a unique mix of fine art, fine craft, hand-crafted goods, food and family fun in Downtown Muskegon, Michigan. Guests will enjoy a juried fine art and craft fair, as well as vibrant streets brimming with unique artisan food products, children’s activities, entertainment and more! With exhibitor perks, outstanding accommodations and restaurants nearby, this is a must-attend event!
Artist Information
  • Highly Ranked Festival by Sunshine Artist and ArtFair Calendar
  • Past Attendance 55,000
  • June 25th PM & June 26th AM Set-Up
  • $3,000 Fine Art / Fine Craft Cash Awards
  • Booth Sitters
  • Overnight Security
  • Warm and professional staff dedicated to the arts
We can’t tell you how many positive comments we heard throughout the day from our shoppers regarding the show. We heard comments such as, “best one ever,” “love that they added additional streets,” “great quality of vendors,” “happy it is right downtown,” and the list goes on and on!
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Arts, Farts & Applecarts - by John Leben

Yeah... I just started publishing a blog on my website. It's called Arts, Farts & Applecarts. It's about being an artist and it is designed to drive traffic to my website as well as a place for me to vent. This is my first blog entry. I thought I'd share the blog here on Art Fair Insiders as well. This first entry is called:

"Professional artist?:

I’m a “professional” artist. All that means (to me) is that I make my living by selling my art. When most people think about “professional” artists, they picture the elite, New York Gallery artists who sell paintings for many thousands of dollars. I’m not one of those. Most professional artists aren’t either. We work hard to, not just make the art, but to promote it and sell it as well. We make and sell the art because we have to… to make a living. 

How do I sell my art? Lots of ways. I have my gallery in downtown Douglas, Michigan… the LebenArt Gallery. I sell some art at the gallery, but not as much as I sell at art fairs. And I sell my art at other art galleries around Michigan as well. Then, there is the Internet. I sell art online, but not as much as I would like. I’ve come to realize that most people like to see the art first hand before buying it. Most of my online sales come from people who have already bought my art, or from people who have seen my work at other places… either at other galleries or at an art fair. I sell my art to pay the mortgage, to buy groceries, and, (HA!) to buy more art supplies. Most “professional” artists that I know fall into this category. Making and selling art is a challenge and a necessity. It’s our job. But… it’s a job that we love.

Now… you should realize that I’m using a very narrow definition of “artist” in this blog. Of course there are a lot of different ways to be a professional artist. Commercial artist, for example. Lots of different kind of ways to make a very good living as a commercial artist. I was one, myself, for a long time. I sold my “artistic” talents to my clients, creating logos, brochures, designing sets for TV productions, creating animated sequences for educational programs, producing programing for corporate clients… all very profitable and satisfying endeavors. But, in all these commercial endeavors, I was creating someone else’s vision… the vision of my client. So now, as a “professional” artist, I am creating my own vision. I’m making art and putting it out there for the world to see. No client. Only myself to interpret the vision. If there are enough people in the world who appreciate my vision… appreciate it enough to actually spend their money to buy it, then I am successful. I’m a professional artist. It’s the best kind of freedom.

I’ve noticed that there is a pivotal point in every artist’s career when, for the first time, a stranger actually buys a piece of their work. Not a relative… not a friend… not even an acquaintance of a friend… but a bonafide “stranger.” A stranger who buys the piece because it means something personal to them. That is a moment worth celebrating. That is the moment when the artist sees his or her potential to actually create a vision that others can share and appreciate.

If you would like to follow my blogs on my website, here is the link:


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Professional artist - Part 2


Please notice that the “a” in artist above is a lower case “a.” It should have been lower case in my previous blog about being a professional artist. I’m proud of the fact that I can make a living selling my work. I’m proud that there are enough people in the world who consider my work relevant enough to actually pay me money to buy it. That makes me a professional artist. But that certainly does not make me a great Artist. Upper case “A” I reserve for Artists who history deems to be “Great….” Artists like Picasso, Dali, Georgia O’Keefe… you know the ones. I know a lot of professional artists who make a living selling their work, but are (in my opinion) terrible artists. So, “professional” is about money. It’s only about my art-making as a job. 

I’m pretty prolific. I make a lot of art. I sometimes wonder if I would work so hard at it if I was rich. If I was rich, would I be making the same kind of art? Maybe I would be more experimental. Financial independence provides a lot of freedom. If I was rich, would I be making art at all? Necessity and, even desperation… are great motivators. (…the mortgage is due… I gotta sell some art!). Maybe I need a little panic to motivate me.

As idealistic art students in college, we looked down on artists who had actual jobs… especially jobs that had nothing to do with art. Even our teachers were suspect. There’s an old adage… “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”. But, I’ve come to learn that teaching art, to some, is a passion equal to making art. The question still remains… if those artist/teachers were not teaching and not receiving that paycheck every week… would they be more highly motivated to make and sell their art? It doesn’t matter at all for those dedicated teachers who have a true passion for teaching. My only point is that desperation is a great motivator.

Another ongoing conversation I had with one of my professors in college, was the concept of the “selfish artist.” To be a great artist, do you have to be so self-centered that the art takes precedence over everything else? Maybe your family, or your students, or that 9-5 job you have, are distractions from your true calling… making art.

Personally, I’m distracted (happily) by my family, my friends, my dog, my cats, my house, etc…

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9996434069?profile=RESIZE_400xJuly 9 & 10
St. Joseph Michigan
60th Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff
Lake Bluff Park
Saturday 9am-6pm & Sunday 10am-5pm
175 Artists
Deadline: January 24
Application fee: $50 Booth fee: $475-$675
 Overlooking Lake Michigan, the Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff (KAF) is known for having outstanding volunteers and providing a great artist experience. Each year a new jury of professionals in the arts is recruited to review applications. The Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff is one of the most prestigious and well-attended events in southwest Michigan.
The City of St. Joseph was recently ranked the 23rd best place to live in the U.S. by the website 24/7 Wall Street. Neighboring Benton Harbor, Michigan is home to appliance manufacturer Whirlpool Corporation. KAF is a 1-1/2 hour drive from Chicago and Grand Rapids. This established art fair attracts fine art and fine craft artists and an educated and inquisitive buying audience from all over the US and Canada.
  • Krasl Art Fair Best of Category (highest score from on-site jury in each category): $200 cash award, invitation to return in 2023 with a waived application fee.
  • Board of Directors’ Choice Award: $200 cash award, invitation to return in 2023 with a waived application fee.
  • NEW!! 60th Anniversary Award - cash award, invitation to return in 2023 with a waived application fee.
  • 3-5 members of the jury return to jury on-site Saturday. Awards will be presented on Sunday morning.
Amenities Include:
  • Booths are located in beautiful Lake Bluff Park on grassy lawn with trees, lake breezes, and gorgeous views of Lake Michigan.
  • Free, artist-only, off-street parking no more than four blocks from the fair; plus reserved overnight parking for RVs and vans (after 5 pm on Friday).
  • Curb-side unloading and loading.
  • Roomy booths spaced 6’ - 10’ from one another with storage space.
  • Police officers patrol the park Friday and Saturday nights and are present and ready to respond as needed during the event.
  • Booth sitters available to provide breaks for artists.
  • 10% discount for KAF artists in Krasl Art Center Gift Shop.
  • Package Pick-Up for the convenience of purchasers of oversized items.
  • A staff and volunteer committee dedicated to making our show the artists’ favorite.
  • Coffee & pastries provided Saturday & Sunday mornings.
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9996419681?profile=RESIZE_192XMay 13, 14, & 15
Indianapolis, Indiana
Indianapolis Art Center
Friday Preview Party 6pm-8pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm
150 Artists
Deadline: January 24
Application fee: $35  Booth fee: $400
Now celebrating its 50th year, the Indianapolis Art Center’s OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair attracts an average of 12,000 visitors and offers an opportunity for the public to meet fine art & craft artists from the U.S. and Canada. The OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair is located on the grounds of the Indianapolis Art Center, designed by Hoosier Architect Michael Graves, and its 9.5-acre ARTSPARK. Located in the Broad Ripple Village Cultural District— a cultural arts, shopping, night club, and dining district—the Indianapolis Art Center is next to the popular Monon Trail urban greenway.
 Show Features
  • Extensive advertising and promotion worth at least $30,000.00
  • Booth Sitter Text Hotline - Get a friendly booth sitter right when you need one!
  • Overnight Roving Security (Indianapolis Police Department)
  • Friday Night Preview Party for select areas
  • Saturday and Sunday Artist and Volunteer breakfast
  • Food Line passes; get to the front of any line, so you don’t miss a sale!
  • Warm and professional staff dedicated to the arts
Contact: Shannon Bennett
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Fine Art photography for decoration


What is fine art photography Exactly?

When it comes to photography, some would argue that there is no need to define what really is and what may not be fine art, which leaves the question open to interpretation. However, while fine art photographers may take any subject, their aim is very different in contrast to how commercial photographers depict subjects aimed at showing or selling a product or service, for example. This says a lot about the intentions of both types of photography and we can see that there are differences between the two.

How to decorate your home with Fine Art?

When it comes to photographic trends, we will rely on images with powerful 'black & white' and impactful colour that really draws one into the subject matter in order to depict our deepest desires and duality of life. The growth of surrealism and philosophical subjects fuels the popularity of fine art photography and photo manipulations that tell compelling visual stories. Creative uses of makeup make a huge impact because now artists can photograph their favourite sketches onto an already finished portrait.


Let's explore the premium quality wildlife luxury wall art for decoration.



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June 11 & 12
Royal Oak, Michigan
Washington Street
Saturday 10am-7pm & Sunday 11am-5pm
120 Artists
Deadline: March 13
Application fee: $30    Booth fees start at $395
  • A unique event, featuring 60 clay, glass, and metal artists. The nation's only show dedicated to clay, glass and metal. 
  • Extensive demos in each medium.
  • Educated audience that loves this art and supports it with their purchases. 
  • Artists that demonstrate or offer hands-on projects get additional space at no charge. 
  • A narrow focus on work created with minerals and heat attracts an audience specifically looking to purchase these items.
Our artists tell us it is a pleasure having customers who understand their work and techniques. Drive up to unload, convenient artist parking. 

Intentional events for extraordinary results:

Presented by the Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce with the assistance of Mark Loeb and Integrity Shows.
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9981624083?profile=RESIZE_400xMay 6, 7, & 8
St. Louis, Missouri
Friday 6pm-10pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm
150 Artists
Deadline: January 10
Application fee: $45   Booth fee: $350-$600
More than 15,000 patrons attend this annual three-day outdoor event over Mother's Day weekend, featuring local food vendors, live music, and 150 juried artists from across the country exhibiting work in ten media categories: ceramics, fiber/textiles, glass, jewelry, mixed media 2D, painting, photography/digital, printmaking/drawing, sculpture, and wood.
St. Louis show
Laumeier Sculpture Park is one of the first and largest dedicated sculpture parks in the country. Laumeier is an internationally recognized, nonprofit arts organization that is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and operates in partnership with St. Louis County Parks. Laumeier presents 70+ works of large-scale outdoor sculpture in a 105-acre park located in St. Louis County. Free and open daily, Laumeier serves 300,000 visitors of all ages each year through sculpture conservation, education programs, temporary exhibitions, and public events.

  • All sales proceeds
  • Average $6,500 in sales (based on past participating artist surveys)
  • On-site Artist Hospitality Tent and Artist Relations team during ALL hours of the Art Fair
  • Booth sitters available during ALL hours of the Art Fair
  • Continental breakfast provided (Saturday & Sunday at 8:00 a.m.)
  • 24-hour on-site security
  • Indoor public restrooms available
  • Electricity included
  • Event widely advertised in the greater St. Louis region
  • Listing in printed event program (7,500 printed and distributed)
  • Listing on Laumeier's website
  • Potential on-site media opportunities
  • Early set-up available (Thursday, May 5 at 12:00 p.m.)
  • Discounted rates at nearby hotels
  • Patron art pick-up services
Engaging the community through art and nature.
More info:
Contact: Nicole Orlando
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Larry Berman's Zoom Meeting - Today (Tuesday) at 4PM Eastern time

Art show artists, tell your friends and feel free to drop in.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 433 889 5789
Passcode: art-show

Anything art show related can be discussed.

Larry Berman

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Call for Artists: Amdur Productions 2022



Various Midwest Locations






Application Dates:
November 8, 2021 - 
February 1, 2022

Application fee:




May Shows

9978844276?profile=RESIZE_400x     May 14 & 15     Spring Bayshore Art Festival
                            Glendale, Wisconsin





May 21 & 22      Northbrook Art in the Park
                             Northbrook, Illinois










     May 28 & 29     Barrington Art Festival
                            Barrington, Illinois







June Shows


     June 4 & 5     Lincolnshire Art Festival
                         Lincolnshire, Illinois






     June 11 & 12     Brookfield Arts, Crafts, & Drafts
                             Brookfield, Wisconsin






     June 18 & 19          Gold Coast Art Fair
                                  Chicago, Illinois







  June 25 & 26           Valparaiso Art Festival
                                Valparaiso, Indiana






   June 25 & 26          Deer Park Art Show
                                Deer Park, Illinois







July Shows




     July 9 & 10           Whitefish Bay Art Fest 
                                Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin  









   July 15, 16, & 17          Millennium Art Festival
                                      Chicago, Illinois








     July 23 & 24              Glencoe Festival of Art
                                     Glencoe, Illinois







     July 30 & 31               Art at the Glen
                                      Glenview, Illinois






August Shows


     August 6 & 7                Wheaton Art Walk
                                        Wheaton, Illinois







     August 13 & 14              Printer's Row Art Fest
                                         Chicago, Illinois








     August 19, 20 & 21          Evanston Art Fest
                                           Evanston, Illinois





                   August 27 & 28                 Port Clinton Art Festival
                                                          Highland Park, Illinois




September Shows






     September 3 & 4                 Third Ward Art Festival
                                               Milwaukee, Wisconsin







     September 10 & 11               Art on the Fox
                                                Algonquin, Illinois









     September 17 & 18                Fall Bayshore Art Festival
                                                 Glendale, Wisconsin





     September 24 & 25                Burr Ridge Art Fair
                                                 Burr Ridge, Illinois









More info:

Contact: Caitlin Pfleger



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Naples Art Fest, Thanksgiving weekend 2021

My first blog in 2022.

This happened last November, it did not go well for most.

A little background.

This was a show produced by Howard Alan Events in conjunction with the United Arts Council.

Howard first produced the same kind of show in the same location last January,2021.

It was a first time show and it was very successful, everybody made mucho moola.

Knowing that, I was eager to try his first time Thanksgiving show at the same location.

The show is held in downtown Naples in the Design district9976047662?profile=RESIZE_710x adjacent to 5th Avenue.

The show is held on paved streets next to Route 41 and also on street with Condos behind booths.  It is a beautiful location.

It had a late Friday afternoon setup, so no getting up at 3 am.

As always, Howard does a great advertising campaign. He has strong show managers taking care of the artist's needs.

There were more than140 booths, everybody has rear storage. All the artists had fantastic work.  There were no buy sell there.

We were ready to make mucho moola come Saturday morn.

The trouble was, not many people came. Sales were spotty for most.

As always there were exceptions, people with big work making big sales. But they were a small number compared to the rest of us.

At the end of Saturday I had not even topped 1K in sales.  I was not alone.

As usual, early Sunday morn,I walked the show talking to fellow artists, getting a feel for how they had done.  Not many were happy, but we were hopeful that Sunday we could turn it around.

Alas, Sunday was just like Saturday. Slim crowd, slim sales.

Here is my take on it.

Cannot blame Howard, he did a superb job, as always, Elaine and the rest of the crew took good care of us.

But, historicaly, Thanksgiving weekend has never been good for sales.

In my 46 years of doing shows, I have tried Naples Thanksgiving weekend shows with at least four promoters.  They all ended up being stinkers.

Here is the reason.  It is too early in the season.

Most Snowbirds have not arrived yet.  The year round locals see shows there all year long.

Most do not buy much anymore.

It is as simple as that.

Come January thru March, the buyers are there, people make serious money, but not in November.

Sorry, Howard, you best let this turkey stay in the oven, stick to the January one.

Just saying.  Anybody got a comment to add, please do it.

I have a super winter spring schedule with dynamite shows like Vero, Winter Park, Mainsail, Ft. Myers, Images, Bonita Springs and Artisphere.

I will blog them all.

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9928534859?profile=RESIZE_400xMay 20, 21, & 22
Reston, Virginia
Presented in Reston Town Center
by Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art
Daily 11am-6pm - rain or shine
200 Artists
Deadline: December 27
Application fee: $55
Late applications accepted through January 3, $60
Booth fee: $525 for standard 10' x 10'
Now in its 31st year, the Tephra Fine Arts Festival (formerly Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival) has a long-standing reputation for showcasing high quality, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind artwork in a dynamic outdoor setting. Drawing upon a robust exhibitor and collector base coupled with Tephra ICA’s contemporary foundation, the Festival has become one of the region’s most anticipated events, attracting over 20,000 people annually to the unique, outdoor environment of Reston Town Center. The Festival is comprised of one-on-one experiences, performances, and special events that engage visitors with compelling artistic voices — leaving an exciting, thoughtful mark in the region.
New Name, Same Great Festival—In 2021, Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE), the producer of the Festival for the last 30 years, officially rebranded and re-introduced the organization as Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art (Tephra ICA). In line with this rebrand, the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival is now the Tephra Fine Arts Festival.
The word “tephra” – matter ejected from geothermal eruptions that lands upon, nourishes, and changes the surrounding environment—emphasizes the institution’s belief in the combustibility of creativity and the generation of ideas and growth that the arts can provide.
Artists are the core of the Tephra Fine Arts Festival.
In appreciation of the time, effort, and money invested by participating artists,
Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art works hard to provide an excellent 9928737496?profile=RESIZE_400xexperience for artists throughout the festival.

2021 Festival documentation featuring work
by Julio Garcia. Photo credit: Craig Lawrence
The Festival has great amenities!
• Prior day set-up and convenient load-in and load-out
• FREE parking Thursday–Sunday in on-site garages for passenger vehicles
• Reduced hotel room rates for the Hyatt Regency Hotel on-site and Sheraton Reston off-site
• 24/7 site security
• Complimentary bottled water and portable snack options available daily
• Ample artist support with modified booth-sitting options
• Convenient and profitable selling hours for the Festival period (updated this year in response to artist feedback)
• Complimentary tickets to the Festival Cocktail Hour for artists and a guest, including hors d'oeuvres and beverages
• Electronic program with accompanying artwork images, artist booth numbers, and contact information
• Year-round artist promotion on the Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art website
• $5,000 in cash awards
Art collectors know our Festival and mark their calendars early for our marquee event. Art enthusiast Margaret says: "Every year I have a list of events I very much look forward to and must repeat...The quality and diversity of the art is excellent and always interesting... “
Local collectors Bob & Bonnie said "We love to purchase artwork from the amazing artists at the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival. These works add vibrancy and interest to our home, while helping support the arts and artists who create them. Over the years we have collected over 20 pieces of art at this event and made many connections with artists we now call "friends." It is one of the best venues for art in the Mid-Atlantic, and also a highly anticipated event for the community and the metropolitan Washington, DC, area."
2019 exhibitor “I was impressed with the quality of the show and even more impressed with how the organization involved, embraced, and enhanced the community.”
Don’t miss your opportunity to be here!
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Call for Artists: Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival

9963032093?profile=RESIZE_400xMay 6, 7, & 8
Ridgeland, Mississippi
Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival
Renaissance at Colony Park
Friday 5pm-7:30pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, & Sunday 11am-5pm
100 Artists
Deadline: January 9
Application fee: $30 Booth fee: $350
The Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival presents artists and their work against the splendid setting of Renaissance at Colony Park (, a regional lifestyle center renowned for its shopping, dining and entertainment experiences as well as for its graceful, Old-World architecture. The City of Ridgeland has grown from a quiet suburb of Jackson, the state capital, to a vibrant hub for the arts and a premier retail and dining venue.
The Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival is the centerpiece of Ridgeland’s signature festival, Art, Wine & Wheels (, which also includes the Santé South Wine Festival, an international showcase of the world’s premier wines and some of Mississippi’s most succulent culinary delights and the Natchez Trace Century Ride, a recreational bicycle ride with 1,000 riders on the historic Natchez Trace.
The show was recently awarded the Southeast Tourism Society's Top 20 Events Champion award and recognized by AAA's "Southern Traveler" magazine as a Southern Travel Treasure.
The timing of our festival works well for routing with other Southern spring shows.
• Easy, convenient and leisurely load in and load out
• Free, convenient artist parking
• Free van and RV parking close to the festival
• Affordable $350 booth fee
• Your name, medium, city, state, one image and a link to your website included on our website
• Wi-Fi available throughout festival
• Complimentary box lunch delivered to your booth on Saturday
• Complimentary festival t-shirt (one per booth)
• Special show rates at our on-site host hotel, Hyatt Place Jackson/Ridgeland
• 24-hour security
• Booth sitters
• $7,000 Cash Awards
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Call for Artists: Art in the Loop - Last Call!

9962987270?profile=RESIZE_400xApril 29 - May 1
Memphis, Tennessee
Ridgeway Loop Road

Friday 1pm-6pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, & Sunday 11am-4pm
80 Artists
Deadline: January 5

Application fee: $25 Early Bird   Booth fee: $325
Art in The Loop is staged OUTDOORS in east Memphis, near Poplar Avenue & I-240, on Ridgeway Loop Road. This unique site is situated in between 1.5 million square feet of high-level offices and one of Memphis' most exclusive residential areas (the founders of FedEx & AutoZone live right around the corner).  In addition to offices, the area boasts several hotels (including the Memphis Hilton) and a 4-screen Cinema dedicated to films attractive to the over-45 audiences; there are also two Mega-Churches in view of our festival site, which bring additional traffic on Sunday.  Our Sponsors include: WKNO TV & FM, the local PBS & NPR Affiliates & Memphis Magazine.
Memphis show
  • Exhibition is on an asphalt road with easy load-in (drive up to space).
  • Once again, to accommodate any lingering covid concerns, all booths will be open on 3 sides, with 10' between.
  • Admission is free.
  • Food trucks & bar are onsite and integrated with artists' displays.
  • We do not seek to attract the largest crowds, only those who might buy art.
  • Artists' sales are the focus of our event.

"Loyalty All Around." As an artist and a seller, I've never felt so welcome at a show. The thoughtful planning and accommodation for sellers is evident. Greg is also a canny networker who brings in smart customers, ready to buy, who become loyal collectors. Loyalty all around is what makes these shows something to look forward to, for everyone involved.
- Chris Armstrong, Felt Artist, Nashville TN

Artworks Foundation's shows are always of the highest caliber and attract a sophisticated demographic; they enjoy shopping for high-quality fine craft. The juried artists can hope for strong sales from a buying public. During the pandemic, the director has gone out of his way to provide plenty of social distancing, sanitation stations, masks and signage to keep everyone safe and healthy.
- Thomas Spake, Glass Blower, Chattanooga TN


More info:
Contact: Greg Belz
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Changing times, the end of an era—Aloha! Connie

9900088454?profile=RESIZE_710xI first met Connie Mettler and her husband, photographer Norm Darwish when I was in my Penguin and Flamingo phase.  This was the early eighties.

I was doing a lot of shooting in Key West.  There was a famous emporium there called Fastbuck Freddys. That is were I met the Penguins.  I bought four life size 

plastic ones.  Being a Nordic kind of guy, I named them Sven, Ben, Ken and Len.

I took my tribe everywhere and set them up in front of Niagara Falls, Sloppy Joes, Miami Beach, the Deco district. 
With silly putty I attached small plastic flamingos on them, sometimes had them hanging off their beaks. I made lots of clever images and some actually sold.

Then I had a great idea.  At the art shows I would sometimes "Penguin" one of my favorite artist' booth.  I loved hiding in the shadows early in the morn and watching their expressions when they discovered I had "Penguined" them.

Got a little rep for this over the circuit.

So, I was doing the Crosby Gardens show in Toledo, about 1985.

I had seen Norm at many shows, he always did well. But he was not an easy man to get to know. I always smiled big time at Connie, she was a beauty.

So I got inspired and decided to "Penguin" Norm's booth early Sunday morning.

He showed up and saw them and he was very annoyed. 
Well, I humbly gathered up my tribe and quietly slunk away.  I noticed Connie smiling.  She was amused.

Thus started my long association with Connie and Norm.  He would put up with about three sentences from me and then tune me out.  We were not going to be best buds.

But Connie always smiled.

Years later Norm retired from the biz and passed away.

Connie was on her own and needed some way to make income.

She started ArtfairInsiders.

I was an early convert.

It was a forum where I could blog about the shows I did.

People followed my posts religiously and often commented their opinions back at me.

Soon found out I had a real flair for this, and I loved writing.

God bless Martha Pence, my eighth grade English teacher at Southside Junior High in St. Petersburg.  She taught me well.  I can still remember how to diagram a sentence.

Connie encouraged me to write as often as I wanted.  And she rarely edited any of my prose.

With her retiring, I feel I have lost my muse.

But, I still have plenty to say and I will keep on, I am only 76.

Not ready to retire.

The Penguins still remember Connie. They would chirp at me, asking, "Hey did you get a great smile from that blonde?" I would smile back--and then we all would eat sushi.

Aloha, Connie, keep on smiling.

PS.  Sven and Ben are in the photo with Buzz the Wonderdog, circa the eighties.

Len and Ken booked off to Sweden with Ursula Andress for cheap sushi.

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