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Call for Artists: 4 Bridges Art Festival

ChattanoogaApril 8, 9, & 10
Chattanooga, Tennessee
First Horizon Pavillion
Friday Preview Party 6pm-10pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm
145 Artists
Deadline: October 31

Application fee: $40   
Booth fee: $500-$1100
An essential part of Chattanooga's creative capital, 4 Bridges Arts Festival (4BAF) will return to downtown Chattanooga April 8-10, 2022. The 4 Bridges Arts Festival has cultivated and inspired an appreciation for the visual arts by creating opportunities for exchange between working artists and the public. The highly-anticipated 4BAF is a juried art show that attracts visual artists from across the country was ranked in the top 20 fine art festivals in country in 2019. 
Chattanooga show
First Horizon Pavillion is a grand covered pavilion (a former industrial foundry) in historic downtown Chattanooga. The pavillion is ppen air on the sides with a roof and concrete floor; and indoor restrooms provide comfort for artists and visitors. It is located on the historic southside of Chattanooga, a former industrial area that is now home to hotels, restaurants, and quickly-growing neighborhoods.
Chattanooga show 2The festival showcases the distinctive talents of over 140 artists and offers $20,000+ in cash awards. The festival weekend also includes live music throughout each day, and food from an array of local food trucks.

The 2022 Preview Party is Friday, April 8, 6-10 pm. Artists must attend and have their booths open for the Preview Party celebration.
More info:
Contact: Sarah Moore
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This show used to be put on by local artists but has more recently been administered by the SAACA group that does other shows in Tucson. Patagonia is a great place to visit this time of year (Oct) as the weather has turned to cool nights and warm days. The location of the park in the middle of town was a great place for a show. Total number of "vendors" for this show was reduced as a COVID precaution so most booths were well spaced with about half having a large space behind for storage. There was buy/sell evident at this show and, in fact, multiple "media" in several booths. The range of quality was wide from "hand-painted" sun glasses to fine art and hand made silver jewelry of high quality. There was ample accommodation for those that had trailers to park near the show. There are limited hotel accommodations nearby and several BnB type accommodations can be had, otherwise you'd have to stay in Nogales! (20 miles away). There was a steady stream of people who came to see the show but limited buying energy on higher end items. There are a lot of people who come to this area in the fall for bird watching activities or those with second homes that "fly" south for the winter themselves. This was a typical Arizona crowd, Snow Bird older couples in the AM and mid age and younger later in the day. Booth fees are reasonable. There were plenty of snacks and water brought around by show personnel a couple times during the day. This is not a show I would do again as it was way too far to travel with a limited return. Maybe in Sedona, the same weekend, I might have fared better. If I lived in the Tucson area I might do it again as Patagonia is a nice place to visit!

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Larry Berman's Zoom Meeting Tuesday 4:00PM

Tuesday October 12th, 4:00 PM Eastern Time
Larry Berman's Zoom Meeting - Tuesdays at 4PM
Same day and time each week to give artists that are doing shows a chance to get home and relax. 
Art show artists, feel free to drop in.
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 433 889 5789
Passcode: art-show
Anything art show related can be discussed and booth pictures can be critiqued if you want. If you have a booth picture to post, please e-mail it to me in advance so I can share it during the meeting.
Larry Berman
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Cheesman Park Art Fest 2021 version

This is the 8th year for this show. I had done the show in its inaugural year and this is the first time I've been invited back. The show was another in a long line of shows pushed back from their customary date (July) to later in the year (Oct) as a result of COVID. Did people turn out? Yes, a steady stream of people flowed through the show nearly all day Sat and Sun. This show seemed to have a greater representation of the younger crowd 30 - 40ish with baby strollers and one or more babies in them, as-well-as lots of dogs! There were a fair amount of the older demographic as well. The show was held in Denver's Cheesman Park which was a great location for a show and the Oct weather was perfect. Liz Gore King (of the Rio Grande Balloon Fiesta Show dynasty) did an excellent job of organizing this show ad banners were evident on the street which may have captured some passing traffic. Amenities included only water and morning coffee. Artists parked at an off-site location and were shuttled to the show. I'm always concerned that I'll be left behind or too late for the shuttle but hours for the shuttle were ample and they were always there! Most booths located in the park had ample storage behind and booths were laid out in such a way that there was little congestion for the crowd. Several food trucks were there which is a good way to keep the crowd in attendance! Although there were lots of people at the show sales for me were off from the first time I participated and were slow in coming. 

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Well I did the Plaza two weeks ago, it is always on the last weekend in Sept.

This has always been one of my biggies.  I only get in once in seven years.

In 1999, this was the best art show I had ever done. Made thousands.

It still is a major show for most artists.  It is hard to get in, you compete against the best in the circuit.

For me the sheen has fallen off it, for reasons I will explain.

One and most important, this has turned into a giant drinkfest with lots of loud music which gets in the way of talking to customers.

This used to be about great show for selling originaL art. Now, we are secondary to booze and music.

Show starts at 5pm on Friday with a morning setup.  Goes til 10pm, on Saturday, 10am to 10 pm. Sunday, 11am to 5pm.

They gave us 12 foot square spaces, so your rear neighbor is two foot behind, close quarters. 
They gave us one hour to unload and start to setup. Then go park and come back.

We bucked 20 mph winds setting up. The temps were in the 70's the first two days, then on Sunday it jumped to 92 degrees.

Just our luck, on Sunday, the NFL team had a home game starting at noon.

We had about one third the crowd of Saturday.

Friday night I mostly sold Lowend, did not clear $1500.

Saturday, was my big day. Made sales all day, but none were over $175. I also saw very few big pieces go by. Most customers had two fishbowl size cocktails in each hand. Not a lot of room for art.
Customers were mostly on the young size. Adorned in fancy shoes and outfitted with expensive satchels.

The crowd was polite and attentive.  They appreciated the great art that was there.

A glass blower behind me was wrapping big pieces all show long.  Winner,winner, chicken dinner.

Most people around me sold steadily. One great photographer I know, set a personal record record on Saturday. He was heading for the islands afterwards.  Golden margaritas coming!

This is still a great show, but it is no longer in my top five.

This was my last time here. The setup is too hard on me. Four and half hour setups, no good.

Also this is a hard eleven hour drive.  I am done with this.

For you newbies, aspire for the show, and make lots of moola.

Heading home to Florida tomorrow.  Canceled my two shows for October.

So I  guess I did pretty good in Kansa City.


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For sale are two Flourish Black Softwalls that includes the StaBars for a Pop-up Tent with Square Legs. Also includes carrying bag. These were only used twice, so they are in like-new condition (no stains, rips, tears, etc) and includes all parts for use. I had purchased them for a second booth but am no longer using. My setup was to leave the back open, and put the two walls on the sides of the tent.

These two panels are $600 new, plus $45 for carrying bag, asking $475.

I am located in the Detroit area, anyone in Michigan/Ohio/Chicago area have option to pick up. If you are looking to have them shipped, message me your mailing address and I can get a quote for you.

Any questions please comment below or message me. Thanks!

Alanna St Laurent



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Roughly one billion people use Instagram every month, making it one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. But in an age of fast-paced trends, ten-second videos, and virtual realities, it can be hard to see where tangible works of art can fit in.

Your art has the potential to disrupt the noise of social media and connect with people in unique ways. ACT Insurance has gathered their top 10 tips for small business creatives to reach new customers and grow their presence on Instagram.


1. Set Up A Business Account

Before you can start conquering the Instagram algorithm, you will need to make sure you are set up with a business account. This helps you have access to certain insights and analytics a normal account would not offer, as well as access to the paid ads feature. 

Once your account is set up, you will want to make sure your name matches your business name. You can set your profile photo as your logo to make your page more recognizable. Be sure to have relevant information in your bio. Specify what you do, add some branded hashtags, put your location, and be sure to have a link to your website.


2. Build A Content Calendar

One of the trickiest parts of running a social media page for your business is figuring out what to post. Start by brainstorming a list of ideas, like tutorials, sneak peeks, product photos, quotes relevant to your brand, photos of you at events, customer reviews, and more. You will then want to organize your content ideas into a calendar.

Having a schedule helps you know what content you need to prepare for your upcoming posts. Try mixing up the types of posts you are doing. Do a video one day, a product photo the next, then a quote, and so on. This helps break up your content to keep your audience engaged. You can have fun with your feed by designing a personal brand—like making a pattern with colors or content type to give your page a unique feel.


3. Research Hashtags

Having relevant hashtags in your posts is key to getting recognized by new customers. You know your target audience best, so you know what other interests they may have that could lead them to see your posts. Capitalize on those categories through hashtags.

To help you tag your posts quicker, you can keep a list of relevant hashtags on hand. These tags can be for daily post types, like #StudioSunday or #FeatureFriday; community based tags, like #CreativesOfInstagram or #NationalArtistsSociety; and tags for specific events you are attending. You can make your hashtags a focal point in your caption, or hide them in the comments section. 


4.Use A Scheduling Tool

Running your Instagram page can take a lot of work. You may not be able to set aside time every day to post—after all, your main focus is going to be on creating your products. This is where a scheduling tool, like Hootsuite or Planoly, can come in handy. We recommend using Later for all of the features offered and ease of use. 

Take some time every few weeks to plan out an upcoming series of content, spanning as far in advance as you can manage. Once you have your images and captions ready, upload them into these platforms and schedule them to be automatically posted for you. Look at your page’s analytics to see what time your followers are most likely to be online. This will be the most ideal time to post so you can maximize your engagement.


5. Create Video Content With Reels

In a recent announcement, Instagram said the platform would be shifting to becoming a video platform. What does this mean for you? Now is the time to get into creating video content for your page. Reels, Stories, in-feed videos, IGTV, and Live videos should be a huge area of focus for you. 

Reels is the newest, and arguably the most popular, video content on Instagram. You can create a Reel directly in the app, or shoot, edit, and upload in another platform and upload the finished product to Reels. You can turn an old Story you save into a Reel, demonstrate a tutorial, film a timelapse of you creating a piece, and more.


6. Add Alt Tags To Posts

Something often overlooked when uploading a post is the alt text. This is a small descriptive paragraph that explains what the photo is so reading devices can recite it to the visually imparied. Not only does this help your posts be more accessible, Instagram reads this information to make them more searchable.

You can also make your posts more discoverable by adding the location of the photo. If someone searches a specific location, your post can appear in the list of tagged images, broadening your reach. 


7. Go Live With Other Creatives

Do you have any friends or acquaintances who are creatives? Plan to go Live together on Instagram. By going Live with other creatives, you can reach a broader audience and tap into their followers as potential customers. This is a great opportunity to host a virtual class or tutorial, and share some of your products.

You can promote your Live in the days leading up to it with a post on your page and daily posts on your Stories. You can even add a countdown sticker to your Stories where users can “subscribe” to it and be notified when the countdown ends. After the Live, you can save it to your page as an IGTV post so others can watch it later on. Plan to go Live based on when your analytics tell you most of your followers are active to reach the most users possible.


8. Make Interactive Stories

One of the best ways to connect with your followers daily is to post on Instagram Stories. It can be hard to come up with perfectly curated daily posts or feel like you are always trying to sell to your followers. Stories allow you to take a more personal and relatable approach to your content.

Give viewers a behind the scenes look into your everyday life as an artist. Try using some of the interactive stickers, like polls or submission boxes, to better interact with viewers. If you ever highlight a unique event or experience, or do a series of Q&A’s in your Stories, you can keep this content on your page with Highlights.


9. Start Conversations On Posts

Getting comments on a post is a good indicator that your followers like your content. It also helps to push your post out to more users. By engaging with the comments on your post, you are fostering valuable relationships with your followers and inviting new users to participate and follow your page. 

To help increase your engagement with comments, you can try asking questions in your captions, or share a compelling story that invites readers to chime in. Do your best to reply to comments, even the negative ones. This shows you care about your followers and your business. If you don’t get many comments, you can try commenting on other artist’s posts or your follower’s posts. 


10. Promote Your Work

It can sometimes be frustrating to grow your Instagram following organically. It is not always easy to get sales on social media. If you feel like you need some help getting your content seen, you can try boosting your posts or buying ad space on Instagram.

Advertising on Instagram allows you to pick your budget, timeline, placement, content, audience, and more. You can boost an existing post for a small fee you choose to get onto new users' newsfeeds. You might want to build an ad for your website that pops up in Stories. You can even utilize the shopping feature on posts so viewers can buy directly from a post. Don’t be afraid to give your content a little extra boost to get discovered.


Protect Yourself When Selling Online

Trying to manage a social media presence for your business is a lot of work—it can be easy to overlook the risks that come with online selling. Afterall, your main focus should be on running your business and not on insurance claims. With ACT Insurance, you can be confident in your coverage and continue doing what you love, worry-free. 

We hope these 10 tips help you grow your business on Instagram. Do you have a tip or trick for running your social media? Share it with us in the comments below!

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EvanstonNovember 20 - December 20
Evanston, Illinois
Evanston Art Center
Monday - Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am-4pm
140 Artists
Deadline: October 4
Application fee: $35   Booth fee: 0
The Evanston Art Center's Winter Arts & Craft Expo is one of the largest and most celebrated shows in the Chicago area. The Center is located at 1717 Central Street, a lively historic neighborhood north of Chicago. The Art Center is surrounded by wonderful restaurants and shops.
dfdb9a13-e2c7-4428-8cec-4d0f04646d99.jpgEVanston booth 2
The Evanston Art Center has open gallery space available for this event. The Expo is a group show, and as such, there are no booth spaces. Each artist's inventory will be identified and displayed on an approximately 20x30 inches tabletop space or the equivalent area on the wall or floor. Extra inventory for each artist will be stored and then displayed as merchandise is sold. The Expo staff will make all decisions regarding placement and display.

EvanstonSince this is not a booth show, artists are not required to be present. However, we have found that the artists who are present during the show contribute greatly to the professional atmosphere of the galleries and increase the sales of their own work. We encourage each participating artist (who lives in the area) to volunteer three, 3-hour shifts during the show.

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What Happened at Long's Park, 2021

This show review was recently uploaded to our sister website I'm copying most of it here because it is an excellent example of the kind of review every show director hopes to see about their event, an aspirational review. Do you agree? 

9587288298?profile=RESIZE_400xLong's Park Art Festival, Lancaster, PA, Sept. 3-5, 2021

Medium: 2D mixed media
Year you most recently exhibited at this Show: 2020
Number of Years You have Exhibited in this Show: * 2-3 times
Number of Years You have been doing Art Fairs overall: Forever...
Attendance: (1 is poor, 5 is great) - 5 (great) Location: 5 (great) Facilities: 5 (great) Ease of Participating: 5 (great) Sales: 4 Overall: 5 (great) Booth Fee vs. Your Sales Ratio: Good

Good Things about this Art Fair: The people who run this show are so efficient and pleasant to deal with, it's unbelievable. They advertise widely and it pays off, the park is always crowded. The set up is incredibly easy, you have all day if you need it. The have 'ambassadors' that will booth sit and they check on you regularly. They also provide breakfast meals and a dinner, what more can you ask? What could this Art Fair have done better?: They could make the entrance from the highway a little more obvious, you can easily drive by when there is traffic, but it's easy to turn around, not a big deal really.

Advice to Other Artists Considering this Show: I would highly recommend this show. They can't provide sales, that's up to you but they certainly provide everything else.


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La Quinta 2022March 3 - 6
La Quinta, California
La Quinta Civic Center campus

Thursday through Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm
200 Artists
Extended Deadline: November 19
Application fee: $50   Booth fee: $350-$1000
The La Quinta Art Celebration is hosted by the City of La Quinta lakeside at the Civic Center Campus in the heart of the village. Surrounded by charming restaurants, Old Town La Quinta and wealthy gated communities make this 10-acre park an ideal location for a fine art festival. The Civic Center has been called "the most beautiful event location in the entire country." The stunning Coachella Valley venue, enthusiastic patrons, best-in-class artists, unsurpassed community support, and event staff who are committed to providing a VIP artist experience - these are just a few of the exceptional allures of the La Quinta Art Celebration.
La Quinta 2020
La Quinta Art Celebration art enthusiasts are from the affluent Coachella Valley, patrons from elite California coastal communities, and snowbirds who return to the Valley each year, doubling the population throughout the winter months. The target patron demographic includes thousands of polo and tennis fans who arrive for the BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament in time for La Quinta Art Celebration. A significant marketing budget is allotted to reach present and potential art patrons. We strive to curate the right mix of attendees who are true art collectors.

La Quinta showInvited Artists Receive:
  • Daily continental breakfast, a deluxe boxed lunch, snacks throughout the day, and unlimited bottled water
  • Volunteer golf-cart drivers for load-in (they are not able to lift or carry your art and supplies)
  • Labor available for hire to physically help with load in and out
  • Volunteer Booth Sitters
  • Artist Helpline available 24/7
  • Artist Award Reception with gourmet appetizers, premium wine and beer; artist assistants attend for free
  • 24-hour on-site private security
  • Artist information included in the official event program and on the event Website
  • Opportunity to purchase low-cost ads in the event program
  • Knowledgeable, attentive, and helpful staff
  • An atmosphere of appreciation, kindness, and Celebration that make the show truly unique.
Artist Awards
Best of Show, Best of Category winners will receive an invitation to exhibit the following year at La Quinta Signature Art Celebration 2023. Award of Merit winners will receive a ribbon and acknowledgement at 2022 event.
For more info:
Contact: Kathleen Hughes
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Call for Artists: Artfest in the Pines

9658029885?profile=RESIZE_400xNovember 6 & 7
Pembroke Pines, Florida
Charles F. Dodge City Center

100 Artists
Deadline: October 17

Application fee: $30 Early Bird/$40 Regular
Booth fee: $150-$250 Early Bird/$200-$350 Regular
This outdoor event is located at the Charles F. Dodge City Center in the heart of Pembroke Pines, the second-largest city in Broward County. It is nestled between Mediterranean style residences, casual-chic and family-style restaurants featuring international cuisine, and numerous name-brand stores and shopping malls.
Artists will be judged for Best in Show and Best in Category competition, with the opportunity to win upwards to $4,850 in cash prizes! Additionally, these winners are automatically invited to participate in next year's festival.
Artist Amenities
  • V.I.P. artist hospitality area
  • Ample storage behind booth
  • Free artist awards dinner (RSVP required)
  • Free day & overnight parking
  • Around the clock security
We invite you to embrace the art of life in south Florida's happiest city!
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Call for Artists: Artisphere

ArtisphereMay 6, 7 & 8
Greenville, South Carolina
Main Street - Downtown

Friday Noon-8pm, Saturday 10am-8pm,
& Sunday 11am-6pm
135 Artists
Deadline: October 8
Application fee: $35   Booth fee: $450
The New York Times called Greenville "a national model for a pedestrian-friendly city center." Greenville has focused on creating a vibrant downtown that is authentic, sustainable and most importantly, for people. With wide sidewalks, outdoor plazas and streetside dining, downtown Greenville offers a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere that has been compared to that of a European city.

Established in 2005, Artisphere is a signature event on Greenville's busy cultural calendar that draws both locals and art buying tourists to Greenville's dynamic downtown. Artisphere has been ranked a TOP 10 Fine Art and Fine Craft festival by the Art Fair Sourcebook and #3 out of 20 finalists in USA Today's Reader's Choice Award for Best Art Festival. Additionally, the festival is recognized annually as a Top 20 Event in the Southeast by the Southeast Tourism Society.
GreenvilleRenowned artist hospitality includes: 
  • Convenient set-up and load-out
  • Parking, security
  • Reduced hotel rates
  • Volunteer booth sitters and complimentary meals

More info:
Contact: Robin Aiken (864) 915-8732
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Call for Artists: Embracing Our Differences

SarasotaJanuary 9 - April 10
Sarasota, Florida
Bayfront Park
50 Artists
Deadline: October 6
Appication & booth fees: 0

The centerpiece of Embracing Our Differences is an outdoor juried art exhibit featuring 50 billboard size images created by local, national and international artists and writers. The display reflects the artists' interpretations of the theme "enriching lives through diversity." The exhibit will be displayed at Bayfront Park in downtown Sarasota. The winning artworks combine a deep understanding of both medium and message.
Sarasota show

Awards are given for "Best-in-Show Adult," "Best-in-Show Student," and "People's Choice" categories, with the last chosen by visitors to the exhibit. Adult winners each receive $1,000; students receive $1,000 with $500 to be directed to the student and $500 to their school's art program, if they worked under the direction of an educator.

Through the transformative power of the arts,
we educate and inspire to create a better world.
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Call for Artists: Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival

Winter ParkMarch 18, 19, & 20
Winter Park, Florida
Downtown Winter Park
Friday & Saturday 9am-6pm & Sunday 9am-5pm
213 Artists
Deadline: September 26
Application fee: $45  Booth fee: $500
The 63rd Annual Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival is one of the nation's oldest, largest, and most prestigious juried fine art festivals. It's also one of the nation's most profitable for artists, positioned at #3 in Art Fair SourceBook's 2020 festival rankings and #6 in Sunshine Artist's Top 200 from 2010-202, a 10-year ranking of the nation's most profitable art shows. In ArtFairCalendar's ranking of Best Art Fairs, we rank #6 in America and #1 in the South. 
Winter Park street
The Festival debuted in March 1960 as a community project and is still produced today by an all-volunteer board that puts an emphasis on meeting the needs of the artists. 
Set in a beautiful, historic downtown setting, the festival draws approximately 300,000 art-loving visitors. Over 1000 fine artists from around the world apply yearly to this highly competitive and very popular show. An independent panel of three judges will select the 210 fine artists and three emerging artists invited to exhibit their works. 
One of Central Florida's largest annual outdoor events, the Festival also features a wide variety of entertainment on the stage in Central Park, food and beverage to please the whole family, a popular juried exhibit of student art from central Florida schools, and interactive art activities for the kids.
Winter Park show

● Artists' Hospitality Center with refreshments -
open daily from 7am-4 pm
● Limited free artists' parking near the Park
● Artist Housing Program
● Booth sitting staffed by volunteers available on call
● Artist Care Team - several times day
● Saturday Night Artists' Party (Dinner & Awards Presentation)
● Art Festival Magazine (distributed at event featuring participating artists gallery)
● Artists' Gallery on website
● Security patrol after hours
● Extensive media promotions throughout Central Florida leading up to and during
the Festival
● Artists retain all sales proceeds

● Best of Show: Purchase Award, $12,000
● Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation Art of Philanthropy: Purchase Award, $5,000
● Morse Museum Award for Distinguished Work of Art: $2,500
● Ten Awards of Excellence: $2,000 each
● Twenty Awards of Distinction: $1,000 each
● Thirty Awards of Merit: $500 each
● In addition, Patron Program purchases are estimated to exceed $80,000 this year

We listened to the feedback from our 2021 Artist Survey and have scaled back the number of artists in order to have more space between the artists' booths. To make more space we have moved our traditional Friday Night Concert to the Saturday before the festival, making this concert an event to kick-off the art festival week. There will still be live entertainment during the festival, but it will take up less space, and the artists will appreciate our emphasis on easy listening music.


More info:
Contact: Zapp Committee

The festival is concerned about the health and safety of the artists, the community, 
and all who are involved with the festival, and 
will continue
to follow the CDC and government guidelines that are provided at the time of the show.
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Call for Artists: ArtiGras Fine Art Festival

Palm Beach GardensFebruary 19 & 20
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Gardens North County District Park
Saturday 10am-6pm & Sunday 10am-5pm
300 Artists
Deadline: September 25

Application fee: $40.25   Booth fee: $589-$1293
The Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce invites you to apply to be an exhibitor at the 37th annual ArtiGras Presented by the Hanley Foundation, a two-day ticketed outdoor fine arts festival over Presidents' Day weekend, which attracts tens of thousands of art lovers and collectors. ArtiGras showcases a juried exhibition of gallery-quality art and offers a unique opportunity for visitors to interact with and purchase directly from the artists. 
Patrons are residents of Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast, along with tourists from around the country visiting during peak season. ArtiGras also attracts top interior designers looking for that special piece for their clients. ArtiGras benefits local charities and utilizes more than 1000 volunteers. Our event location, in Palm Beach Gardens, is a thriving family-friendly community close to local restaurants, retail and the baseball spring training facilites.  
ArtiGras was recently named one of the top 10 fine art festivals in the country and features 285 juried artists along with artist demonstrations, a Youth Art Competition, an ArtiKids children's interactive activity area and live entertainment.
The marketing and public relations efforts last year for ArtiGras had a total value of earned media of $540K with 148 million impressions. 
We want your time with us to be not only profitable but also enjoyable. Artists will receive via e-mail a list of select hotel, tent and equipment rental information.  
During the festival, the following amenities are offered to all artists:
  • Artists' Oasis: provides free water, coffee and snacks daily (Saturday and Sunday) 
  • A continental breakfast 
  • Booth sitters
  • Free and secure artist parking within the festival site
  • Golf cart assistance to and from customer art pick-up area
  • 24 hour security
Yerkes North Carolina
Best of Show: $3,000
First Place (one in each category): $1000
Total: $15,000.00

During ArtiGras, three judges will select 25 artists in the Fine Art Showcase and give out $15,000 worth of prizes and recognition awards. Judging will begin at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 19. Cash awards and ribbons will be presented on Sunday morning, February 20.

Designed specifically for artists who have no experience exhibiting and selling their artwork at all venues, or extremely minimal experience, if any. The application procedure is the same as the regular show; however, upon acceptance, emerging artists will pay a reduced booth fee.  Artists will be provided a 10'x10' tent with pro-panels and receive mentoring through the Arts Festival. Emerging artists are responsible for tables, chairs and additional display materials. Artists may only apply to the Emerging Artist Program or for the general show, but they may not apply to both.

Artists who are just beginning their careers in the art world are encouraged to apply. ArtiGras reserves the right to pre-screen and research emerging artists to make sure they are a fit for this category and that they do not have extensive experience exhibiting and selling their work.
More info:
Contact: Bianca Colon
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The Passing of my Wife, Mary Berman

It's with a heavy heart and much sadness I want to let my friends know that my wife Mary passed away Friday morning peacefully in her sleep. She had been dealing with chronic pain for years and she's finally at rest. We would have been married 34 years next month and loved each other very much, no less now than we did at the beginning of our relationship. We met while I was doing the Three Rivers Art Festival in Pittsburgh and it was love at first sight. I still remember her in the long purple dress she was wearing that day, sitting on the wall across from my booth by what was then the Hilton. She bought a small print from me in order to give me a check that had her phone number on it, hoping I would call her. As it turned out she had second thoughts and sent a girlfriend back with the print to retrieve her check. Because I was just as taken with her, I told her girlfriend she would have to come back in person for her check. We went out for the first time the next day and were married four months later.

9558906298?profile=RESIZE_400xLarry Berman


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Arts and Apples—Stinker for me, good for others

This is a tough blog to write.  I want to be fair and give an accurate account of the show.

For me, a veteran of 45 years of shows, this is my last time there.

Once upon a time this was the best show to do in Michigan.  Better than Ann Arbor.

Now it is way past those glory days.

When you allow handmade puppets 101 into your show along with another 100 sub-crafty booths it is time to say aloha.

I could not even do a thousand a day for three days, that is my minemum that I will put up with at a show. I do not care whether you are an artist or a crafter if you cannot do $1K a day, time to move on--your expenses and time are worth more than that.  Just saying.

OK. I will get off the soapbox and give a good report.  I always give a lot of super info that is really helpful to newbies, I give way more than you see in any blog out there.

Once upon a time in America there was a lovely early fall art festival held in a beautiful wooded city park with a magical running stream, replete with diving mallards.

People flooded the park by the thousands.  They rejoiced in the sounds of marching bands, mixed with lively stage dancers.  The smells of popcorn and smoking sausages wafted thru the air. OK there were lots of white tents there.  Some were full of paintings, others were covered with photos from all over the world.  You could find pottery in every color of the rainbow.  Some were filled with wonderful crafted wooden furniture, jewelry ran the gamut from bronze to precious jewels.

There were also tents filled with puzzles made out of wood.  There were handmade clothing items, crafty puppets.

The people flitted along like fireflies. They would quickly flit in and out, maybe give a shout, to the artist, "nice work!".  Then on to the next booth.

To me, they would chuckle, tell me that I had a great sense of humor, then move on.  No moola for Nels.

They called the show Arts and Apples.

It is held on the second week in September.  A three day show with setup the day before and the morning of the first show day.

It's held in Rochester,Michigan. A very affluent city north of Detroit. Oakland County.  Lots of moola here.

It is run by the Paint Center of Arts. It is a fundraiser for them.  They are going to get 300 booths in their show come hell or high water. They charge a very hefty booth fee (look it up on Zapp, you gotta do a little work for all the gold I give you).

Used to be, the 300 booths, were all great artists,It was an honor to be juried in.

Not that way now.

There were empty spaces all thru the show.  Who needs a waitlist.

Many artists made serious money here.

But many artists with outstanding work died here.

The crowd was not buying art.  They bought basic art 101. I know, there are exceptions.  A few great artists sold their work.  Notice I said, "a few."

I was pretty much ignored. Friday was a debacle.  Did $300.

Saturday the crowds were out in serious numbers, shoulder to shoulder.

Did not help me one bit.  Did not even come close to a thousand.

The judge came into my booth, took one look at an image, then whirled out right.  Some judge.

BTW. Besides doing shows for 45 years, I have been consistent in getting into at least three biggies in the biz every year.  These are always $10K plus.

I also do at least 20 other shows where you grind it out to make a living.

Also, this October, I turn 76.

The setup at shows takes a serious toll on your body as you age.  Trust me, I feel it.  Most shows, after setup, I take a hour nap to recoup.

OK.  Back to the show.

Here is my recommendation about whether you should do the show.

They buy basic, traditional, conservative items, mostly Lowend.  If you got that, then try it.

For me, it is aloha to this show.  Did my first art show by a waterfall in Hawaii in 1974.

If you want to see my work go to

OK.  Now a Tequila Report.

This is when I tell about finding an exceptional place to eat at.

I have written about this place in previous blogs, but this format is not setup that easy to find those previous blogs.  Plus, most of you would never take the time to search.

So enjoy this.

The restaurant I am going to write about, in my humble estimation after traveling the Midwest for more than 35 years, is one of the best deals ever anywhere.

It's called Luckys Prime Time Restaurant.  They are on Walton Road about one mile west of downtown Rochester. Use Googlemaps.

I have eaten here for more than six years. They are the berries.

You want a good filet.

How about four two ounce filets, cooked to temperature. With a salad or soup plus a loaf of bread. Then pick a side, like a baked potato or sweet potato, or sautéed spinach,or five other choices.

What is the price? Try $19.99. Yep.

Want fresh fish.  Try baked grouper with crabmeat in a lobster cream sauce with all that other stuff for $18.99. I got a grouper sandwich for 9.95. Cheaper and larger portion than anywhere in Florida.

Anything here is delicious and well priced in big portions.  Three lobster tails for $30.99, no way. Way.

You gotta go to this place, it is the ultimate deal.


Well, this is my report.  I call them as I see them.

This could be a good show for a lot of you

On to Kansas City Plaza next, this is a real Biggie!.


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Larry Berman's Zoom Meeting Today 4:00PM

LARRY  BERMAN is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Anything about art shows or selling art can be discussed.
Topic: LARRY  BERMAN's Zoom Meeting
Time: Sep 14, 2021 04:00 PM Eastern Time
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Meeting ID: 433 889 5789
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Larry Berman



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Woodland Park Art Festival-Lexington, Kentucky

Well, here come the belly dancers--it must be the Woodland Park show.

More about them later.

I have done this show about eight times.

It is held in a wooded park on the edge of downtown Lexington.

Last year it was cancelled because of COVID.

This year they  advertised that it would be a small show of 125 artists.

Then they changed their minds and it ended up being almost 250 artists.

The show is held on the third weekend of August. It is run by the Lexington Art League. You can setup on Friday afternoon. Vehicles can drive into the park right up to your space.

It is always hot, but there is lots of shade. Their are a few scab shows surrounding the park.

Everybody has ample storage space in the rear and room side to side.

This year the crowds were more sparse. COVID has been rampant in the Lexington area and it affected attendance.  Lots of masked patrons.

Sales were more on the Lowend side with very few high end framed pieces going out the door.

Sunday was a better day for sales, for me, then Saturday.

BTW, I sell color photos in the price range of $33-$1100.  This show, all my sales 9546700094?profile=RESIZE_710xwere in the $33-$175 range.  They were few and far in between,

Lexington is a prosperous town with lots of horse-related jobs and the State University is there.  Lots of young people, but with little disposable income.

They buy very traditional here and they love the crafts. That said, I saw lots of artists making money here. Many, who I-talked to, we're doing their first show post-COVID.

It is a pleasent show to do.  Mellow and leisurely setup and a smooth teardown.

They have great food and beer vendors here.  The people flock to them in greater numbers than to artists.

Usually they have a nice artist breakfest on Sunday and then they announce the awards.

This year neither happened.  The organization claimed they were too strapped for cash and volunteer help.  Yet they doubled the size of the show, go figure.

Lexington is a beautiful southern city.  Great choices of restaurants and retail.

Plenty of hotels out by I-75 to choose from.

Overall, it is a nice show to do in August.

Now, about the belly dancers.

A local dance studio, who specializes in belly dancing, always puts on a one hour show on Sunday.  The music starts slow and then builds do a feverish frenzy at end. The patrons love it.  I love it but it kills sales for most of us when they are on.

Belly dancers in Kentucky-- who would have thought?

Next up for me is the Arts and Apples show inRochester, Michigan.  This was at one time, one of the best selling shows in the state, many artists did better here then Ann Arbor.  It is September 10-12. Two weekends later, I finish my summer at a biggie--Kansas City Plaza, then return home to Florida.

Later, Gators!

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Call for Artists: Palm Beach Fine Craft Show

Exhibiting Space Filling Up Quickly – New Rolling Jurying Process
Apply Today: 18th Annual Palm Beach Fine Craft Show
February 18- 20, 2022 • Palm Beach Convention Center

The 18th Annual Palm Beach Fine Craft Show is a juried exhibition and sale of contemporary American & International crafts and design hosted over Presidents' Day Weekend, February 18-20, 2022 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

The Palm Beach Fine Craft Show encourages artists to apply early. Booth space is filling up quickly as artists are committing earlier than ever before. The live and in-person craft show's highly anticipated return is a must-participate event. Don't miss the opportunity to exhibit in a safe and socially distant event amongst 100+ artists at the first indoor show to take place in over a year.

About the Jurying Process: 
Three jurors who are experts in the field and newly selected each year choose artists from a large pool of applicants. There is no quota for any category of Craft Art. Artists are selected on the basis of the originality, artistic conception, design and quality of their work. 

Why Participate? Learn More
For more information, please visit
Palm Beach County Convention Center

2nd Floor Show Room 
650 Okeechobee Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
February 18-20, 2022
Friday, February 18............11am - 7pm
Saturday, February 19.........11am - 7pm
Sunday, February 20...........11am - 6pm
Apply now for the opportunity to participate in the most anticipated fine craft event! The non-refundable fee for applying is $35. NOTICE: The application fee is due at the time you fill out the online application and accept the terms and conditions.


Electronic application deadline is October 15, 2021. 

Apply Online Now
Feel free to call our main office at 561.822.5440 to speak with a member of our team.
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