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10490572885?profile=RESIZE_400xOctober 21, 22, & 23
Decatur, Alabama
City Hall lawn
Saturday 9am-5pm & Sunday 10am-4pm
75-80 artists
Deadline: June 6
Application fee: $40       Booth fees: $175
Located in the beautiful Tennessee Valley of north-central Alabama, Decatur is a fast-growing arts community and home to the Alabama Center for the Arts. The festival site is surrounded by Alabama’s largest Victorian historic district and a revitalized downtown with numerous bistros, galleries, and unique retail boutiques. Conveniently located midway between Nashville and Birmingham, Decatur is 10 minutes west of I-65. River Clay is a great draw to patrons from all over North Alabama, including Huntsville which is home to NASA, Redstone Arsenal, and technology/engineering firms and boasts the highest per-capita level of education and income in Alabama.
Our dedicated staff provides our artists with volunteer support:
• Indoor restrooms for artists
• Close, free parking
• Artist helpline/liaisons
• Booth sitters available
• Tax booth on site
• Air-conditioned hospitality center (water, snacks, swag bag, etc.)
• Breakfast & lunch, Saturday & Sunday, for artist and one assistant
• Easy check in, volunteer help for load-in and load-out
• An active link from the River Clay site to their website and will also be provided with information to drive customers to their booth
10490573876?profile=RESIZE_400xNEW WEEKEND!
In hopes of cooler temperatures for our artists and patrons, and to get a little closer to the holiday shopping season, we've moved River Clay to October 21-23, 2022. Same great festival, just cooler!
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My First Art Show -Wyoming (OH) Art Show

Wyoming Art Show, Cincinnati OH, Sunday May 15, 2022

This show is located on a tree-lined street in front of the neighborhood civic center. Tents are aligned against the curb on both sides of the streets. The length extends approximately 200 yards. The Civic Center held an art contest which all artist were able to submit one piece and kids craft section in the front lawn. There was a food truck section adjacent to the art show. The show was held in an older section of town. Large well built homes from the early 1900s fill the area with a mix of millennials who appreciates quality and established residents in their 60s and 70s. Load-In started at 7 a.m. and Out at 5 was fine. Everyone seemed to come at different enough times that there wasn’t too much waiting or any bottle-necks. This show was pretty much “no-frills” except for coffee and donuts. No water, no booth sitters. I heard they had a hard time finding volunteers which is understandable in this economic climate. I didn’t feel the people who were running the show were especially friendly but I wasn’t bothered by that.

Now there was a rather critical AFI blog post about this show from 10 years ago. This combined with YouTube videos I found led me to have low expectations. I’m an acrylic landscape painter with 3 different sized canvases ranging from $100-900. No prints. I wanted to get my feet wet and work out the kinks I may have for my 2 larger June shows. I am also trying to build a contact list for the Cincinnati area for potential future sales. I’m in this for the long haul so I have a particular strategy in mind.

The show started at 11 and the foot traffic was relatively consistent. The forecast was sunny with high of 85. It got rather warm but a beautiful day nonetheless. I would say there was a few thousands people there from mostly nearby, within a 10 mile radius. I heard an ad for the show on the radio. I thought it was good mix of people. I felt people were there for the art even if they weren’t buying it. I had many great conversations, received good feedback and ended up selling 6 paintings and even won a small prize at the art contest. While I did see people walk off with art I also heard the show was much lighter than previous years and some artists left disappointed. I only need one or two dozen people to be really interested in my work and I achieved that.

All in all, the show really surpassed my expectations. I have a couple of people anxious to buy some of my smaller pieces when it becomes available and a couple more interested in my larger ones. This is a neighborhood show with a few people who are willing to spend. Plus the show costs less than $100 (including jury fee) and I made half of that back with the prize I won. One of the criticisms of this show was that it wasn’t publicized. When they charge so little for artists to participate and they include cash prizes for the art contest, there’s not going to be much left for paid advertising. If you are within a 2 hour drive of this show, I would recommend it.


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10490557876?profile=RESIZE_400xOctober 8 & 9
Las Vegas, Nevada
Summerlin Festival of Arts
The Lawn at Downtown Summerlin
Both days 10am-5pm
100+ Artists
Deadline: June 1
Application fee: $25 Booth fee: $300-$575
Summerlin Festival of Arts is celebrating its 26th year in 2022 on The Lawn at Downtown Summerlin. In the affluent Summerlin area of Las Vegas, the popular event features the works of more than 100 artists and craftspeople. An established outdoor art festival, the celebration’s focus is to support fine artists and artisans. Art enthusiasts enjoy fine arts and crafts in the inviting and festive outdoor atmosphere in Downtown Summerlin, a walkable open-air shopping, dining and entertainment destination. Parking for both artists and patrons is convenient to the site. The event is free and open to the public.
Artist Amenities
• The location of the site is in a grassy area on The Lawn at Downtown Summerlin, an open-air shopping center.
• The area will be lit at night with security patrolling the site 24-hours from Friday through Sunday until 9:00 pm.
• Real restrooms in a central location. Also, porta-potties available.
• Convenient artist and visitor parking on site.
• Coffee and sweet rolls provided for artists Saturday and Sunday mornings.
• Volunteers available for booth sitting upon request.
• Helpers and motorized carts are available for set-up and tear-down on a first-come, first-served basis.
• Most booths have a corner location due to the ‘quad’ set-up. Booth Layout will be provided one-to-two weeks prior to the event.
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last weekend in Greenville,SC.

In my humble opinion, still the best one in the Southeast, better than Naples,Winter Park or the Grove. A five figure show for most artists.

I have only gotten in five times over a thirty year period.

Each time it was a killer, including this one.

I am a good photographer with a fair track record of getting into some of the biggies each year.  I just do not get into five or six of them like the Flynn's and Bjurstroms of the circuit.  They are a rare breed apart from me, and they deserve all the success that comes their way.

So when I got my acceptance from A-Sphere last October I was truly elated.

That coupled with Winter Park and Vero gave me a shot at accruing some moola in my meager bank account.

I last got in the show in 2018. It is a small show with 170 booths this year.

Many selected artists are from the nearby states that surround South Carolina.

They keep a small waitlist, but if you are not number one on it, chances are slim to be called.

That was different this year.  I will talk about it later.

Here are the nuts and bolts that shape this show.

Read closely, take notes.  I tell you useful info that almost nobody else dishes out.

The show is held downtown in Greenville on their Main Street that crosses a beautiful creek.

It is three days with an optional Thursday nite setup or early Friday morn.  I chose the Thursday setup.

All booths are 12 foot square with room to hang on at least one side with a three foot wide aisle between booths.  Double booths are available and go quickly.

Ample rear storage, you can have awnings front and back.

Booths are on pavement, you need ample weights.  This is a town with tall buildings and the many winds come rolling off them into booths.  Lots of rocking and rolling.

Most spaces, especially those at the beginning, are on a slope.  Shims helpful.

They have great food for artists.  Plenty of volunteers to spell you.

Now, I will talk about Greenville.

This is a beautiful and prosperous town.  Lots of young people, all well dressed. Men in suits and ties, women wearing great new outfits.  Lots of baby carriages everywhere.  The Main Street has a canopy of trees that stretches thru the whole downtown.  Lots of Tony eateries and retail.  Condos everywhere.

Greenville was not like that until about twenty years ago.

In the late 1980s and early 90s I would always begin my summer trip away from Florida by visiting a great artist friend who lived in Greenville.

His name was Loren Marshall and he was one the best flat glass artists I ever met.

Loren lived at the upper north end of Main Street where it intersected with Academy Street.

He lived in a vintage two story house that screamed the word "Hippy!" all over it.

I would arrive with my cargo van towing a nineteen foot travel trailer.  This was my home for the next five months as I did my Midwest circuit.  I was younger then, it was all a great adventure and I got to be stoned,smoking great pot everywhere.  But it always started in Greenville.

I would park my whole rig next door to his house in the Huddle House parking lot(a southern version of a Waffle House).

I would stay about three days and get some canoeing in on local whitewater rivers.

Back then downtown was deserted,  Bunches of closed up warehouses everywhere. Restaurants and bars nowhere. We had one so -so Mexican restaurant to eat and imbibe at. Greenville was so nowheresville.

Eventually, a small artsy-crafty show evolved, this would be the genesis that would become Artisphere.

Also, at that time the town got a forward thinking mayor.  He saw the potential that lie at his feet. "We got this great flowing creek right downtown. Let us build a great sculptural bridge over it.  Let us have all kinds of special events. Let us fill those empty buildings with new eateries, bars, condos.  Young people will flock to it."

And it happened. They built, they consumed, and they built more new places.  People thronged downtown. The mayor persuaded BMW to locate headquarters near downtown.  This brought in big European money and European tastes for the better things,

Eureka! A whole new metropolis rose from the ashes of bygone warehouses.

Heck, now you could get 25 different tequilas at the Mexican restaurant.  Drinks now came in freepour tumblers rather than one ounce nip bottles.

I saw this slowly happen over the span of the next 32 years, it was a sight to behold.

The town tapped a great inner resource, a man I was introduced to this year at the show.  The mayor brought him around to every artist booth and introduced him.

He saw the potential of the little art show and decided to make it very precious to attract the best of artists from the surrounding areas.  He did it well. This was now known as a hard to get in show where artists could make serious moola.

And that was how Artisphere was born.

OK Nels! Nice history lesson. Pour yourself a shot and tell us about this year's show.

Thought you never ask.



I still was suffering from a punky back which was still not right since Mainsail in mid April.

I was cranking out new inventory all along, but the back kept hurting.

I was doing my stretches, icing it, taking Tylenol and trying to avoid the dreaded bolt of lightning which can hurt so bad that you cannot do your biz in the bathroom.

We planned on going in Wednesday, day before setup.  I was taking Ellen along.

From NSB, where I live, it is an eight hour drive to Greenville.

Straight up 95 go northwest on I-26 from Charlestown. Head for the foothills.

South Carolina cops are sneaky.  They now use almost invisible smoky grey cars with radar.  They are lurking everywhere.  I have a sixth sense about them.  I never go more than 5mph over the limit.   Plenty others for them to grab.

I got a great Red Roof just outside downtown, six nites for under $300, including taxes.

Had not been there in five years and things had changed more.  Took me a while to figure out how to get there,signage sucks, especially at nite.

Finally found parking for a great steakhouse that sat high above the creek downtown.

Used to be called High Cotten, now Hall's Steakhouse, very expensive. I just wanted to eat. We shared a filet, two baked potatoes and a Ceaser salad. I ordered a Knob Creek Manhatten on the rocks.  Should have enquirer about the price.  It was $22, Gulp!

Food was good, but I was already out a couple of Benjamin's.  Sales better soar.

I slept very well and awoke refreshed, a little broke, and prepared for setup at 6pm.

Then, a major complication happened. Later in the morn I went to the rear of the van.  My left door was stuck, would not budge open.I was screwed for setup if this door did not open. I was packed to the gills.

I called the Ford dealer.  No luck, they could not help me for two days.  I have a 2004 Ford E350 extended cargo van, 450,00 plus miles on it.  Runs like a bat out of hell. 
I called AAA, no help either.   I was about to call and cancel.

Then my beautiful wife made a great suggestion. Ask for help from the Red Roof staff.

I flagged down a gent who was painting the rooms. Told him the problem.

He grunted and pulled violently on a release cable on the door.  It opened.

Trouble was, when I closed the door the same problem arose.

He showed me how to gently close the left door til it caught.  Then  I could gently close it and lock it.  
On to the show.

The Friday forecast was foreboding.  Rain expected at noon, heavy winds, tornado warnings.

I left Ellen behind.  Figured I would finish setup, tarp up the booth, call it a day.

But at noon, opening show hour, everybody was open and selling.

Lots of suited gents with frames in their hand, coifed ladies laden with goodies.

The lunch crowd was buying, and the weather was being nice.

I did a quick $800 from the crowd.  By 2 pm it was slowsville.

Around 4 pm it got windier and cloudier.  Then we got a storm warning.

At 4pm the show told us to close up booths, possible tornado heading our way.

An hour later, no storm, show reopened.

Trouble was the buying stopped.

Different crowd, looking, not buying.  Dressed more casually-- not our crowd.

The buying never returned, we were cooked for the day.

But no tornado, booths all intact.

Saturday forecast said no rain but chilly and very windy weather coming.  A big front.

My neighbors Lightdome swayed like Tina Turner  all day long.  My dome stayed rocksteady, just like Rod Stewart.

This was not a high end buying crowd.  Not as nicely dressed.

I never sold a piece over$200 the whole day.

I was not alone.  Not a lot of happy smiles on my neighbor' faces.

This was mimicking what happened on Saturday at Winter Park weeks earlier.

I talked my butt off, doing my best story-telling.  Results were meager.

Sunday had to be big, because this is not a Monday show.

We ate some great local barbecue that night at a place called Rocket Chicken.  It was delicious! I came back to the hotel, had a little Elijah Craig nite cap, and slept dreams of hope and grandeur.

We awoke Sunday and Ellen had a severe sore throat.  I went to the show alone, but spirited.

I would not fail to make my goal.

Bingo! First sale was a guy buying three 16 x20 framed images,  $600.00 sale.  Who Hoo!

It was off to the races.  Nonstop sales rest of the day.

Also, all my neighbors had giant smiles.  We were making serious moola.

Made my goal and was out of there in an hour.

More great barbecue that nite, sndpraise Elijah Craig ( great Kentucky bourbon).

Woke up happy Monday morn and drove like a bat out of hell to NSB.

Then we found out we both tested positive for Covid.

That is a story for another time.

Hope you enjoyed the ride.10491147669?profile=RESIZE_710x


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10474808853?profile=RESIZE_400xNovember 4, 5, & 6
Pensacola, Florida
Seville Square
Friday & Saturday 9am-5pm, & Sunday 9am-4pm
200 artists
Deadline: May 31
Application fee: $40      Booth fee: $300
Celebrating its 50th year, the Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival is one of the best-regarded, most popular arts festivals in the United States. The three-day, juried art show draws more than 200 of the nation's best painters, potters, sculptors, jewelers, mixed media and other fine artists. We value original work made from concept to creation by the artist's hands. Local art patrons and guests from across the nation shop for the perfect addition to their collection in the scenic beauty of historic Seville Square in Pensacola.
The Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival is a juried art show. Each year, we receive more than 600 applications for the festival. Qualified jurors are shown each artist’s images anonymously, and collectively choose more than 200 artists who will be invited to exhibit their work. Best of Show, Awards of Distinction, Awards of Excellence, Awards of Honor, and Awards of Merit winners from the previous year’s festival are exempt from the jurying process.
10474813081?profile=RESIZE_400xCash prizes totaling $25,000 will be awarded in these categories. Awards are not given based on medium categories; 2022 winners will be exempt from jurying for the 2023 show.
  • Best of Show - $3,000
  • Five - $1,400 Awards of Distinction
  • Five - $1,200 Awards of Excellence
  • Five - $800 Awards of Honor
  • Five - $600 Awards of Merit
  • Five - $400 Judges’ Awards
More info:
Contact: Curtis Beck
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Call for Artists: 6th Big Four Arts Festival

10438188081?profile=RESIZE_400xSeptember 10 & 11
Louisville, Kentucky
Waterfront Park at Big Four Bridge Lawn
Saturday 10am-7pm & Sunday 10am-5pm
150 Artists
Deadline: May 10
Application fee: $25 Booth fee: $395
The 6th Big Four Arts Festival, the weekend following Labor Day, has been the most attended (20,000) two-day Event ever held in Louisville at Waterfront Park. With our maximum of 150 Artists, the annual festival will be held on the Big Four Bridge lawn which consists of four acres of tree-lined walks overlooking the Ohio River. 
The Big Four Lawn is a venue designed for special events with spacious booth layouts and ample parking. The Park has better than 2 million visitors a year and the Big Four Walking Bridge has better than 25,000 walkers every weekend. Such was the overall success of the B4AF that Louisville's Convention & Visitors Bureau presented the Rose Award to the Festival for an event that is bringing so much commerce to the City of Louisville!
2021 was a success - JOIN US in 2022!
  • EZ in-out, with direct vehicle access for set-up & tear down
  • Spacious booth layouts
  • Reserved artist parking adjacent to Festival grounds
  • 24 hour security
  • Light breakfast Sat. & Sun.
  • Booth relief and water delivery
  • Hotel discounts
  • A cap of 150 Artist 
Save the Date - with a proven multi-media campaign, we will produce record crowds again in 2022!
10438189460?profile=RESIZE_400x"We do about 14 art shows a year and I can tell you that this was the BEST we have done this year. Our sales were awesome. Your advertising paid off, because the crowd was huge. I loved the lay out, the park is beautiful." 
Debbie & John Wiles, Matoon, IL
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10427735467?profile=RESIZE_400xSeptember 9, 10, & 11
Mount Vernon, Illinois
Cedarhurst Center for the Arts
Friday 4pm-7:30pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm
100-130 Artists
Deadline: May 1
Application fee: $25      Booth fee: $280
The Cedarhurst Art & Craft Fair, a southern Illinois tradition, is celebrating its 46th year! Join us the weekend after Labor Day on the picturesque grounds at Cedarhurst Center for the Arts where the Fair attracts approximately 4 to 6,000 visitors. Our Fair is supported by the City of Mt. Vernon, the Mt. Vernon Convention / Tourism Bureau, plus regional, enthusiastic communities. We invite you to be a part of the weekend festival as we celebrate the finest in American hand-made craftsmanship.
10428044470?profile=RESIZE_584xCedarhurst, a nonprofit arts foundation, hosts one of the longest-running craft fairs in the country and we are proud of our long history of supporting the local fine craft movement and promoting growth and creative expression for all artists. Apply to the Cedarhurst Art & Craft Fair and see why our post-event artist surveys offer rewarding comments like: “what a beautiful setting for a craft fair!”; “A+ for hospitality”; and “we LOVE coming to Cedarhurst!”
10428179689?profile=RESIZE_400xWe are optimistic that 2022 will be the "comeback year" for art and craft fair events! We were fortunate that here in southern Illinois we were able to successfully host the annual Cedarhurst Art & Craft Fair in September 2020 and September 2021 with some modifications. As we are planning this year's event we hopeful to return to a "pre-pandemic" event with top quality artists and increased visitor numbers!
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10401536085?profile=RESIZE_400xNovember 10 - 13
La Quinta, California
La Quinta Civic Center Park
Daily 9am-4pm
200 Artists
Deadline: June 15
Application fee: $50       Booth fee: $350-$1250
The ENCORE Celebration draws a different audience than the traditional March event. In November, La Quinta Art Celebration ENCORE art enthusiasts are from the affluent Coachella Valley as well as patrons from elite California coastal communities. Golf courses open just prior to ENCORE Celebration, so the timing is perfect. A significant marketing budget is allotted to reach present and potential art patrons. We strive to curate the right mix of attendees who are true art collectors.
SCOPE Events, LLC has developed a Point of Sale (POS) system for tabulating daily Art Sales on a digital device that will be provided to each Artist. The POS system will eliminate the outdated Receipt books and will be used for recording all Sales with the capability of also processing customer payments through the Artists' personal Square, Paypal or Stripe accounts. All accepted Artists to La Quinta Art Celebration ENCORE 2022 will be required to use this POS system to record their Sales.
Contact: Kathleen Hughes
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10401607262?profile=RESIZE_180x180October 15 & 16
Northport, Alabama
Kentuck Art Center
Saturday 9am-5pm & Sunday 9am-4pm
270 Artists
Deadline: June 1
Application fee: $35 Early Bird by May 15     Booth fee: $275-$550
The Kentuck Festival of the Arts is held in Kentuck Park, a scenic wooded park in Northport, Alabama. Kentuck Park is a 5-minute drive from Kentuck Art Center's main campus in the heart of Historic Downtown Northport's Shopping District. It's only a 10-minute drive from The University of Alabama and Downtown Tuscaloosa's lively restaurants, local breweries, shops, and art galleries. Coming from out of town? Tuscaloosa is located 60 miles west of Birmingham, Alabama and 200 miles west of Atlanta, Georgia.

Artists Amenities include:
  • $7000 in awards: Best of Show ($1,500), 2 Awards of Distinction ($1,000 each), and 12 Merit Awards ($300 each). Award winners are automatically invited to the 2023 Festival
  • A new jury panel every year
  • Booth sitters
  • Drive up unload/load
  • Security overnight and during the Festival
  • Qualified buyers. Admission per day is $10, with children 12 and under free with a ticketed adult
  • An artists' hospitality tent where fresh doughnuts and hot coffee are available at 7:00 a.m. Saturday and Sunday morning. Drinks and snacks are served throughout the Festival.
  • ATM on site. Credit card processing is also available for a 6% processing fee at the Information Building
  • VIP program featuring pre-paid Kentuck Bucks that can only be used to purchase art from artists at the Festival
  • An artists' party with dinner and live music Saturday night at Kentuck Art Center. Judges are introduced, and awards are announced
Contact: Amy Echols
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10401526882?profile=RESIZE_400xDecember 1 - 4, 2022
Chicago, Illinois
The Merchandise Mart
Thursday through Saturday 10am-7pm &
Sunday 10am-5pm
500 Artists
Deadline: May 10
Application fee: $40 Booth fee: $2600
The annual One of a Kind Holiday Show Chicago is an extraordinary holiday shopping event featuring fine art and craft from a juried selection of North America's most talented artists. The 4-day show is scheduled during one of the busiest weekends of the year and provides an outstanding opportunity for exhibiting artists to sell to tens of thousands of qualified and enthusiastic shoppers in an ideal location and premium environment.
Exhibiting artists are equipped with generous materials and exceptional opportunities to promote their presence and enjoy their experience at the show:
  • Listings in online directory featuring artist images and link, and on-site Show Guide
  • Complimentary marketing materials for artist use - electronic complimentary tickets, show banner ads, and booth signage
  • PR exposure via the show's extensive media relations
  • Opportunities for on-site promotion
  • Pre-show artist webinar
  • On-site educational programming
"People were friendly and eager to see and buy our new work. It was a fun and relaxed environment we enjoyed, and sales were good." -
Cameron Lewis, Camryn Forrest Designs
"A top-notch show for vendors and customers alike. The staff is outstanding, the caliber of artists is unique and the customers who attend are there to spend." - Dianna Dunlevy, D'marie
"The Mart is a perfect location for a show." - Roxy Lentz
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10403825873?profile=RESIZE_710xI just did the art fest in my birthplace and it is still an uncommon experience--for the better.

Mainsail is St. Petersburg's premier artfest.  This is now a town where downtown condos start in the low two millions.

I was born in the forties there.  It was a whole different town.

As Johnny Carson (I know, some of you are thinking, "Who is Johnny Carson?).

used to say,"St. Petersburg is God's waiting room.

In the day, forties, fifties, sixties, even seventies, almost eighties, it was an inexpensive town to retire to. A town blessed to be by two beautiful bodies of water. Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Retirees flocked here.  It was affordable and the weather was perfect.

As Carson so sardonically observed, people sat on Green Benches-up and down downtown.

Early on,I observed a very important lesson about life.

I was going to my Little League practice, across town

We passed by Webbs City on our bikes, this was the fifties.

I looked at all the retirees sitting on the Green Benches.

I looked at my buddy Dave Pontious, who threw the most wicked curveball, ever, and said, "Dave, you notice there no big dogs standing there.  They are all wee little people."

An important lesson about life I learned at age 10.

And so, in the mid fifties, age 10, I became an entrepreneur.

At Christmas, I would gather holly berries, pine needles and cones and make them into wreathes.  I would board the bus from the south side, and for a nickel, ride downtown with my wreathes.

I would sell everything I had to all the retirees on the Green Benches.

Fuck, Johnny Carson, they were my nirvana.  I would come home with more than twenty bucks, in change. That bought a lot of baseball cards and bubblegum.

So now I live in Mellow Yellow New Smyrna Beach and I was returning home to Mainsail.

For crying out loud, Nels, were you ever tell us about the show.

Thought you would never ask.

Plus, I will tell you more useful information than you will ever find on any other social media.

So Here Goes.


Mainsail was cancelled 2020 and 2021.

People were rolled over.

I took my refund in 2020, so I was not  rolled over.

I juried and got in.  They added 50 extra booths, over 270 artists.

I figured with no show for two years, and people buying two million condos, they would be chomping at the bit.

I was woefully wrong.

First, some useful info about the show.

Most people never talk about this.

It is held at a treed, waterfront park with lots of bare dirt and some grassy areas.

Monthly, there are usually two to three events going on here.

The show had been cancelled, due to Covid, both 2020 and 2021.

This year they expanded it by adding 50 extra booths--totaling 270.

They give 12 foot square booth areas with booths in rows. Booths are back to back.  Rear storage can be tricky.

Setup is Friday afternoon.  The committee does not give out booth space numbers in advance.  Only Godknows why.  When you apply on Zapp you can request a specific booth, that is the only time.

They have reserved parking for artists.  The show is two days.

Here is some demographic info.

St. Petersburg has become a very hot destination.  Lots of young, very monied people moving here.  Downtown condos starting at $2 million and being snapped up.

Lots of great restaurants everywhere. SP is blessed to have two water locations.  Tampa Bay with Tampa 20 miles across.  Then the Gulf beaches. Both locations hotly sought after.

Kids on motorized skateboards, bikers everywhere, morning joggers by the hundreds, incessant traffic, hard to find parking spaces.  This town whirls and whirls.

Usually this show attracts multitudes of buyers looking to fill their condo walls and decorate with fine sculpture. In the past 30 years that I have exhibited here I have always done nearly $4K on Saturday.

Being a hometown product probably helps.  I have patrons who tell me about buying my images in the 1980s.

That said, this show was disappointing for the majority of exhibitors this year.

One, it was held on Easter weekend.  Never good.  Fewer buyers on Sunday.

Two it was warm and humid. 
Three,and most important, the crowds were way off both days.

Of course, there were a small percentage of exhibitors who had a five figure show.

But most were lucky to get to $4K.

You would think that having no show for two years,that they would be chomping at the bit. Not!

I saw very few Good Shoes people there.  I had almost zero conversations about a patron looking for a big piece for the living room or bedroom.

I sell mostly color photos printed on paper under glass, matted ones in print bins, and large metal images on aluminum.

My prices range from $40-$1200. I mostly sold framed 16x20 images at $200 each.

I sold about nine, then other sales were for small mats.  No interest in my larger images.

The crowds were very thin both days.  Usually by noon you cannot see across the aisle because of the crowds.  This time I could have thrown cinder blocks across and hit nobody.

Most people were just walking their dogs, no art in their hands.  It made for a very slow, boring show.  No great conversations.

Several artists I know said their sales have been going steadily down the last five years.

I concur.

Unfortunately, I think people just think of us as just another event like a blues fest or seafood fest. Art is not for most.  Too bad.

My main gripe with the committee is their lack of caring where the event is held.

Too many of us were on black dirt, not a blade of grass near.  This is very disrespectful to the artists. I know of no other show of this stature that allows this to happen

I do not think things will change.

So, if you come, now you know what awaits you.

Nobody else gives you a blog with this kind of info--Nobody!


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Call for Artists: Belle Isle Art Fair

10398664685?profile=RESIZE_400xAugust 6 & 7
Detroit, Michigan
Belle Isle State Park
Saturday 10am-7pm & Sunday 11am-5pm
110 artists
Deadline: May 8
Application fee: $25   Booth fees start at $425
One of the countries most beautiful art fairs on an iconic island park across from an amazing fountain. Held on beautiful Belle Isle State Park near downtown Detroit, the show attracts people from all over the region that love the ambience.
10398671295?profile=RESIZE_400xThe Belle Isle Art Fair attracts a large diverse audience from the city and beyond. The audience is a mix of suburbanites and city dwellers with the budget and appreciation to buy art. Popular for both traditional and some edgier work. All price points do well.
Belle Isle is a beautiful island State Park in the Detroit River. Tens of thousands of people come out on summer weekends. The show is near the entry bridge across from the stunning Scott Fountain, with ample parking nearby. 
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September 17 & 18
Park Forest, Illinois
Tall Grass Arts Association
Downtown between Western & Orchard on Village Green and along Main Street
Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm
80 Artists
Deadline: May 6
Application fee: $35      Booth fee: $175
The Park Forest Art Fair is the second oldest continuously juried fine art fair in the Chicagoland region. It is an exceptionally artist-friendly fair with helpers to assist with loading and reloading, and distributing bottled water all day. There are prizes totaling $3,000. Because Tall Grass is a not-for-profit and gets to know its artists well, it is sensitive to the impact of the costs of participating in an art fair. For that reason, it has kept its registration fee at $175 through the recession and beyond. Tall Grass feels it is especially important to keep the cost of the art fair registration low during the present economic environment.
The Board of Tall Grass provides the art fair artists a continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and a wonderful dinner on Saturday evening during which prize winners are announced. Two years ago, the Board also added a healthy snack on Saturday since many artists could not take the time to visit the food vendors.
The Park Forest Art Fair was simply amazing. I have never experienced an art fair such as this before. The attention and support given to the artists made one feel like royalty. I enjoyed the breakfast and was more than grateful for the spread that was laid before us for dinner. The award ceremony left me speechless. I have never experienced that level of appreciation for vendors at an Art Fair before. Wow!!! Is all I can say.
Tara McGee, Bayete Jewelry Collection LLC
This Tall Grass Art Fair was at its best for a number of reasons. First of all, the weather was great! Secondly, art lovers found so much to love. Third, Tall Grass did an amazing job. Last, but not least, I made plenty of sales. Thank you, Tall Grass Arts Association.
Patricia Stewart
This was a great fair with enthusiastic shoppers and talented artists.
Don Widmer, Paper artist
This longstanding art fair is small but extremely well run and always quality and diverse art. This year, sales exceeded all my previous shows, even with moderate crowds. I recommend this venue.
Ellen Grenier Bevill, handwoven fiber arts
The Tallgrass Art Fair in Park Forest is unlike any other all season long. The staff and volunteers are the nicest around even kind enough to cook you dinner Saturday evening. And because the show is so small, set up and tear down is a breeze. It’s a sweetheart of a show.
Barb Mason, Jewelry maker
Contact: Janet Muchnik
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Call for Artists: RiverFest & Craft Show

10372133288?profile=RESIZE_400xJune 4 & 5
Occoquan, Virginia
Historic district of Occoquan
Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm
200 Artists
Deadline: May 23
No Application fee      Booth fee: $350
Occoquan is a quaint historic town in Northern Virginia, with a population of about 1000. We are located directly along the Occoquan river, which makes the town a unique tourist destination. Twice a year, the town is transformed into a festival venue that brings 10,000 attendees over the course of the weekend.
10372181074?profile=RESIZE_400xLike the traditional Fall Arts & Crafts Show, RiverFest will host 200+ vendors along Mill Street. Artisans, crafters, local merchants, and food vendors will line the streets as we kick off summer in Occoquan. This year, we are providing to all patrons a free multipage color booklet to navigate the festival, providing highlights, schedules, and maps.
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#1: American Craft Made
Online Artists Directory & Online Pop Up Marketplaces
The American Craft Made Online Artists Directory is new for 2022 and represents the evolution of our online marketplace events into an opportunity for artists to gain visibility and sell their work over the course of an entire year.10347588057?profile=RESIZE_400x
Apply April 1 - May 1, 2022
This program will bring contemporary craft artists from around the country together in a directory designed to share their work and their story and offer opportunities to participate in exclusive online marketplace events. Artists will be promoted to our targeted craft audience of over 60,000 email subscribers and 100,000 social media followers. Directory artists will also be the first to be considered for partnerships and collaborations as they arise.
Our e-commerce platform has reached over 160,000 visitors and generated over $617,000 in revenue for participating artists since the launch in fall
***   ***   ***   ***   *** 
#2: 35th Annual American Craft Made / St. Paul
October 7, 8, & 9
St. Paul, Minnesota
St. Paul RiverCentre
Friday & Saturday 10am-6pm & Sunday 11am-5pm
300 Artists
Deadline: May 1
Application fee: $45      Booth fee: Varies
Now in its 35th year, the St. Paul marketplace’s established show attracts a loyal regional audience, many of whom are collectors. The event draws eight thousand attendees on average from Minnesota’s Twin Cities of Minneapolis (where ACC has its headquarters) and St. Paul, as well as western Wisconsin. It’s held at Saint Paul RiverCentre, a premiere facility in the heart of downtown. Total artist sales for our 2019 St. Paul show came to an estimated $1.2 million.
10347537901?profile=RESIZE_710xArtists who already applied to the 2022 St. Paul show last summer do not need to re-apply. In order to balance our media makeup we are specifically calling for applications for work within the clothing and accessories and home goods categories. Jewelry applicants will be placed on a waiting list.
Contact: Alaina Nuehring
***   ***   ***   ***   *** 
#3: 46th Annual American Craft Made / Baltimore
March 3, 4, & 5, 2023
Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore Convention Center
Friday & Saturday 10am-6pm & Sunday 11am-5pm
450 Artists
Deadline: July 15, 2022
Application fee: $45      Booth fee: Varies
Coming up on its 46th year, the Baltimore marketplace is our flagship event and takes place at the impressive Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland.
10347577886?profile=RESIZE_584xWith an average attendance of 17 thousand annually, this highly competitive and prestigious marketplace is a must-attend event for the craft community, attracting artists, buyers, and craft appreciators from across the United States. Total retail artist sales for our 2019 Baltimore show came to an estimated $5.2 million.
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10273786671?profile=RESIZE_400xAugust 6 & 7
Chesterton, Indiana
Chesterton Art Fair
Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 10am-4pm
100+ Artists
Deadline: April 30
Application fee: $30 Booth fee: $240 and up
Chesterton Art Fair is a premier juried art festival with a deep history of providing a stellar experience for both participating artists and visitors. The venue, Dogwood Park, is a municipal park featuring shade trees, pavilions and other amenities that is close to Interstate I-80 (Indiana Toll Road) and I-94. Plenty of ample, free parking is provided for fair visitors, who pay a $5.00 entry fee to attend.
"One of the best shows I do!"
"This was our first year exhibiting at Chesterton (Art Fair), and it has been a great experience overall. Patrons and organizers were very friendly. Thank you so much for having us!"
"It was an amazing time and a great crowd. I hope to be back!"
"Great show! Gets better every year for me--always a pleasure to come."
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10263993685?profile=RESIZE_400xMay 14
Peoria Heights, Illinois
Outdoor - 4 city blocks
Saturday 9am-5pm
70-100 Artists
Deadline: April 14
Application fee: $40       Booth fee: $100
The Peoria Heights Fine Art Fair provides a quaint venue for hundreds of community members to see and buy works of art from regional artists in a charming setting. The fair draws professional, juried artists and their work to display in classic white tents positioned along Prospect Road, which will be closed to traffic between Glen and Kelly Avenues.
  • ​Tower Award     $1,000
  • Grandview Award   $500
  • Blue Ribbon Award $250
  • Rutherford Award   $100
  • Support:  Friendly festival team members and volunteers for artist assistance and direction. Boxed lunches will be available on the day of the event. 
  • Parking: Artist and public parking are close and convenient. 
  • Security: During show hours.
  • Weather:  This is a rain-or-shine event.
Contact: Theresa McDade
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10263341294?profile=RESIZE_400xJuly 23 & 24
Shelby Township, Michigan
4300 Main Park Road
Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm
75 Artists
Deadline: April 24

Application fee: $25  Booth fee: $355-$690
10263685493?profile=RESIZE_400xThe Stony Creek Art Fair is in a beautiful setting next to a lake. The large parking lot is within 100 feet. Close to large homes and wealthy patrons, this show should be good for most price points.  Stony Creek is a popular park in northern Oakland County near Rochester, Birmingham and other high-income cities. Millions of people visit the park annually. 
For this event we have a preference for work that feels natural. Perhaps images of flora or fauna. Slightly more traditional in style. The show offers dedicated parking for artists and patrons adjacent to the event. We will limit the show to 75 booths. Our marketing program is designed to attract qualified high-end art collectors.
Contact: Mark Loeb
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Last Chance to Apply to the Zoom Mock Jury

Last two days to apply for the mock jury on Zoom. Deadline is April 5th, though I'll probably be able to take submissions up until two hours before the jury which is to be held on Wednesday April 6th at 4PM eastern time. Tell all your artist friends. You can read the entry instructions on my web site and see how the images are going to be presented.

And don't forget my weekly Zoom meeting with artists every Tuesday at 4PM eastern time.
Meeting ID: 433 889 5789
Passcode: art-show

Anything art show related can be discussed.

Larry Berman

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