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Call for Artists: Marion Arts Festival

10893653891?profile=RESIZE_400xMay 20, 2023
Marion, Iowa
Uptown Marion Festival Street
Saturday 9am-5pm
50 Artists
Deadline: January 10, 2023
Application Fee: $25 Booth fee: $250
Greetings from the 31st Annual Marion Arts Festival in Marion, Iowa! (Adjacent to Cedar Rapids, in East Central Iowa.) The MAF presents 50 artists, offering fine art and fine craft to an audience of 10,000.
Consistently named among Art Fair SourceBook's Top 50 Events! We returned to the turf in 2022 with great success! Our community awaits you!
10893655294?profile=RESIZE_400xOur show is one-day, intimate, and purposeful, with the mission to be an event through which you can thrive. (Here, we're obligated to insert that we're volunteer-driven, kind of hokey, and maybe more than a little mom-and-pop, in good ways, mostly.)
Thank you for making the art! It's our privilege to gather an audience!
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Call for Artists: Omaha Summer Arts Festival

10893648279?profile=RESIZE_400xJune 9, 10, & 11, 2023
Omaha, Nebraska
Aksarben Village
Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday 10am-9pm, & Sunday 10am-4pm
135 Artists
Deadline: January 13, 2023
Application Fee: $30          Booth fee: $350-$425
Attracting more than 75,000 patrons from throughout the region, the Omaha Summer Arts Festival is one of the finest in the Midwest.
The Festival is located in a vibrant, walkable, multi-use community in the heart of Omaha. Aksarben Village offers unique shops, restaurants, numerous corporate headquarters, bike trails, and green spaces. With multiple hotels within walking distance and ample parking options, Aksarben Village promises to attract thousands of patrons to view and purchase original art. 
10893645255?profile=RESIZE_710x Artist Concierge Services & Amenitites:
  • Discount hotel rates
  • Artist Concierge hotline
  • Complimentary box lunch delivered to booth on Friday
  • Artist-only Awards Breakfast on Saturday
  • Complimentary continental breakfast delivered to booth on Sunday
  • Air-conditioned lounge
  • Complimentary snacks and beverages
  • Artist-only indoor restroom facilities
  • Experienced booth sitters
  • Artwork delivery service
  • Water delivery to booths
  • Overnight indoor storage
  • 24-hour security
  • Limited Corner and Double spaces available
Contact: Allison Seibert
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Aloha Nels

10890404277?profile=RESIZE_400xIt is with great sadness to hear that our dear friend Nels Johnson is not going to talk to us anymore about the shows. My husband Norm Darwish and I have known Nels since the early 80's. Norm was a photographer and you know how it is you know best the people who are in your own media category, you know them and you know their work. We must have participated in at least 50 shows together over the years. There are many stories to tell about that.

When we created this website sometime early in the century (2009) Nels was one of the earliest members. Early on he started sharing his art fair journey with all the new folks streaming onto the site, and sparred with many of the veterans of the business, amusing us but also bringing helpful information for his readers. Every blog not only had great tequila stories it has "meat." Thank you, Nels. Your writing on ArtFairInsiders would make a wonderful book that I think even non "show people" would find enthralling.

If you haven't been following Nels over the years and you don't want to get anything else done today I suggest you visit his member page where you'll find some great writing. A few to get you started: 


(Does anyone have any of the titles of some other of Nels' blogs? I'm sorry to say that this system for this site does not list them on Nels' page. But I figured out that if you put the title of one in the search box it will pop up. Oh, I just did a search for "Tequila Report" and that brought up a TON of links. Nels, I'll bet you do ... Help!)

This link includes some of Nels' early photos:

Okay, Nels, see you on the road ... much love to you.


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10882079074?profile=RESIZE_400xMay 5, 6, & 7, 2023
Ridgeland, Mississippi
Renaissance at Colony Park
Friday 3pm-7:30pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, & Sunday 11am-5pm
80 Artists
Deadline: January 15, 2023
Application fee: $30         Booth fee: $250
The Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival presents artists and their work against the splendid setting of Renaissance at Colony Park, a regional lifestyle center renowned for its shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences as well as for its graceful, Old-World architecture inspired by the cities of Europe and the Mediterranean (
10882079099?profile=RESIZE_710x Ridgeland is a suburb immediately north of Jackson, Mississippi, the state capital, and located in Madison County which is one of the wealthiest counties in the state. Ridgeland was named by Money magazine as one of the Top 100 "Best Places to Live" in the United States.
$7,000 will be awarded by the festival judge. Best of Show will receive $2,000. There will be five (5) Judge’s Choice awards given in the two-dimensional category, and five (5) Judge’s Choice awards in the three-dimensional category. All award winners will be automatically juried into the 2024 Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival. Judging will take place Saturday, May 6 during the hours of the festival.  
10882079689?profile=RESIZE_584xThe timing of the Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival works well for routing with some of the spring
Texas, New Orleans, and Atlanta shows, as well as other shows in the South
like Art in the Loop in Memphis April 28-30, 2023.
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10882062656?profile=RESIZE_400xMarch 25 & 26, 2023
Naples, Florida
5th Avenue South
Daily 10am-5pm
250 Artists
Deadline: December 9, 2022
Application fee: $35                      Booth fee: $650
Naples Art hosts one of the last major art festivals of the winter season. Located on upscale Fifth Avenue South, the heart of downtown, this is the ideal site for this fine art festival. The Naples Art Downtown Art Fair was rated in Sunshine Artist’s Magazine 2019 ARTIST 200 Best Fairs in America. This juried fair has openings for 250 artists. The quad setup affords every artist a corner booth and great visibility. Qualified buyers enjoy the set-up along the 5th Avenue S., where they are able to have the opportunity to engage with artists and learn about their process. 
Naples Art has been at the forefront of the Arts & Cultural landscape of Naples since 1954.  We believe art can change lives and improve communities.  We are committed to developing tomorrow’s artists and arts leaders, ensuring artistic expression is accessible to everyone and inclusive of everyone.
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10872201865?profile=RESIZE_180x180July 1, 2, & 3, 2023
Denver, Colorado
Cherry Creek Neighborhood
255 Artists
Deadline: December 1, 2022
Application fee: $45                       Booth fee: $875



The Cherry Creek Arts Festival is recognized as a leading Arts Festival in the industry and a beloved annual community tradition which has been a part of 10872210077?profile=RESIZE_400xthe cultural fabric of Denver for three decades. CherryArts invites you to apply to be one of 255 exhibitors at the 2023 event, a world-class and award-winning celebration of the visual arts. Our goal is to provide our selected exhibitors and the 150,000 visitors an experience of unparalleled quality.
This is your chance to find out first-hand the accolades as reported by fellow artists: historically very high art sales potential (estimated at $16,590 per artist, via 2022 Artist Survey), consistently high national rankings, on-site artist amenities and a new jury panel each year to provide fresh perspective. The Cherry Creek Arts Festival is an established show that attracts a loyal regional audience, many of whom are collectors.
• Over $1 million in multi-media PR and marketing campaign
• $30,000 offered in artist purchase awards
• 150,000 annual attendees
• Projection jury, hired panel of national jurors, new panel each year to provide fresh perspective and artists viewed in order of the date application is submitted
10872205854?profile=RESIZE_400x"I'm still feeling so very honored to have been chosen to exhibit at my favorite art festival! The whole experience has really taken me to the next level. I'll be forever grateful to Cherry Arts for the amazing experience!" 2022 visual artist
"Every time I’ve done this show it has been an amazing experience. Sales, treatment of the artists, and organization are all so well done." 2022 visual artist
Apply now for an incredible exhibition opportunity to sell art at the 32nd annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival: Saturday/Sunday/Monday July 1, 2, & 3, 2023!
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Halifax Art Festival-Daytona Beach

My next to last blog.

The succinct description of this show-- it royally sucked unless you won a nice art award.


No crowds, no sales.

Three years ago I had a super show, this year I did not even break $500 in sales for two days.

This is the very worst show I have done in the last ten years.

It is a lovely show right by the river and shops downtown Daytona.

Booths are backed on both sides of a grass median.  Two sections juried and unjuried.  The show is about four blocks long.

They are known for giving generous awards and the show attracts the usual big hitters looking to bag awards.

The rest of us are looking for sales.  It never happened for most of us.

These we're the thinnest crowds I have ever seen here.

I talked to many locals who said they did not know about the show, they just happened upon it.

Daytona is a tough place to sell fine art.  Craftwork has better chances.

They buy the familiar cliche and stay away from anything that is new and different.

I think serious Art buyers in the area do not attend this show.

People I talked to with not that informed about our art.

Many times I had to patiently explain that my images were photos.

Also, many were not even aware of the concept that photos could be printed on metal.

I mostly sold $40 matted photos, no interest in anything big.

Overall, the show left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

I guess next year it will be back to Pensacola.

That is it.  I am done with this.

My final blog is coming next. It will be a goodie-Winter Park in the fall.

Stay tuned.



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This is a timely extra blog I am writing.

I still have two more show reviews to write.

I just dealt with Ian in Florida and have some helpful tips for you all.

First off, I am a native Floridian.  I have witnessed at least six hurricanes.

Just had not been in one for a long time and then came Ian.

My earliest hurricane memories started in 1955 when Donna hit the Suncoast, St. Petersburg.

My father worked for Florida Power, he was an engineer.

I remember him driving us out to Pass-a-grille beach to see the damage.

Back then most beach cottages were simple wood structures sitting atop a couple of cinder blocks above the ground.

As we passed the fabled pink hotel, the Don Ce Sar, we saw cottage after cottage sitting 50 yards out in the Gulf, water up to and thru the windows.

The hurricane backwash caused all this.

Only the Don was still standing on the beach.

Nowadays, I live in Michigan for five months and New Smryna Beach the rest of the year.

I usually do not get back to Florida til after hurricane season is past.  Thus no hurricane preparedness supplies.

This year was different.

I did not get back into Kansas City Plaza, so I planned on being home by the end of September.

I had the Winter Park Autumn Art Festival to doin early October.

So we decamped from Saugatuck on Sunday,September 27 figuring to be in NSB by Tuesday the 29th.

I was pulling my usual midsize UHaul trailer behind my Ford E350 van, with Emma the cat and Ellen as passengers.

That night in Nashville, while staying at a hotel, somebody went under my van and sawed off the catalytic converter.

Made for a very noisy ride home plus terrible gas mileage.

At the time I was aware of Ian but figured it would be more of a problem for the Gulf Coast.

Boy was I wrong.

We arrived in NSB around four in the afternoon on Tuesday.

Every gas station was sold out of gas.  I had a half tank.

I found the last two bags of ice at my local Quickie store.

We had two Coleman coolers full of food. We had plenty of liquor.

Dumb me, I did not have a propane gas grill to cook on.

That night we had electricity until about 5am.

THen Ian traveled slowly across the state towards us.

By the time it hit us it had tropical storm force winds.

We had a fierce pounding rain that laid down three to four feet of water in eight hours.

It rained nonstop all day Wednesday, with water slowly rising.

I had 28 inches of rain covering my carport.  Water was well over my knees.

Well, we are surrounded by tidal creeks and bays and ponds.

We went to bed that night, dry inside, but not sure what Friday would bring.

The next morn, my neighbor Chet called me.

"You better take a look outside."

I did.  It was not a pretty sight.  Water was now inside Ellen's car parked by the street. It was right up to my rear cargo doors on the van.

And-it was still rising.

We have three stairs up from the carport to our sunroom. It was over the second step.

I had boxes of matboard and frames stored on the porch. I moved everything inside piled high onto every table I had.

I did not have any sandbags. The water slowly leaked under both the porch doors which were 28 inches above the ground.

We ended up with three inches of water covering the rug. The main entrance to our house was only five inches higher.

Luckily it never went any higher.

When we awoke Saturday morn, the water had dropped down to lower levels, still covering the carport.  It was a sloshy walk anywhere out there.

We had neighbors paddling around in canoes and kayaks because that was the only way to get around.

Electric came back on later Saturday and we slowly dried out our rug.

No vehicles ruined, although my neighbors across and by me lost theirs.

Our AC unit dried ou and I restarted it four days later.

It worked.

So here are my tips.

If you are going to tough it out these are important tips.

First, have a gas grille with a backup tank.

If you can get a generator, do it.  Store up extra gas.

Have sandbags stored up.  Otherwise, bagged mulch will still do the job. Mine did not float away.

Store up candles and lighters.  Have some battery powered lights.

If it looks like you are going to flood inside have tables at least four feet off the floor.  Use cinder blocks to gain height.

Canned tuna fish goes a long way, so does peanut butter.

Register for FEMA pronto. They will come.

When storing the debris from your yard plus ruined items from the house.  Make two separate piles. One set of trucks picks up yard debris. Then other set comes and picks up ruined items.

Get a canoe, they can be very helpful.

Otherwise, do your damnedest to get in the Plaza and avoid all this shit.

Hope this was helpful.  
Two more blogs to go and then it is aloha.

I am not retiring from shows. I am just going to be semi-retired, only two shows per month with December and August off.10857260889?profile=RESIZE_710x

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This is my second to last blog I will ever write.

Hope you are following with baited breath, and possibly a few tears in your eyes.

Nobody tells a story like me.  Done it 10 years plus.

Read on.

This show was held on the last weekend in June.  A three dayer with setup the day before as well as a Friday morn setup.

Grand Haven is a wealthy lake front community, an hour north of me in Saugatuck.

Lots of people from Chicago who buy art live here.

I had previously done this show when it was a two day show.  Never made much money, usually a $2K show at best.

But, since I did not get in the Des Moines show, same weekend, much better show, I decided to give it a try,

I had a great corner spot with ample storage behind. Was able to park the van a block away.

I setup Thursday afternoon, very leisurely. Slept in my own bed and returned Friday morn around 10 am.  Show started at 2pm that day.

I was making sales two hours before official show opening.  Who-hoo!

This is a small show, less than 125 artists. No vendors!

I sold a lot of 16x20 framed photos at $200 each.

People kept coming all day long.

I went home to Saugatuck that night, a very happy camper.

The weekend turned chilly, with a strong west wind off the lake.

I wore a sleeved wool pullover plus a vest.  Kept me toasty warm.

Saturday was like Friday.  Lots of interested patrons and they were spending big bucks.  Everybody was making moola.

The chamber of commerce runs this show, it is on Zapp.

The committee kept us well provisioned with food and water.

Grand Haven is a spiffy lakefront town, almost as cool as Saugatuck.
People were well dressed and well behaved.

Went home that night even happier than Friday. Who-hoo!

Sunday ended up being chillier than Saturday.  Unusual for late June.

Crowds were equally strong and they were buying.

I ended up with a record show.

Next day,though, had to check into the Holland hospital, ended up staying three days.  But that is a story for another time.

Gladly will do the show again.

Enjoy.  Only two more blogs to come, then it is riding into sunsets with margaritas in both hands.10855642689?profile=RESIZE_710x


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The Third Ward art show in Milwaukee—Awesome

I turned 77 today.

Thought I would write a great blog.

This is going to be one of my last four blogs.

I am retiring from blogging after 10 years doing it.

Will you miss me?

This is an Amy Amdur show held on Labor Day weekend in a great location.

The Third Ward is right downtown.  Full of happening retail and bars and restaurants.  Lots of young people everywhere.

My best bud, Jim Wilbat--outstanding glass artist-- has done the show for about three years.  So I tried it for the first time.

A welcome addition to my show schedule.

We were able to park in a lot and dolly right to our booths.

Friday setup with weekend show.

Held on street pavement, plenty of storage space behind.

The Amdur team are pros, everything flowed smoothly.

We actually had nippy weather both days, I was in a long sleeve pullover both days. 
Small shows, well under 130 artists.

Noticed I said artists, not vendors.  Enough said.

Lots of well dressed patrons, and they spent money on art, what a concept.

Saturday was a Lowend day, barely did $1.5 K. Mostly prints out of the bins.

Sunday was different. Sold lots of framed work.  Saw lots of others float by my booth.

People were very engaged.  Got asked lots of questions about my work, how refreshing.

The show is a winner, will gladly do it again.

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Two grants to consider.

The Marjorie Strider Foundation offers two grants for artists who have been undeterred in pursuing their vision. Selected artists will each receive a $5,000 grant to support the creation and production of new work, as well as their professional advancement. Applications are due November 1. Apply here.


The Center for Craft is offering unrestricted $10,000 grants to twenty-one mid-career craft artists who will participate in an 8-month cohort experience, in which they will be guided through training that encourages and sustains a generative practice as both artists and educators. The Center intends to develop and strengthen a network of craft artists through peer-to-peer learning and connection to enrich the impact on their communities. Applications are due November 30, 2022. Apply here.

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Call for Artists: Chain of Parks Art Festival

10846274475?profile=RESIZE_400xApril 15 & 16, 2023
Tallahassee, Florida
Outdoor parks, downtown Tallahassee
Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 10am-4pm
150 Artists
Deadline: October 31, 2022
Application fee: $30                                          Booth fee: $350
The annual Chain of Parks Art Festival is a multi-day Fine Art Festival with a two-day outdoor exhibit held in a group of city parks known as the ‘Chain of Parks’ in downtown Tallahassee, Florida. The festival is ranked in the Top 100 Fine Art festivals by Sunshine Artist Magazine, reaching #1 in 2017, #5 in 2018 and #3 in 2019. The Festival awards over $10,000 in cash prizes with 150 juried artists competing. The Chain of Parks Art Festival has been recognized as a Legacy Event by Visit Tallahassee due to the 40,000+ visitors and patrons it attracts. All proceeds from this juried Fine Art festival benefit LeMoyne Arts, a non-profit community-based art center.
10846273092?profile=RESIZE_400xCASH AWARDS – $10,000+ TOTAL
  • Best of Show – $2,000.00
  • Award of Excellence – $1,000.00
  • Recycle Art Award – $300 – Open to all artists in all mediums.
  • Additional Awards – The Festival will use a weighted award system for the balance of award prize monies to be divided among mediums based on the number of artists in each, up to the total prize money amount.
  • Artist hospitality area with all-day refreshments and reserved portable toilets
  • Volunteer booth sitters
  • Limited to less than 150 artists
  • Combined artist sales of over ½ Million
  • 24-hour on-site security
  • Complimentary reserved parking
  • Website includes artist image and live link to artist website
  • High-quality printed program with a sample image and website information for each artist
  • Digital marketing opportunities provided
  • Top award winners are automatically juried into next year’s Festival
  • The cover artist is selected from participating festival artists
Contact: Sheri Sanderson
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Call for Artists: 4 Bridges Arts Festival

10817312479?profile=RESIZE_400xApril 21, 22, & 23, 2023
Chattanooga, Tennessee
First Horizon Pavilion
Preview Party Friday 6pm-10pm
10am-5pm Saturday & Sunday
145 Artists
Deadline: October 31, 2022
Application fee: $40 Booth fee: $500-$1100
First Horizon Pavilion is a former foundry on the Tennessee River on the southside of downtown Chattanooga. It is now a thriving event site featuring great indoor amenities -- indoor restrooms, a roof, easy access to electricity -- and open air sides that allow for great airflow so artists and attendees alike can enjoy the spring weather.
Each year 4BAF makes its debut at the Preview Party. The Party attracts close to 1,000 local art enthusiasts: patrons who attend to support the visual arts. Most importantly, the Preview Party is a unique opportunity for artists to promote and sell their work while networking and socializing with passionate advocates and collectors.
AVA celebrates the visual arts by distributing over $20,000 in cash prizes. The 2023 jury panel has the discretionary privilege of selecting honorees and presenting the awards. The jury panel’s decisions are final.
  • "I just wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work in coordinating such a great show! This show kicked off my year, and as I look forward to upcoming shows, I just hope they'll be as seamless, fun, and accommodating as you all were this past weekend. Thanks again!"
  • "I met the most amazing people who, I sure, will become more than just someone I saw at the art show. I feel that my world became bigger and my heart feels full. I would love to come back next year if the jurors would invite me."
  • "This was the best show that I’ve exhibited at that had such great artist amenities and also such a great understanding of how to treat the customers coming through. The thought put into both the artists and customers is something I haven’t seen before. "
The show is perfectly timed just a couple of weeks before
Mothers Day and in the thick of wedding season -
a great place to buy gifts or look for a piece to decorate a new home!
Contact: Sarah Moore
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Call for Artists: Old Island Days Art Festival

10817308662?profile=RESIZE_400xFebruary 25 & 26, 2023
Key West, Florida
Whitehead Street & Caroline Street
Old Town Key West
10am-5pm Saturday & Sunday
100 Artists
Deadline: October 15, 2022
Application fee: $35 Booth fee: $290
Back to beautiful tree-lined Whitehead Street and Caroline Street in Old Town Key West, the heart of the tourist district. One block from famous Duval Street and within a couple of blocks from the Hemingway House, Cruise Ship Dock, and much more. The street has been newly paved and new sidewalks will make a great venue.
The sponsor is the Key West Art Center that has supported local art in the location on Front Street for over 60 years. Management for this year's show is headed by a team of artists and administrators including past Directors Lois Songer and Jane Grannis. Also included are the board president and new Art Center director.
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A message from Sharon McAllister about the Fort Myers Art Fest. She's going to attend my zoom meeting today (4PM Eastern time) to answer any questions. 
A message from ArtFest Fort Myers Staff: We are truly grateful to those of you who continue to reach out to us in the wake of Hurricane Ian. We are thankful to report that we are all safe and have experienced minimal damage. Many photos have been circulated showing the devastation of our area. Many of these images are from Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel/Captiva, Pine Island, and other cities directly on the coast. Our hearts are broken for those who experienced such a tragic loss. It is truly devastating. But we want to stress that those photos do not represent Downtown Fort Myers. While Downtown Fort Myers did experience flooding, the water has long since receded. The ArtFest site is fine, and we are continuing to plan for the 2023 festival. We are in the process of jurying our artist applicants now, and our notification date will remain on schedule. Many businesses in Downtown Fort Myers continue to have their power restored, and some restaurants have already reopened, with more continuing to open. Hurricane Ian was unable to wash away our resilience. Southwest Florida is strong and will recover and come back stronger than ever. We look forward to seeing you at ArtFest 2023 in February.
Here's a link to my zoom meeting. 
Meeting ID: 433 889 5789
Passcode: art-show
Larry Berman
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10817292472?profile=RESIZE_400xApril 14, 15, & 16, 2023
The Woodlands, Texas
The Waterway through Town Center
Friday 1pm-5pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, & Sunday 10am-5pm
200 Artists
Deadline: October 16, 2022
Application fee: $40                                  Booth fee: $500-$1200
Sell your original creations along a landscaped path beside The Woodlands Waterway®. The Woodlands was recently voted the #1 place to live in America and is home to world-class shopping, dining and entertainment options, and has more than 200 miles of hike-and-bike trails and 135 charming parks. Fidelity Investments The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival has been consistently ranked one of the top fine arts festivals in the Nation, with an average, yearly attendance of 15,000-20,000 educated and well-funded art buyers.
  • Artists are featured on our website starting in February
  • Over $2M in Artist Sales in 2022
  • Renowned Artist Hospitality in a beautiful venue
  • One of a Kind Art Dash Party for participating VIP artists
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Breakfast Tacos for Artists Saturday and Sunday
  • We follow CDC guidelines and IFEA recommendations for health and safety protocol.


"I had a great time at the WWAF!
Great helpers and very well-organized show!
I really appreciated how long artists had to set up!
I hope to be back next year!"
Contact: David Mayes
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Call for Artists: Naples Art National Art Fair 2023

10817280498?profile=RESIZE_400xFebruary 25 & 26, 2023
Naples, Florida
Cambier Park and 8th Street
Daily 10am-5pm
190 Artists
Deadline: October 28, 2022
Application fee: $35                                Booth fee: $650
The Naples Art National Art Fair is consistently voted among the top art fairs in the country. It was named one of Art Fair SourceBook Blue Chip 100 Fine Art Events for 2019 and’s America’s Best Art Fairs. As one of the oldest fairs in Collier County, the Naples Art National Art Fair is counted by the local community as among its premiere, must-see events, thanks to the high quality of art, the engaging personalities of the artists, and the festive atmosphere. The show is held in scenic Cambier Park and along 8th Street South, one block from downtown Naples’ premier shopping and dining district.
Contact: Patrick Benes
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10817266894?profile=RESIZE_400xMay 3 - 7, 2023
Washington, D.C.
National Building Museum
Preview Night Benefit May 3
Thursday - Sunday 10:30am-5:30pm
120 Artists
Deadline: September 30, 2022
Application fee: $50                                Booth fee: $1280-$1980
10817266693?profile=RESIZE_400xThe 41st year of the Smithsonian Craft Show is coming May 3 -7, 2023! Craft lovers are eager to come, experience American craft excellence, meet and reconnect with outstanding artists, and buy their latest work. Apply now to join this 5-day celebration of the best of present and new directions in craft.
The show is produced by the Smithsonian Women's Committee, and supports education, outreach, and research programs of the Smithsonian Institution.
The venue, the National Building Museum, is located in downtown Washington, DC. It is a historic building with a beautiful great hall that houses the show. The Museum is easily accessible by bus, surface transportation, and Metrorail. It is near other museums, restaurants, shops, and hotels.
The Craft Show is looking for artists who produce one-of-a-kind and limited edition objects that have been conceived and perfected by the artist's own hands and created in the artist's studio.
Contact: Heidi Austreng
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