Q: How do I find my way around the site? 

A: Using the top menu bar is the best way to navigate and find more on the site quickly.  

Q: How do I find things on the site?

A: There are easy to use "Search" boxes in the Tabs at the top of the site and at the top of the Forum.  These boxes searches the whole site, including forum discussions, blog posts, member profiles, and more.

* Also on the Photos page (use the top menu bar to get there) under the featured photos is a search box (searches only photos using either the title of the post, title of the photo or tags)


Q: How do I find the latest information posted on the site?

A: If you check in frequently, the front page is great as it has the latest updates in the "Activity Feed", lower middle of the page

If you’re looking for blogs, you can click the “blog” link in the top menu bar, this will take you to the latest blogs – or latest comments on blogs.   If you’re looking for forum discussions, clicking on the “forum” link in the top menu bar will take you to all forum discussions.  Below the featured discussions, there are all the forum topics listed.  Clicking on each topic will bring you to the latest updated discussions.


Q: How do I use“My Page”

A: AFI provides you with a page that you can personalize, add photos to, an RSS feed (e.g., from your website or offsite blog), a text box for whatever you wish and a blog.

To upload your photo and update your information, click on “my settings” underneath your name in the right column on your page (top of the page).

There is a status update bar at the top of your page which you can enter a small update (up to 140 characters) whenever you wish.

You may receive comments on your comment wall.  You can respond to the sender by clicking “comment back” under the said comment.  This will take you to the commenter’s page where you can type in a message on their comment wall.

Each box of information on your page has a header bar you can click and drag this to various places on your page to order it as you desire.   

To add something to one of these boxes, start by clicking the “Edit” button on the box header bar.   To add photos click “Add Photos” in the photo box on your page and follow the prompts.  To add a blog post, click “Add a Blog Post” under the “blog” box on your page.  (If the box has nothing entered in it (e.g., you don’t have any photos) then although you will see the information box, other viewers of your page won’t.)

To change the look of your page, click on the “customize my page” near the top of your left hand column, under your photo. There are lots of ways to personalize your page.


Q: I’m receiving a lot of emails from AFI, how can I reduce these?

A: If you find you're receiving too many notification emails you can change your settings.  

Go to 'My page'; Click on “Settings” on the right top of the page.   Go to “email” on the left hand side of the page. Select which emails you want - its a good idea to keep the top option ticked: "A personal message" as this is how other members can talk to you one on one


Q: I don’t know where to post a new topic – should I do it in my blog or as a discussion in the forum?

A: The blog is for show reviews and editorial pieces. Anything else should be posted to its respective topic in the forum. The forums are more user friendly and generate more interest and participation.


Q: How do I find the Art Show Reviews?

A: Many informal reviews can be found in the blog section (go to “blog” on the top menu bar) and either browse or use the search bar if you’re looking for information on a specific show.

The links on the top menu bar for “Art Show Reviews” and “Call for Artists” are external pages linked into the site. 


Q: How do I upload a photo to a discussion?

A:  At the top of the reply box is a small WYSIWYG menu.  If you hover over each of the pictures in the menu bar it will tell you what the button is for.  To add a photo to your discussion, click the second picture “image” and follow the prompts.  


Q: How do I send a private message to another member?

A: Go to their page and under their photo there is the option to "Send a Message"  this may not be available if they're not your 'friend'.   You may have to request their friendship first.   


Q:  How can I send a message to all my friends? 

A: To send a message to all your friends - click on the word "friends" in the top right hand corner under your name. You will then see clickable wording on the left hand side that says "send message to all friends".    You can send a message to fellow members of a group you belong to as well.   Go to the group’s page and in the top right of the page is an option “send message to group”.  Don’t SPAM though!


Q: How do I participate in live chat?

A: On the very bottom of the front page (“Home”) is a live chat facility.     The people who are currently online are listed in the right hand box. 

A green dot in the top right of the chat box indicates you are online.  You may go offline by clicking this dot which will turn red.   To start talking, type in your question, comment etc., in the bottom section and press enter.  You will see your comment now in the larger box.   Please be aware that although some people look like they are online they may have the screen open but be away from their computer.   If you are online and someone starts chat, you will hear a chime sound from your computer (if you have sound enabled) each time they enter a new comment.


Q: I have problems with viewing or accessing the site, how do I get technical help?

A: To access Ning Help (offsite), click on the "Help" at the very bottom right of the page in the black bar.


Many thanks to member Linda Shields for gathering and preparing the above info. 

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  • How do I edit and/or remove a listing in the For Sale, Trade or Rent forum? Thank you!

  • How do I edit my listing in the For Sale, Trade or Rent forum?

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