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HMC is now accepting submissions for

the Artists-in-Residence Program and exhibition in 2021 at AIR-HMC, Budapest-Hungary.  For applying, please write us for more info and application form to .

Application fee $20

We are looking forward to receiving applications of artists who have interest in our program. 

Beata Szechy, HungarianMulticulturalCenter


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ArtFest Fort Myers is excited to announce two major aspects
of our overall plan for the 2021 art festival - Feb 6, & 7 2021.
There will be many more details to follow - this is just the beginning.
This information will also be on our website and ZAPP listing.
On-site Art Festival
We value the safety and success of all artists who participate in ArtFest Fort Myers. Multiple new safety protocols to maximize both safety and success for artists, attendees and volunteers/staff are being implemented. Our Site Plan is not yet finalized as we revise for CDC Guidance. Based on what we know at this time the Site Plan will have:
  • increased spacing between booths
  • reduced number of artists
  • crowd size control with emphasis on art buyers
  • multiple locations around the festival of hand sanitizer stations
  • continual cleaning of common area touch points.
Given the unknowns as COVID continues into the Fall and ArtFest Fort Myers' dedication to hosting the in-person art festival we are also reserving back-up dates. Those dates are in the process of being chosen to not conflict with other Florida art festivals that would create hard choices for artists accepted to ArtFest Fort Myers.
This virtual event will not replace the in-person Festival. The in-person and virtual events will both exist alongside each other to create additional experiences and artwork sales for everyone.
A virtual component to art festivals is the way of the future. Certainly the virtual component will never replace the vibrant joy of the in-person festivals. We all love the in-person festival and are eagerly looking forward to ArtFest Fort Myers 2021 and beyond. Think of the virtual component as opening new markets for your artwork and reaching buyers for more time than just a weekend.
This is a quick look at ArtFest@Home
  • All artists accepted to ArtFest Fort Myers are also in ArtFest@Home.
  • No other artists will be in ArtFest@Home, only those accepted through the jury process.
  • There is no additional "booth fee" to be part of ArtFest@Home, it's a package deal with the in-person festival.
  • There will be plenty of tech support for artists, although if you can handle ZAPP or PayPal or your own eCommerce store you will love the ArtFest@Home interface.
ArtFest@Home is being built on the Eventeny platform and includes:
  • "Store" for each artist
  • Unlimited images per artist
  • Unlimited videos per artist
  • Bulk image upload avoiding that tedious one-at-at-time process
  • Live Chat with virtual attendees or they make an appointment to Chat with you (auto-powered by Zoom)
  • Artist Statement area; contact info; links to your YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Integrated Shopping Cart within ArtFest@Home. Think shopping experience on Amazon, buy many items and pay one time. Eventeny analytics show that 78% of virtual attendees buy from multiple artists in 1 transaction.
  • Orders/shipping, money, email database and sales tax info all sent automatically to each artist, privately of course. Money is processed through Stripe.
  • The Eventeny platform automatically adjusts for online traffic - surging bandwidth when needed to eliminate slow down or crashing of website. It is hosted on Amazon servers for state-of-the-art support.
  • Internal messaging service so artists can talk with each other within the ArtFest@Home site
  • ArtFest@Home will begin about a week before ArtFest Fort Myers (advance buying & shopping and VIP Club) and continue for a month or more after the in-person festival. The after-festival timing is still being determined in ways that maximize artist sales.
  • Maybe best of all, once you build your ArtFest@Home Store, then any other virtual art festival you participate in who uses Eventeny can automatically add your Store. Or if you have already participated in an art festival on Eventeny's platform then it rolls to ArtFest@Home. No work on your part - unless you want/need to edit your Store.
Promotion of ArtFest@Home
Just like the in-person art festival, ArtFest@Home will have extensive advertising and promotion. It will be included as an option in all festival advertising; on our website; on our Facebook & Instagram pages. And it will have its own high-budget paid Facebook Ad Campaign in widespread locations.
We will also supply artists with wording and images to promote ArtFest@Home through their social media channels and newsletters.
ArtFest@Home Demo - We Value Artist Input
We would love to talk with you as we share the framework for ArtFest@Home.
Join us on Zoom to see a demo and share your comments about what you want to see in ArtFest@Home - our dynamic virtual art festival.
Please select one of the following to join us - you will need to email to receive the Zoom link.
August 12 @ 4:00PM ET
August 13 @10:00AM ET
August 14 @ 2:00PM ET
After the Zoom Demos the recording and presentation deck will be on-line at
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Here you go, this show sounds like they have done their homework to protect everyone as best as possible from Covid-19.  The show is the 18th Annual Orchard Lake Fine Art Show held in West Bloomfield Township on July 25 & 26th.

The show is produced by Patty Narozny of HotWorks.  Patty has had to cancel several of her shows earlier this year.  It greatly bothered Patty to cancel show after show because of the virus.  Patty knows that artists depend on shows to make their living.  Patty worked with the West Bloomfield Township and is following the Covid-19 guide lines based on the Governor's executive order to put together the safest show possible.  The 18th Annual Orchard Lake fine Art Show may very well be the first Michigan show to be held since the Covid-19 shut down.  This show may also become the model other show producers will be following in the future so that art shows can become a possibility once again.

So, what can you expect if you are able to get into the 18th Annual Orchard Lake fine Art Show?  The deadline to apply is June 19th so don't drag your feet and there is a limited amount of spaces available.  Below you can read about the precautions that will be in place to make this a safe show for everyone in attendance:

   *  There will be 3 main entrances into the show.

   *  There will be a few hand washing sinks spread around the show.  This show had a sink before in the
       relaxation tent so that people could wash their hands before they ate while at the show.  Well they
       will have a few more now.

   *  The sinks are touchless, they are operated by your foot.

   *  There will be signs at each porta john urging people to wipe the handles before & after use.  There
       will be disinfectant & paper towel there for people to use.

   *  All show booths will be 3 feet apart.

   *  If possible all booths will have 2 or more sides up to help the air to flow through the tents.

   *  Social distancing of 6 feet apart will be practiced.

   *  Face coverings will be encouraged however since the show is outside it can't be forced by law.

   *  Artist will use pointers - if possible to help with physical distancing.  This may not be possible for
       everyone so then face coverings should be worn when interacting the artist needs to be closer
       to the art patrons.

   *  One family unit at a time can be in the booth.  Other shoppers will need to wait outside the booth
       to be invited in.

   *  There will be markings on the ground for spacing for the art patrons.

   *  Every booth is responsible to bring his/her own hand sanitizer & have it displayed in booths for
       people to see & use during the show.

   *  Jewelers & browse bins will need to be wiped after touching & anything else needing wiping should
       be wiped during the show.

Patty Narozny has put a lot of time and work into trying to put together a safe show.  This could be a good time to try to get back into an art show.  It will be different and take some time getting used to.  I think this will work.  You might want to give this a chance. 

Don't forget that the deadline to apply is June 19th and there is a limited amout of spaces available. 

Let's make this work!


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    Once again I have spent some time evaluating the website.   Take a look.  I think you will find some very interesting facts.  We know many of our artists use our Art Show Reviews website.  We know because you have also told us many times that you do use it when you are making up your schedules. 

    However, we need your help.  This website will not be as useful to you or any other artist if we don't get new show reviews.  We are averaging 1 review for every 4,000 times someone uses our website.  Artists are using us but not giving back.

    I have often asked artists to write a review for certain shows.  Many are hesitant and I have gotten the impression they think I am looking for a bad review.  I am not asking for bad reviews.  I am hoping the reviews are good ones because I hope all the shows are good shows.  However, mainly I am just looking for honest reviews that are helpful to others.

    If you want to review a show that isn't on our website, go ahead and write your review.  If I find we don't have it listed I will add it.  No problem, I am just happy you wrote a review for us.  

    Every year I get a comment that is left on our website like this one:

How come so many of the posted show reviews are from 2-5 years old?  Can't you supply some more updated review information from artists that have done the shows.  After all, many shows go through changes from year to year.

    This comment is very true.  If we don't get new reviews all we have is old reviews.  Shows do change.  Shows try to improve.  We want artists to know the show has changed for the better if it has.  Please help us.  Please consider writing a review for us.  We are just asking for about 5 minutes of your time.

Please give back to keep our website as useful as possible.

#1:  We now have 650 art shows on our website.  Last year we had 643, so we had a slight gain in the past year.

#2.  We still have 7 states that do not have any art and craft shows listed at all.  The states of Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, and West Virginia have never had a show review submitted for them, thus those states have not been added.  If you submit a review for those states I will add the show and get that state on our website.  Surely, someone here has done a show in one of those states.  Please write a review for us.

#3.  The state with the largest amount of shows listed on our website is Florida.  That probably isn't a big surprise.  We have 86 shows listed on our site in Florida, that is two more than the year before.  Coming in second place is Illinois with 43 shows.  Michigan has 37 shows and is in 3rd place. 

#4.   We have 24 states with 10 or less art and craft shows listed.   

#5.   We have three states with only one art or craft show listed for them.  Those states are Arkansas, Rhode Island, and South Dakota.  Anybody have a show they can submit for these states? 

#6.   We still have only one show listed for Canada.  We know they have shows up there.  Does anyone have a show and a review that they could add to that page to make it more valuable?

#7.   We actually have a European page with one show listed.  Has anyone done an European shows yet? We would love to add a couple shows to that page.

#8.   Since our website went live we have had 1,285,929 page views.  That is amazing!  We know artists are using our website.  We need new reviews so that our site remains useful and needed.

#9.   In 2019, we had roughly 130,655 page views.  

#10. In the last 30 days, 1/11/19 - 2/11/20, we have had 10,182 page views.  Of course, this is a time when many artists are using our site to put the finishing touches on their show schedules. 

#11. We usually average about 375 page views per day.  In fact, we had had 257 page views by 8 am today.  Artists were up early and working today. 

#12. We had a total of 30 reviews that were written for us during 2019.  Of course, many people use our website without ever leaving a comment or writing a review.  We also had 17 comments left. 

#13. In the last year, we had 130,655 page views.  Of those over 130 thousand visitors only 30 times did artists leave a review.  Certainly we can give back to the art community better than that.  We want artists to use our website, but we would also need you to give back.  

#14. The average show review probably takes less than 7 minutes to write.  There is a simple form is right there on our website and you just fill it in.  Easy peasy!  Simple as pie!

To submit a show review click on this link:

To submit a show that is not on our website click this link:

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Hello fellow artists, I got into the Pecan street art festival in Austin tx.  I can not find much info about it. The booth fee is kinda high at $690ish for single booth. So iam hesitant to accept till I find out a bit more info. I can mot find any reviews. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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call for artists: exhibit in Budapest in 2020


OPEN CALL: Environment & BookArt exhibition (9 X 12)

Bartok1 Gallery, Budapest 2020

Deadline: March 1, 2020

Artworks on or of paper may be any size, but MUST fit in a 9 X 12 (22.9X30.5cm) envelope or box.  Unmatted, unframed photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media, cast or folded paper, multimedia or digital prints.  

For more information and Application Form please email to:

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8869193886?profile=originalUnfortunately, the Art and Craft Show held in Old Town San Diego will no longer be held.  This show had been held in the Historic Old Town San Diego.  Old Town is a quaint area that attracts tourists to San Diego.

The Arts & Crafts Show Old Town San Diego first began in 2011.  This art and craft show had something for everyone, fine art, entertainment. delicious international tasty food, tequilas, and craft beer and wine.  The colorful art event ran along San Diego Avenue from Conde Street to Twiggs Street.

The art and craft show was hosted by the Old Town Chamber of Commerce.  In 2018, the show was schedule to take place.  The artists were juried in and a month before the show was to take place the show was abruptly canceled.  The artists' money was refunded.  

The Old Town Chamber of Commerce did not receive the annual financial support in 2018 that it had received in the past.  That lack of funding caused the show to be cancelled in 2018.  Because that lack of financial support still continues there was also no show taking place for 2019.

So, as of this date, there is no sign that this show will return in the future.  It is always sad to report the end of an art show. 

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Rehoboth Art League's Outdoor Fine Art and Craft Show
Rehoboth, Delaware

Venue: The Rehoboth Art League's Henlopen Acres campus, which used to a farmstead.

Dates: First two weekends in August

Hours: Sat 10-5, Sun 10-4 PM

Booth fee 450 for one weekend and I believe 800 if you Do two weekends. I just did the final weekend.

Plus 50 dollar fee to be a member of the Rehoboth Art League - mandatory to do the show) and $50 host fee if you choose to stay with a host family for the weekend or $100 for two weekends (these are members of the art league who put up out of town artists, which is appreciated as this is high tourist season in a beach resort town where there are no cheap hotel rates). Our host was lovely and made us dinner Fri night as well as breakfasts (which is not required). I stayed at a beautiful house a couple of blocks off the beach and a half mile from the show. Our host drove myself and some other artists each day if we needed it (also not required).

My medium is mixed media contemporary animal paintings. Price points $150 to $3900. All originals, no prints. Lowest price point sold $300. Highest was $1800.

The art show is held on the gorgeous campus of the art league, which is in a neighborhood about 10 min walk from the beach, and is surrounded by multi million dollar homes. Your tent is on grass between gravel lined paths. As this is in Delaware there is no sales tax. There is a 5 dollar admission fee for visitors (children under 12 are admitted free) and a free trolley / shuttle service.

I did this show for the first time last year, and decided to do again this year as the art quality is very high. It's juried, and if selected, you are pre-approved for two years. This is fine art and craft. No buy sell or imports. Last year they kicked out someone who misrepresented their art and were selling work made by others. There are about 125 artists I think, as well as some music (not too loud) and a beer garden. The artists range from fairly traditional to more contemporary and abstract or even whimsical or funky. They had paintings, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, glass, jewelry, etc. etc etc.

If you do both weekends you are allowed to keep your tent up in between weekends if you want. If you do only one weekend you can set up the Thurs or Friday before. One caveat, the neighborhood is VERY strict about no commercial activity (which includes an art festival), before 830 am and after 5 pm. So you can NOT do any set up or breakdown before or after these hours. On sat our host dropped us off at 820 and we were made to wait across the road until exactly 830 before we could go into our tents. When you set up before you can drive up to your spot to unload then move your car to the side. The show is pretty well organized but has a relaxed atmosphere for the most part.

Also you get a parking pass for a specific house to park at. If you park anywhere else you will get ticketed. Make sure you follow the rules for this show.

They also provide secure wifi for the show, however, at my location it was super sluggish.

Note: if you drive in Friday to set up, get into town before noon if you don't want to be sitting in traffic.

Last year I did mediocre as far as sales ( I paid my expenses but only had a very small profit which is not really worth it if you consider the amount of time and energy spent on the show), but I had a good vibe about the fest so I wanted to try it again, especially as I was new to the area. I did A LOT of promo on social media and my email lists beforehand and the day before the show i even presold a small original.

Saturday was mid 80s and sunny, no wind or rain. I was originally supposed to be in one location but The day before I drove down they had to move my spot and I ended up on a main path in a well trafficked area,. The only negative there was a tree in The space so I needed to set up in front of it so The roots made The ground uneven and my booth was not flush with my row. This did give me a partial outside wall on my tent that I could now use as it could be seen by oncoming traffic.

The paths you are on are wide and many artists will sit in the center where there is shade. They are pretty relaxed about this here.

The morning traffic was decent then died just after lunch. I did one $900 sale to one person and then nothing else. My impression was many artists were not happy with traffic. The previous week I was told was brutally hot but busy and one lucky artist got $16k in sales when a restaurateur bought up a bunch of art for a new restaurant.

I did hear that there was a fatal accident on one of the main roads and traffic (already hugely congested on Saturdays) was a standstill for a few hours, so that may have impacted us some.

However, due to past experience, my Sunday sales are often stronger than Saturday so I reserve judgement until after the show is over.

They have an artist reception Saturday night but I didn't go. They also have boothsitters, free water, an air conditioned artist only bathroom and sitting area, and complimentary breakfast and snacks. They also have a cafe you can order from for lunch but I just ate some food I packed.

On Sunday it was 80 degrees, very light wind and pleasant. Traffic came in strong and stayed fairly consistent all day. Please note this is not a HUGE festival so it's not like Ann Arbor crowds, but they can have a steady stream of people.

I sold two large more expensive works on Sunday that made my sales from meh to something I was pretty happy with.

Nobody asked for a discount and nobody acted shocked at my prices although It's true not everyone could afford it. I had a couple of people ask about reproductions, which I do sell online so I gave them my card to shop there. I had a few other people take a card to think about a purchase so i have to see if they actually do contact me (I'm not holding my breath though). I did get the usual questions: how long did this take to make and did you make this, but in general this audience is more educated. There was also a wide range of ages, families and couples. There is also a large gay demographic here as well so if you make pride or gay-friendly related work, it may be popular. In general it was a nice, educated and well behaved crowd.

I will say most of the works I sold were sea animals or regional animals. So, something to think about if you do the show. People are looking to put work in their beach houses. At the end of the review are some pics of the work I sold.

The impression I got from others was that Sunday was better in general for most. Not everybody did well though, but that is like every show.

The show is not currently on Zapp but I heard a rumor that next year it may be.

You can get your car once your tent is down but this is sort of not well enforced but everyone figured it out. A couple of artists did block one of the paths with their car which caused some confusion as they wouldn't move.

I think I thought of the main review points but if anybody has questions let me know.

I don't know if this is a show to drive across country for, but i live three hours away and it is worth it to me (though I did meet a couple of Florida artists). I do think it's a very high quality show and well run and artists are treated very well.

Most of the other artists I met were from Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and DC.






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The Rising Ground for Indian Artists

The posh outlook of the art sector has been showing a staggering expansion as the eastern art world is now penetrating the European and American market.

For long, European and American art were the major crowd pullers at the global level. The reason was the perpetual suppression of Eastern art styles and conventions.

However, things have changed tremendously in the last few decades or so. Eastern art community isn’t just growing but also showing a remarkable upsurge in terms of creativity and innovation.

The entrance of Christie’s exhibition in India in 2013 has declared the arrival of Eastern art at the global level.


And to make things better, the Christie’s first auction in India sold paintings worth $15 million, which was way beyond what was expected. 98% of the total stuff was sold!

Untitled painting of V.S.Gaitonde was sold at a staggering price of $4.1 million. Now that was something that didn’t happen commonly for Indian artists.

There isn’t a single piece of doubt that Indian art is on an unerring climb. Let’s take a deeper view in the same by checking out the stats and keeping a notch on what drives this hike.

What do numbers say?

The year 2018 proved to a prolific one for Indian art.

With a 21.6% rise in the sale, Indian art is all dressed up for the party ahead.

There were 1559 artworks put up on sale in the year 2018, out of which 1469 got sold generating around INR 685 crore.

One reason for deterring in the sales of 2017 was the implementation of demonetization policy by the Indian regime.

Amongst Indian artists, the iconic S.H.Raza leads 2018 by fetching a towering sale of INR 98 crore for 67 pieces he sold.

His most expensive sale recorded a whopping INR 29 crore for his exquisite work, Tapovan, at Christie’s auction.

This proves that Indian art is on a shining path that leads to more record-breaking sales.

But what are the aspects that drive this excellent escalade?

Driving Factors – What pushes the growth?

There are a dozen reasons that are responsible for pulling Indian art from the sink and putting it at an apex level in the market.

However, there are a few factors that influenced the ascent of Indian art more than others.

Coining Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group

Pre-independence, the creativity of Indian artists was surrounded with pre-set themes and a definite objective. Patriotism, socialism, and nationalism used to drive the artists to pick up the brush.

However, post-1947, Indian artists weren’t bounded by anything. This is what inspired them to make a separate identity of Indian art, where thoughts, imaginations, and creativity didn’t experience any sort of friction.

With this in mind, the emergence of Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group became possible. The group was formed in 1948 and got dissolved in 1956 but the impression and impact it had on artists in India can still be seen in contemporary works.

Understand that the founding members of this group are known names of Indian art. All of these lads were young then, mostly in their early career stage, but held an impeccable vision.

These illustrious artists were S.H.Raza, K.H.Ara, H.A. Gade, M.F.Husain, F.N.Souza, Soon the likes of Ram Kumar, V.S.Gaitonde, Tyeb Mehta, etc joined the movement.

This was a breakthrough in shaping a new face for modern Indian art.

The Global Sweep

The centuries-old thirst of Indian art to win global recognition is now quenched, eventually.

As said, Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group played a pivotal role in gaining ground for Indian art. But the group got scrapped in just 8 years – what then?

A lot of Indian artists in this group were determined to showcase their talent on the global platforms post-independence.  

The first one was Souza, who left India and went to France in the year 1949. His paintings were already exhibited in London Burlington House a year before.

Soon after, artists like Husain, Gaitonde, Mehta, and Raza began to sweep European and American nations with their extraordinary talent.

A few of these artists toured and came back while others stayed there.

In a nutshell, Indian artists beginning to participate and impress the western art collectors and zealots turned the eye of major art dealers towards the untapped market of India.

The online burst

The unbelievable emergence and rise of the online world have impacted a number of sectors quite heavily – art is no exception.

If you want to look in terms of numbers, let me tell you that the record sales of 2018 what we were discussing above was because of the online platforms.

Surprisingly, the contribution of online sales (339 crores) is more than what offline deals yielded (318 crores).

The Paramountcy and popularity of the online platforms can be seen by the fact that out of 716 works put for sale online in 2018, 657 got their buyers.

These three are the major drivers for the phenomenal rise of Indian art in the world.


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Finished my 2nd Event

Finished my second event...Burro Races in Georgetown CO. Since my last event, I purchased Flourish mesh walls and absolutely love them.  My husband does setup was talking them up to other vendors.

I decided to forgo the wood curtain on the back, glad I did the tent looks clean and crisp. I will be using smaller S hooks next time as it was difficult inserting the larger hooks in the mesh.  Now I just need to figure out a good way of showing my stickers. I had them hanging on the wall but they kept flying away.


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In-Booth Portfolios

Hello All,

A question for those of you who have a catalog or portfolio of "Other Available Artwork" in your art fair booth... Which do you have --or recommend-- a hardcopy or electronic presentation?  How do you have yours displayed in your booth... on a pedistal... on your desk... pull it out on request... other?

Thanks, in advance, for your input.

--Chris Fedderson

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Can you spare 7 minutes of your life to help the art fair community?  Let me convince you.

Below you will find some very interesting facts about   I have spent some time evaluating the information from the website from 2018 that I would like to share with you.   Take a look.  I think you will find some very interesting facts.   Please consider giving back to the Art Fair Community with a review or two ( about 7 minutes per review).


Fact #1:  We now have 643 Art and Craft Shows listed on our site.  We have shows throughout the entire country.  

Fact #2:  We have 7 states that do not have any art and craft shows listed at all.  The states of Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, and West Virginia have never had a show review submitted for them, thus those states have not been added.  We sure would appreciate having some reviews for those states.  

Fact #3:  The state with the largest amount of shows listed on our website is Florida.  That probably isn't a big surprise.  We have 84 shows listed on our site in Florida.  Coming in send place is Illinois with 49 shows.

Fact #4:  We have 25 states with 10 or less art and craft shows listed. 

Fact #5:  We have three states with only one art or craft show listed for them.  Those states are Arkansas, Rhode Island, and South Dakota.  Anybody have a show they can submit for these states? 

Fact #6:  We have one show listed for Canada.  We know they have shows up there.  Does anyone have a show and a review that they could add to that page to make it more valuable?

Fact #7:  We actually have a European page with one show listed.  Has anyone done an European shows yet?  We would love to add a couple shows to that page.

Fact #8:  Since our website went live we have had 1,155,274 page views.  That is amazing!  We know artists are using our website.  We need new reviews so that our site remains useful and needed.

Fact #9:  In the last 30 days, 12/12/18 - 1/12/19, we have had 11,964 page views.  Of course, this is a time when many artists are using our site to put the finishing touches on their show schedules. 

Fact #10:  We usually average about 381 page views per day.  In fact, we had had 111 page views by 11am today.  Artists were up early and working today. 

Fact #11:  Ninety two reviews or comments were left on ASR during 2018.  Of course, many people use our website without ever leaving a comment or writing a review.  Of the 92 comments left, 58 of those were actual show reviews using our list of questions to answer for the shows.  Those 58 reviews are more useful to artists.

Fact #12:  In the last year we had 143,568 page views.  Of those over 143 thousand visitors only 58 times did artists leave a review.  Certainly we can give back to the art community better than that.  

Fact #13:  The average show review probably takes about 7 minutes to write.  The form is right there on our website and you just fill it in.  Easy peasy!

Fact #14:  To submit a show review click on this link:

Fact #:  To submit a show that is not on our website click this link:

One person who visited our website left this comment:

How come so many of the posted show reviews are from 2-5 years old? Can't you supply some more updated review information from artists that have done the shows. After all, many shows go through changes from year to year.

My answer back to this person was sure, we would love to add more current and up to date reviews for each show.  However, if the artists don't submit the reviews I can't add them.  Our website will be as useful to artists if everyone does their part.  It is only 7 minutes!

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Thursday, July 18 - Sunday, July 21, 2019
Deadline: MONDAY, JANUARY 14, 2019
Hours: Thurs.-Sat. 10am-9pm, Sun. NOON-6pm
205 Exhibitors
The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair (AASAF) is the original of a collective of four concurrent and contiguous fairs that transform central Ann Arbor into a massive outdoor art gallery each July. Established in 1960 as part of Ann Arbor’s Sidewalk Sales, the Street Art Fair quickly became a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization with a mission of increasing public knowledge and appreciation for contemporary fine arts and fine crafts. Over the ensuing 59 years, and additional art fairs, the Original Fair has continued to focus on the art, the artists and the art buyers. Known for its consistently high quality, all original work, the Street Art Fair resides on the streets surrounding the historic Burton Carillon Tower and the tree-lined central campus of the University of Michigan and does not host sidewalk sales or vendor booths. The Street Art Fair was voted one of the “Top Ten Best Art Festivals” in the country in an USA TODAY Reader’s Poll and is continually in the Art Fair Calendar “Top Ten Best Art Fairs” & Art Fair Source Books “Elite 25”. In addition, we ranked 8th in the nation in the latest Sunshine Artist’s “Top 100 Fine Art Shows” poll. 
Application fee:
$40 through 12/31/18, $45 after the 1st of the year
Booth fee:
$650 single
$800 double-back
Electricity and corners are available for an additional $100 each
For more information:
or call 734-994-5260
Apply here:
  • The combined Ann Arbor Art Fair draws approximately 400,000 fairgoers from across the nation.
  • Marketed extensively throughout Southeast Michigan and Northern Ohio, including a robust social media campaign.
  • In-depth Artist Directory on the Fair's website with an enlargeable color thumbnail of your work, contact information and links are included.
  • $8000 in award money and automatic re-invitation for award winners. 
  • Set-up the day before.
  • 11'/12' wide booth space plus behind booth storage.
  • Artist amenities include: on-site security, indoor restrooms, booth sitting, daily continental breakfast, continuous beverages and snacks available at Artist Hospitality, water delivered to booths, and an awards reveal lunch on Friday as well as an artist lunch on Saturday.
  • Paid demonstration opportunities.
See what's happening on our social sites:
Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Original
721 E. Huron, Suite 200, Ann Arbor MI 48104
734-994-5260 -
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Open Call for Artists: Hungarian Multicultural Center AIR-HMC residency program in Budapest, Hungary.

Deadline: November 25, 2018

Subject:Environmental Project & BookArt2”

Session 1: Tuesday, May 14 - Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Session 2: Tuesday, June 11 - Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Session 3: Tuesday, July 9 - Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Session 4: Tuesday, August 6 - Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Session 5: Thursday, December 26 - Friday, January 10, 2020

HMC International Artist Residency Program, a not-for-profit arts organization based in Dallas, TX / Budapest, Hungary - provides national and international artists to produce new work while engaging with the arts community in Budapest, Hungary. 

For more info and application form write to: Beata Szechy

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Call for Artists: Artisphere, 14th Annual

May 11, 12 and 1322a9c2bb-42e3-4ec5-8420-e05965f62744.jpg
Greenville, South Carolina

Presented by: Artisphere
135 Artists
Deadline: October 6

Application fee: $30; Booth fee: $400

Despite its short history, Artisphere has distinguished itself as both a national and regional highlight.  A supportive, art-loving community, beautiful setting, and over 600 volunteers make Artisphere an enjoyable experience for 135 exhibiting artists.  
In addition to a Purchase Awards Program that provides an average of $10,000-$12,000 in art sales Artisphere distributes $15,000 in prize money to eleven award winners each year.

Average artist sales: $9,100

Renowned artist hospitality includes:
  • Convenient set-up and load-out
  • Parking, security
  • Reduced hotel rates
  • Volunteer booth sitters and complimentary meals  
Artisphere's multi-media advertising campaign markets the festival throughout the Southeast region in print ads, print and digital ads in national travel and leisure publications, and regional radio & television ads.  Artisphere is also marketed through festival brochures, social media, the Artisphere website and billboards.


Learn more:
Contact: Robin Aiken,, (864)271-9355
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Call for Artists: Saint Louis Art Fair

ed130d57-ce09-47a5-bc77-136d06649b69.jpgSeptember 7, 8 and 9

Saint Louis, Missouri
Presented By: Cultural Festivals 
181 Artists
Deadline: March 15

Application Fee: $40    Booth Fee: $625-$725
The Saint Louis Art Fair presented by Centene Charitable Foundation (SLAF) invites you to apply to be an exhibitor at the 25th annual Art Fair. The Art Fair will be held in downtown Clayton which borders Saint Louis.
In addition to the amazing visual art exhibition, the festival will feature live performing arts ensembles across three stages, street performers, some of St. Louis' most delectable restaurants, artist demonstrations, and the Creative Castle, an area featuring educational art projects for children.
  • Avg. Sales: $10,633 (based on 2017 post event survey and includes commission work reported to us as of November 17, 2017)
  • Jury Images: 4 Images of work plus one booth image
  • Jurors: The jury panel is made up of arts professionals, p9d7c67a9-574e-41d3-b4ca-ddce5d40e2b5.png?width=117eer jurors, and a buyer/collector (all paid) for a total of 5 jurors
  • Cash Awards: Up to $22,000
  • Booth Space: 10'x10' with 2' buffer all around
  • Electric: 500 watts provided free, no generators
  • Security: 24-Hour
  • Parking: Free/Reserved


More Information:
Contact: Laura Miller   (314) 863-0278

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Festival adds Friday to extend sales!

The 2018 Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival will become a three-day event, opening on Friday, from 10am-5pm, and thereby provide access to an entirely NEW buying audience: the approximately 10,000-person workforce in the Town Center!

It is an audience we have not truly reached in the past (we used to open on Friday night, but by then the workforce had already left). Making the very significant logistical investment in a Friday opening provides A NEW, BUILT-IN, AFFLUENT BUYING AUDIENCE looking for world-class art for their offices, homes, for gifts, and more. It reflects our relentless focus on investing to grow our audience (and we typically draw tens of thousands of visitors already) and driving sales, explaining why has described this as a festival where "the 'art stars' of the outdoor art fairs vie for spaces."

Added bonus: we will now move our Festival Party, to Saturday night (7-9:30pm) and use it to announce our Artist Awards ($500 cash prize for our ten awardees, a blue ribbon to display at their booths, and automatic acceptance into next year's Festival). By making the Artist Awards the focus of the evening (something we could not do when opening on Saturday; not enough time for judging of booths), we will shine an even brighter spotlight on our participating artists and your work. As always, our artists and their plus-ones are our party guests, FREE, another of our nationally renowned artist amenities.

These major changes will make the 2018 Festival bigger and better than ever! Artists applications for juror review are required by Sunday, December 10, through the Juried Art Services website.

Artist set up will be on Thursday during the day and Festival operating hours will be 10am - 5pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Garage parking will be free all three days.
The Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival is the Greater Reston Art Center's (GRACE's) largest annual fundraiser.

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February 24 & 25 998f9bf7-ccf7-458a-b9cd-6f54a3aa8b96.jpg?width=150
Miami, Florida
34th Annual Festival
Downtown South Miami on Sunset Drive
Sat. 10am-6pm; Sun. 10am-5pm 
145 Exhibitors

Deadline: November 2

Application Fee:  $30
Booth Fees: Standard $350, Corner $450, Endcap $525-limited number available
A limited number of double booths are available.

Started as a small show in 1984, the event has grown into one of Miami-Dade County's most anticipated festivals. Dozens of friendly and dedicated Rotary volunteers staff the event, ensuring a pleasant experience for exhibitors.

The festival attracts a diverse group of art lovers.  Public admission is free and includes live jazz throughout the weekend and an international food court.

a5e6db02-8cc3-46a9-9171-3d71be93ec2e.jpg?width=400 The proceeds of the festival benefit South Miami Rotary charitable efforts including college scholarships for local school students as well as international and local community service projects. 

The festival is produced by the dedicated volunteers of the Rotary Club of South Miami and its Rotary Foundation.  Our artists come from all over the U.S. and Canada. 

The area is filled with historic buildings, restaurants and unique shops. Just 3 miles south of Miami's Coconut Grove, South Miami borders the University of Miami and the upscale neighborhoods of Coral Gables and Pinecrest. 

An award for Best in Show will be made in the amount of $1,500. Second prize is $1,000, and third prize is $750. At the discretion of the judges, a total of up to five Artists of Note may be chosen, with awards of $350 each. Sponsorship of additional award funding is being solicited this year.

We provide:

South Miami pic3

  • Load-in and out at booth space
  • Free parking for artists
  • Cash awards of at least $5,000 will be presented
  • Automatic acceptance for winners the following year
  • Complimentary continental breakfast both mornings
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Booth sitting available for brief breaks 
  • Application deadline - November 2, 2017 
  • Notifications emailed - November 13, 2017 
  • Booth fees due - December 8, 2017 No refunds after - January 5, 2018 
  • Set up - February 24, 2018 - 5:30 a.m. Must be completed by 9:45 a.m.
phone: (305)769-5977

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d1ac335e-8391-4573-8aa3-ad30e891d98d.pngJanuary 20 & 21
Venice, Florida
Venice Airport Festival Grounds 
Presented By: Venice Nokomis Rotary
Sat. 9-5; Sun. 10-4 
100 Artists
Deadline: December 1

Entry and Application Fee: $286.80; 2 booth total: $543.60 
Please join us outdoors at the Venice airport festival grounds at beautiful Venice, FL, on the Gulf. We'll host a Friday night kick-off with the Bandana Band from 6-9 pm.

New this year:

  • is our non-profit outreach.
  • Food truck rally
  • Expanded kids area
  • Classic and European car shows


More Information:
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7516d3de-45d8-4529-b7e3-88816261bf30.jpg?width=225October 14 & 15
Las Vegas, Nevada
100 Artists

Deadline: June 1

Application Fee: $25   Booth Fee: $300-$575

3e7a9406-6a23-4c2a-b45d-aeb5cf34b4df.jpg?width=400Summerlin Festival of Arts is celebrating its 22nd year in 2017 and its second year located on a grassy park-like area in beautiful Downtown Summerlin. Held in the affluent Summerlin area of Las Vegas, this established outdoor art festival also features music, food and entertainment, but the celebration's focus is to support fine artists and artisans. 

The event draws an estimated 40,000 visitors with thousands of serious art buyers each day - all ages, including families from the Las Vegas area and out-of-towners. Art enthusiasts enjoy fine arts and crafts in the inviting and festive outdoor atmosphere in Downtown Summerlin, a walkable open-air shopping, dining and entertainment destination. 

Parking for both artists and patrons is convenient to the site. The art festival hours are 10:00 am until 5:00 pm Saturday and Sunday. The event is free and open to the public.

Marketing: Publicity for the event includes citywide newspaper, radio, and TV coverage, outdoor signage, electronic media, social media, the Summerlin events calendar, a magazine distributed throughout Summerlin, artist postcards and artist e-blasts. The event is presented by Summerlin in partnership with their sponsors.

Artist Amenities:
* The location of the site is on a grassy area surrounded by Downtown Summerlin's open-air shopping center.
* Area will be lit at night with security patrolling the site 24-hours from Friday through Sunday until 9:00 pm.
* Real restrooms in a central location. Also, porta-potties available.
* Convenient artist and visitor parking on site.
* Coffee and sweet rolls provided Saturday and Sunday mornings.
* Volunteers available for booth sitting upon request.
* Volunteer helpers and motorized carts are available for set-up and tear-down on a first-come, first-served basis.
* Most booths have a corner location due to the 'quad' set-up. Booth Layout will be provided upon acceptance. 
* RV, trailer, and overnight parking are allowed in designated parking lot on site. Artists must park in designated area ONLY with a parking pass displayed, license plates registered with the Summerlin Festival of Arts and cell phone provided for driver.

Contact: Nancy Higgins  (702) 467-3540
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