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Finished my 2nd Event

Finished my second event...Burro Races in Georgetown CO. Since my last event, I purchased Flourish mesh walls and absolutely love them.  My husband does setup was talking them up to other vendors.

I decided to forgo the wood curtain on the back, glad I did the tent looks clean and crisp. I will be using smaller S hooks next time as it was difficult inserting the larger hooks in the mesh.  Now I just need to figure out a good way of showing my stickers. I had them hanging on the wall but they kept flying away.


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KDKanopy Majistic tent.  Used sparingly over 5 years $500.  Excellent condition,

4 - 6' Black Propanel walls Excellent condition

4 - 45lb Dumbbell Weights $35 each

6 - 15lb Dumbbells for anchoring easels $10 each

7 Artists Loft Easels $35 each.

6' 40 slot greeting card stand

3 large matted print stands

2 small matted print stands

Phone: 520-820-5081

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EZ-Up replacement topper leaking bad.

I did the St James Art Show this year and it did rain on Thursday nite before the show even started on Friday and when I came inside my booth it had rained inside the tent. I spent the entire day covering my art work from the on and off rain Friday and found out that at least three other artist had actually lost some of their art pieces. I did loose some envelopes that went with my cards but for the most part survived it w/o too much damage. I have never had this happen before and I had even scotch guarded it to make sure it would be rain safe. Bummer it did not stop the rain and now I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions are welcome.

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Take-down tip

A few shows ago, I made a change that has helped speed my (still-slow) take-down and load-out process.

I try as diligently as possible to only touch everything once.

So instead of picking up a painting, putting it down, finding its traveling cover, picking it back up, putting the cover on, putting it down, hauling the dolly around and putting the painting on the dolly, I arrange things so that I pick the painting off the wall, put the cover on it and put it on the dolly without ever putting it down or picking it up again. 

Sounds like a small change, doesn't it? Maybe I am just more scatterbrained than most, but in general, this shift saves me 20 minutes. 

Do you have any take-down, load-out or set-up tips you'd share? 

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need advice on weights for ez up tent

After retiring from teaching art for 32 years i have had the chance to get back into the studio. Last year I did three shows. Two were inside and the one outdoor show provided a tent for "emerging artists". So this June will be the first outdoor show on my own.  I purchased an eze up 10x10 tent last fall when eCanopy had some great sales. Used it Winterfair Columbus, an indoor show, worked great.  But I have not yet purchased/made weights that I will need for the June show.  This show is on parking lot surface so the tent can not be staked, just weights. I need some advice on weights to secure the tent. How many pounds? How to best tie to the tent? do I purchase the weights? Do I make something of my own? Would appreciate any advice.

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some advice.  I recently got into the Columbus Art Fair in Columbus, OH.  I know this is a large show and, as I've never attended it, would love some insight on what spot might be good.  I am a painter and do NOT love to be in very windy spots (who does).  After reading another post, I understand that part of the show is on a bridge?

Does anyone have an old map of the show that they can forward to me?  I would love to be able to see it.

Thanks so much for all your help and if you are at the show, too, I hope we can meet!


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This is the year I go full-time as a art festival vendor and I'm looking for used equipment, most importantly Display panels or pro panels.....New pro panels are just outrageously expensive imo. So if anyone knows of good inexpensive display panels that are durable and look professional I'm all ears? I wouldn't be apposed to building my own if anyone has good advice.

Thanks Erik


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Better Quality Display Canopy Comparisons

I'm upgrading from a decent EZ-up and I've been pouring over people's opinions and advice about this brand and that of higher end display canopies throughout the discussions here but I'm still teetering between two major brands. I do my set-up solo - am of a 'certain age', who wants set up and tear down to be a breeze. You know, I want the world - in a display tent!

Must Haves:

  • 1 person set up
  • 10' x 10'
  • dome
  • zipped high quality side panels
  • skylight
  • front and back vents
  • awning
  • durable
  • high quality
  • replacement parts available


I'm attracted to the lightweight portability of the aluminum frame components of the Show off but love the guys at Flourish who make the Trimline that has taken over and improved on the Crafthut experience.

My research here through the forums and posts has found that there are enthusiastic supporters of every brand out there. I decided to compare apples with apples to get a handle on how things stack up! All prices shown are from the websites of each individual company as of today August 28, 2012. At first I thought there were wild ($300ish) price differences but then I looked into the add-ons and found they all come in very close to each other price-wise.

Comparing with: upper vents, 4 sidewalls, skylight, front awning)


  • comes fully loaded 
  • shipping extra (~$80 - 100)
  • heavy (steel)
  • 36 main components to frame
  • Many components = time consuming set up
  • Very Stable
  • Many replacement and upgrades available
  • Great Service
  • Comes with anchoring kit
  • Awning Add $125
  • Carry Bags Add $52
  • BONUS: Awesome sales support - thorough online presence with tons of info
  • Bottom Line: $1152


  • 'free' shipping
  • light (marine grade aluminum)
  • The top canopy goes on the roof frames while still on the ground - maybe not so easy for the person who finds it difficult to squat or bend over
  • 16 main components to frame
  • easy solo set-up
  • Comes with 2 carry bags
  • 2 center zip walls included
  • Said to be super stable
  • Good web site with plenty of info (not as much as Trimline folks though) responsive to email inquiries
  • Bottom Line:  $1170


CraftHut = TrimLine (were bought out)

Light Dome - Finale

  • Finale configured comparably $1069 + Shipping (+ $80 - 100)
  • (Note: doesn't include skylight as they say their tent material transfers light well)
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Top canopy must slide onto roof frame with legs partially extended - maybe not as easy for the shorter person
  • 21 main components to frame
  • do-able solo set up
  • Has some tremendously enthusiastic users many of whom attest to its rain and wind worthiness
  • Replacement parts and upgrades available
  • Carry Bags included
  • All 4 walls come with center zip standard
  • of the 2 Finale seems to have an edge over the Light Dome
  • Not the best web site. Actually pretty 1990's-ish, lol - but a nice gal answered the phone when I called.
  • Bottom Line: ~$1150


Suggested additional Upgrade: get a center zipper in each sidewall so solo roll-up is do-able without a special tool

Another Thoughtful Recap

An artist/blogger by the name of Ron Frazier went through this process a couple of years ago and recapped his thinking here: http://ronfrazier.blogspot.com/2007/08/upgrading-to-better-canopy-p...

Be sure to read the comments. They're making me lean towards The Finale as of this writing.

Add YOUR opinions below if you like:

  1. What canopy do YOU use? 
    Brand and Model if you know
  2. What do your LOVE about it?
    your top 3 features.
  3. What do you wish was better?
    (if anything) about it?

What I Chose:
I went with the SHOWOFF. Here's WHY:

  • fewer overall parts
  • The top is set up before the legs are raised - so no struggling on a step ladder to get situated
  • Tons of customizations available (I added zippers to both sidewalls so I can roll them up easily without using a contraption or a neighbor - I also purchased the rear awning fittings but not the pricey vinyl lean to - I intend to either clip my back sidewall up when my booth is open or add a lightweight tarp as necessary)

I didn't ask for nor did I receive any % off from the seller for announcing this choice.

All three main companies make excellent tents that work great for folks with slightly different needs.  

If your needs are similar to mine and this post helped you decide to also go with the SHOWOFF please mention me (Marti McGinnis) as your referral when you buy yours. They'll give me a little rebate. Then when you tell people about your purchase you'll get one too!



Comment from Discussion (that I closed and moved here)

Permalink Reply by Brandee Ross 14 hours ago

I bought a Light-Dome earlier this year and set it up exactly once: one time was enough to make me realize it was NOT a one-person operation (not this one person anyway).

I really like the ease of a popup tent so I started researching what the food and sponsor guys were using at shows. I found out about TentCraft (tentcraft.com) but at ~$1,000 it was more than I wanted to spend. Then I came across a knockoff by Eurmax: http://www.eurmax.com/ProCanopyPackage10x10.html. I LOVE this tent. My favorite features:


Eurmax PRO 10'x10' Package

  • Hexagon, NOT square legs that are over 2" wide made of thick aluminum
  • Heavy duty, but light enough to put up easily and quickly on my own
  • Good side panels included
  • Side panels attach at top with a velcro border -- no straps/excess shows and it's quick to install
  • Replacement parts available
  • Nicest tent bag of any I've owned
  • Price - under $400

I can't think of any improvements. I don't use an awning but I did buy side rails to add stability, and in the future I might use them to display graphics in my tent.

Good luck!

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And God said, I will smite your tent down with wind and rain and hail.
And Lo, the security guard will raise you from your slumber and lead you to your crushed and sagging tent. He will provide you with light and encouragement in your hour of need.


But beware the False-prophet who will stop and with forked tongue declare your type of tent is banned from many-a-fair, or at least Columbus. He will try to distract you from your work but he will offer no assistance.


And you will lose all hope as you attempt to rid the canopy of the gallons of water that have crushed it. You will void your tent of its water with a pocket knife by puncturing it 9 times. And you will have to break many supports to get underneath it.

 The bent and twisted tent will rest on top of your pedestals on your center table. As you raise it up you will discover  your ceramics knocked to the ground and jostled to the side, and you will be Sore Afraid. But you will discover that nary a piece is broken, cracked or chipped. And you will be amazed.  Other artists will not be so lucky and you will know you have been chosen.

  And you will take this as a sign. Your first born son, hearing your wailing and gnashing of teeth,  will declare: Father, should we give up, pack and go home? But you will not despair, only wail and gnash some more, then go out in very very early Sabbath morn , and I will provide for you. You will scavenge bricks  block, wood and Bar, and you will resurrect  your tent from the soggy ashes (and you will remember to  seek out the vendors who 'contributed' to your resurrection in the morning's light to explain your thefts).

You will then take inspiration offered from your offspring, remove all the artwork, rearrange your pedestals and tables so as to hide the destruction and the center pole. And you will be grateful that I sent your first born on this expedition to assist you as you cannot do this on your own.


And lo on Sunday morn, the sun will shine, the ravenous crowds will come forth in great hoardes, and they will wonder at your artwork. Any your son will rise at noon.


Man and woman alike will place money and credit cards on your table and you will make many sales, though not as many as the bearded Prophet with the Double wide Skylight  kitty-corner to you.


 You will be wise, take the money I have provided you in the face of disaster, and you will seek out a new, worthier canopy. You will turn a deaf ear to the vendor across the way who admonishes you for having an unworthy tent from Cosco  instead of the superior Walmart pop-up, and you will know it could have been any of the other 20 or more Ez-Ups that escaped my wrath THIS TIME. You will remember the other 4 destroyed Ez-Ups at the fair, and you will know that no foam-swimming-noodle could have altered my wrath. And  you will see the light.

You will have a vision of your Sta-Bar you used to support your demolished tent, and you will seek a tent made of that very same mettle and know that it is special, although a bit heavy.  And you will purchase a Flourish Trimline with Sta-Bar and you will not look back, lest you be turned to stone. You will know the added weight and  time for setup will lead to comfort in trying times and you will be glad you paid through the nose for this tent. You will give me thanks as you carry the Old One to the dumpster as even the zippers will work on your new canopy which always bothered you with the Pop-up. You will be joyful because the Trimline walls will even fit in their carry bag, which the Pop-up never did. You will consider it more than a long overdue investment for the future, it is a gift .

You will be thankful for the three years the Pop-up lasted and know you are meant  to upgrade. And Lo, from this day forward  light will shine brightly through your  own Double Wide Skylight on your artwork. Your Ceramics  will be much admired by the descending hoards and will find safe harbor from the fury of the summer storms to come.  

And you will  go forth and preach the good news to all Art Fair creation and make disciples of your new canopy and break the cycle of the Eternal Occurrence of the Same.


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I have a show this weekend where the weather is "iffy" rain-wise.  I've seen mentions of using "swim noodles" in the roof of the tent but never having seen these used, I have no idea what you're supposed to do with them.  Flotation devices in case the water gets that high??


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Properly weighting or tying down a tent

Like many artists, my biggest show fear is WIND.  Give me rain over wind any day...

So with wind and bad weather being such a huge concern, can someone please explain or diagram the proper way to secure a tent?  Often we can't stake into the ground, so when you are only able to attach weights, what is best?

I have 8 weights (homemade pvc ones) and they each are about 40lbs.  Some people have told me the weights need to hang, and not rest on the ground, but then others will say the exact opposite...  So what is the answer?  How do you do it?

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IL doesn't have the best weather reputation. We were at Long Grove IL, beautiful charming and peaceful suburb surrounded by golf courses. A dark cloud appears out of the blue (or the black) and a 40 minute storm took couple tents. We are doing our best trying to be creative to be able to make it in hard times. We don't need to add storms to our shows, and why do they arrive on weekends and not week days??? mmm...I took some pics that explain why is better to invest in a good canopy. No need to to type words. Oh, and after that damn storm came on Saturday at 10:30am , a beautiful sun came out and stayed for the whole show.



8871890683?profile=original 8871891096?profile=originalPS...What are those cables doing connected to the pole during a storm???? That is the question...

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After using an EZ-Up tent for five years, I bit the bullet and bought a professional tent. I asked the Artfairinsiders.com community for help and Linnea Lahlum recommended a Showoff. She provided lots of helpful points that made me feel comfortable moving forward with the purchase. I practiced setting up the tent at home and discovered I had some problems with my mesh display walls from Flourish.

I use Flourish white mesh walls to hang my artwork. I love how easy the set up is and how light and portable it is compared to the solid panel walls many artists choose. What I didn't anticipate was that the tent is a different size than the EZ-up... it isn't a true 10x10 according to the people at Flourish.com. The legs of the tent and upper tent structure is a different size. I needed to order new bottom support poles and hardware for the base of the tent. The Flourish people also say that I will need to use a rubber mallet to get the top hooks of the walls to fit the new size of the upper structure. They also said I may need to create some kind of extension for the velcro strips on the back wall as it will be wider than my EZ-Up. Not the end of the world, but I was disappointed that I couldn't use my new tent while I wait for my new Flourish supplies. Thought I would share this info in case anyone using EZ-Up and Flourish is ready to graduate to a "big girl tent" as my friend Claudia calls it.

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