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11027470276?profile=RESIZE_400xJuly 28 & 29, 2023
Richland, Washington
Howard Amon Park
Daily 8am-6pm
300 Artists
Deadline: May 5, 2023
Application fee: $35                Booth fee: $130
11027469298?profile=RESIZE_584xLocated in the historic greenway area of Richland, Art in the Park Festival is the premier and largest art festival in the Mid-Columbia Basin. Art in the Park Festival has brought artists, live entertainment, and gourmet food concessions to Richland for over 72 years. With over 65 thousand people over a two-day weekend, Art in the Park Festival is an exciting and well loved annual event.
Art in the Park Festival annually features over 300 artists, two full days of live music with high attraction regional bands, and gourmet food trucks. This event is always free, all ages, and is open to the public.
“I have been doing the show circuit for 12 years, and this is my favorite show. I genuinely feel they care about me as an artist.” – Linda R.
“Art in the Park Festival gave me my start. 2021 was my first year and I sold ever piece of pottery I had. ” – Tyler S.
“It’s a drive for my wife and I, as we are from Arizona. Art in the Park is the one festival that we make sure we attend. Thanks to the volunteers for all they do! Great event.” – Piker & Sandy V.S.
We also offer free booth sitting throughout both days of the event, and are able to coordinate food runs and load-in assistance (load-in assistance is at a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to those who are mobility challenged. This service is offered by the help of volunteers). All of this is offered FREE of charge to our beloved artists.
This event is 100% coordinated, directed and staffed by volunteers.
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After last weekend’s soggy experience in Sequim WA, we were excited to be headed east to the warmest part of Washington.  Several of us who had put up with the rainy weekend were looking forward to the opportunity to dry out and we weren't disappointed. 

This was our 3rd year participating in this art show.  Last year it was our best show of the year and still stands as our best 2 day show EVER!  So, we went into this weekend with expectations of a good show, but also trying not to be overly optimistic.   Sales?  We hid the dead center of the results from the past 2 years, less than last year but much better than our first year and to date this year, our best 2 day show of 2012 thus far.  In our minds we at least achieved our goal for this show.


Load in / Load out is fairly easy, I blogged about the show logistics, fees, etc. last year so instead of re-writing all of that, I’ll refer you to last year’s blog:


We had several repeat customers and seem to be building a great client base in this area.  This is the one big show they have each summer and is well attended.  We were a bit disappointed to see how they had reconfigured the portion of the show where our booth was located.  We had the same booth number but instead of having our nice shady location we were without shade most of the day, we had a lot of comments from customers that we had one of the hottest booth locations, groan, grumble, etc.  Set up and tear down in the direct sunshine was also a little more exhausting, but at least the tent dried very quickly after being packed away in rain the weekend before.


Friday sales started early and rapidly  between 9-11 and then seemed to die for a couple of hours.  The crowd seemed to shrink about 2 PM until early evening.  We had a few sporadic sales through the afternoon and then after 6 PM the crowd seemed to multiply quickly and we closed the evening with a few more sales.  Overall it was our lowest Friday at this show, a decent day but not the great day we had last year on Friday.  Friday’s weather was warm (97 for the high) with higher than normal humidity for this part of the state.  We were saved by having a fairly windy afternoon, that helped keep the air moving and made it feel a little more bearable.


Saturday started slower but sales were very steady for us from 10 – 4 and then a few last minutes sales between 6 PM and 7 PM.    The weather was much more pleasant with a high only in the lower 90’s, low humidity and a wonderful breeze for part of the day.  Saturday was a better sales day for us and the crowd was pretty steady all day.


Overall this is a fairly pleasant show to do.  No artist amenities are offered, the focus is really on just the art.  There is a stage with music and some performances by various dance groups, but it’s off to the side and the volume is not an issue.  The food area is close to the stage and there’s plenty of seating near the food area so we did not have near as many people walking through with messy hands, trying to touch jewelry while eating their junk food.   The show is held the weekend of the hydroplane races on the Columbia River.  I learned this year that this used to be a 3 day show and years ago the organizers decided that holding the show on Sunday wasn’t worthwhile for the artists due to the races, so they shortened it to a 2 day show and eliminated Sunday.  Nice to see a show where the organizers are actually concerned about making it worthwhile for the artists. 


This is a show that most likely remain on our schedule and continues to be the start of our summer road trip. Next stop?  Couer d’Alene ID, Art on the Green.  Hoping to get a few things restocked between now and Thursday.

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Just finished the Allied Arts show in Richland, WA. Richland is in SE Washington, one of 3 cities referred to as the "Tri-Cities", Richland, Pasco, Kennewick. It's an area that hasn't been hit real hard with the recession, the Hanford Nuclear Reactor is located here and provides steady jobs/incomes. However, layoffs had just been announced the week before the show and we were wondering how that might impact the show, I don't think it made a bit of difference in the buying habits. For us this was our best show of 2011 thus far, a great way to start our summer road trip with 4 shows in Eastern WA/ Northern ID.

This was our second year here and our sales were up 40% over last year, with many repeat customers from last year. We also had several that said they didn't remember us from last year, but were looking forward to seeing us again next year and we do hope to be back to this show. Most of the artists we know said they were having good to great shows, one painter said he was way down from prior years, a potter said it wasn't that great for him this year, but several other artists were indicating they were doing well, so once again, a bit mixed on sales, but definitely more positive reports from the artists I know than negative reports including a couple of artists who like us, were having their best show of the year so far. We saw a lot of packages being carried and the finance folks mentioned that they thought the overall commissions for the entire show were trending higher than last year when they came around Saturday to collect our tally sheet. Booth fee is $100 with a 16% commission with about 220 booths spread throughout the park.

The show takes place in Howard Amon park, on the Columbia River. It's a Friday/Saturday show with long hours. Friday was 9-9, Saturday 9-7. The show starts early due to the heat, this area of the state is notorious for being about the hottest area of the state in late July. This year we caught a break, like the rest of Washington State, temperatures have been cooler than usual and we did not have a triple digit day this year, YEAH!! I think that made a real difference in our sales on Saturday which were more than double the sales on Saturday for us last year. Temperatures on Friday hit the low 90’s, I think the high on Saturday was 95. The park has a lot of trees and most of the booths are arranged to take advantage of the shade. Each booth spot is 10x15 so for most of us setting up a 10x10 booth allowed plenty of room for storage and airflow between the booths. They layout is quite spreadout and one part of it was a little confusing to navigate. Due to all the trees, many of the booth do have issues with tree roots, so be prepared with shims, etc. Friday afternoon / evening we had a great breeze coming right off the river, we were all wishing for that breeze on Saturday.

Load in is easy, staggered throughout the day on Thursday, you can drive right to your spot and unload, etc. Saturday night is a little more challenging since everyone is getting their cars in at the same time, there's no control, the first truck we saw come in arrived 15 minutes before the show was officially over. No artist amenities other than booth sitters and RV parking available at the Marina in the park for $10/night, about a 10 minute walk to the art show.

Friday morning sales started off fast, we made our booth fee before we were officially open at 9, while we were still getting the jewelry out. By 10 we made all expenses and were well into the black on this show. Sales were great until about 1:00, slow between 1 - 3, non-existent in the hottest part of the day between 3-5. Picked up again about 6 until it got too dark to see our jewelry. This was our first 12 hour day with our new battery / LED light set up, we found out the entire set up will run 11 hours, 15 minutes. Since we have a spot at this show under a huge maple tree we were in shade, but that also meant it was dark when the battery ran out of juice at 8:15. That pretty much ended our Friday sales, no one could see what we were selling.

Saturday sales started a little slower but were relatively consistent throughout the morning / early afternoon. Things died at about 4 when the heat was feeling more intense with no breeze and a little more humidity on Saturday. I don’t think we had any sales after 4 PM, but overall we were very happy with our sales. End of show checkout for commission payment was pretty well organized, long line when my husband arrived, but moved fairly quickly.

Enjoyed a Sunday off with a bike ride along the river, a visit to a winery and then set up our trailer at our campground along the Snake River until it’s time to leave for next weekend’s show in Coeur d’Alene ID.

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