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10890404277?profile=RESIZE_400xIt is with great sadness to hear that our dear friend Nels Johnson is not going to talk to us anymore about the shows. My husband Norm Darwish and I have known Nels since the early 80's. Norm was a photographer and you know how it is you know best the people who are in your own media category, you know them and you know their work. We must have participated in at least 50 shows together over the years. There are many stories to tell about that.

When we created this website sometime early in the century (2009) Nels was one of the earliest members. Early on he started sharing his art fair journey with all the new folks streaming onto the site, and sparred with many of the veterans of the business, amusing us but also bringing helpful information for his readers. Every blog not only had great tequila stories it has "meat." Thank you, Nels. Your writing on ArtFairInsiders would make a wonderful book that I think even non "show people" would find enthralling.

If you haven't been following Nels over the years and you don't want to get anything else done today I suggest you visit his member page where you'll find some great writing. A few to get you started: 


(Does anyone have any of the titles of some other of Nels' blogs? I'm sorry to say that this system for this site does not list them on Nels' page. But I figured out that if you put the title of one in the search box it will pop up. Oh, I just did a search for "Tequila Report" and that brought up a TON of links. Nels, I'll bet you do ... Help!)

This link includes some of Nels' early photos:

Okay, Nels, see you on the road ... much love to you.


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  •  Thanks for that comment, Jeneen. I am in total agreement with you. The wisdom and the fun in Nels' posts Perk me up when I see he has posted something. Together we've done so many of the same shows And we know so many people in common that it Feels like I'm right there with him. He's still planning on doing shows So you may get the fun of meeting him one day in person.

  • Connie, I share your sadness. I have never met Nels. I havent looked at this site seriously in a number of years, but I still get the daily emails. Whenever there is a review of a show by Nels, however, I read it if I see it, for one reason and one reason only. I don't read the post for any "tips" I might get. I read the post becausee it is a joy to read. I wish I could meet Nels. I don't travel outside of Ohio, though, so I probably won't. Anyway, if you're reading this, Nels, by any chance, know that you have had an admirer from afar, whom you made smile :) Jeneen Hobby

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