Well, this is my last blog.

Still doing shows, just not going to talk about them anymore.

I have written many insightful blogs for more than a decade.  Some have been real classics.  Hopefully, this will be one of them.

On with the show.

This is the fall WP show, held first full weekend in October at same place as the March one.  This one is only open to Florida residents.

It came the weekend after Ian hit Florida.  The show site was in great shape, no damage anywhere, everything nice and dry.

Thankfully my work in the van survived Ian..otherwise I would have to change media from photography to watercolors.


I am usually still up in Michigan in early October.

So, I had notdone this show in over 25 years.

Did not know what to expect.

But heck, it is in Winter Park. Not Altamonte Springs, not Maitland, not Winter Springs...Winter Park.

Smart dressing people, some with disposable income. A good looking show site.  Nice eateries and retail surrounding it. You gotta give it a try.

And, so I did.

Like the March show, most of us could setup the day before, on Friday.  This is a two day show.

People with booths on Park Avenue setup early Saturday morn.  At teardown, they are let in first then the rest of the park comes in afterwards.

I got to stay with my favorite photographer, Steve Vaughn.  Ironically, he sold his home, to his son, and after 40 years was moving to new digs.

Steve retired from shows but still photographs daily.  He is one driven master photographer.

I had booth number 2 for the show.  This is on grass facing the main sidewalk on Park Street.

One drawback.  The music stage is behind me, and conversing with patrons can be trying at times.

Also the patron's booze and food tent was literally right behind my booth.

This was good.  I sold a nice framed photo to a patron who was drinking behind me who saw one he just had to have.

I had modest expectations for the show. It is only one hour from my casa in New Smyrna Beach.  If I made $2K I would consider it a success.

I did that the first day.

People arrive early and buy from the get go.

The artists at this show were all high quality. As nice as you see in March when you have competition from all over the USA.

The patrons this year were little jewels.

This is not a Walmart crowd like I saw last week in Daytona. Smart outfits, well versed in art, they actually knew what they were looking at, did not have to explain. Whew!
They bought all day long.  Strong crowds til about 3pm.

Had a great first day.

That nite I ate at Luke's Restaurant in Maitland.  One of the best places in Orlando area.

Great fresh fish and oysters.  Slurp,slurp.

I got the van in early Sunday morn---position A.

I have talked about Position A for years.

What it means is this.

First thing I do when I arrive at a show site is look to my position site to my booth and how close can I get to it and exit quickly.

I have done this for over 1400 juried shows (yes, think about that, 1400 shows, most of you will never do that many, and God bless you.)
But getting out quick is always my goal.

My motto has always been "Take the money and run."

Sunday was a beautiful weather day.

Patrons flocked early.

Money was being made before 10am.

Again great people to talk to. sales thru the roof.


Good local show, come prepared will sell more Lowend but big sales still will happen.

Final thoughts.

Wish more people would blog about their experiences at art shows.

It is not always about how much you sold.

Let people know about the stup.  Is there rear storage space!

How is the spacing side to side.

What are the demographics of the community.

Most of all, describe your experience.

Regretfully, as I exit, I see no one willing to blog.

We need your input badly.

Your comments will not impact you getting into shows.

Believe me.  I have trashed some shows for over 50 years, 

My 2023 lineup so far.

January--Bonita Springs, Images.

February.. Ft. Myers,  St. Petersburg, NSB.

March.. GasparillaandWinter Park, waiting on Vero.

if I get Mainsail and Artisphere I am on cloud 9.

Well, I am out of here, I hope somebody picks up the mantle.

One last post.

2023 will mark my 50th year in the biz.

I have done more than 1500 shows in my career and won more than 300 awards in juried shows.

I still have shows to do and miles to travel.

All the way, it has been a magical way to earn a living as an artist who sells original art that not everybody wants.







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  • Dear Nels, you have been such a loyal member and entertained so MANY for so many years. You have made great contributions to so many people and art fairs as well as to this site. Thank you -- please don't consider that your saying this is your last blog will be taken at face value, we'll all be holding our breath to hear about your next adventure at the fairs, and at life ... much love, Connie (I'm speaking for the over 16,000 members here who will miss you as much as I will)

  • Thanks Nels for all your entertaining and informative blogs over the years!

  • Nels, You will be greatly missed, I and many others looked forward to your blogs. You never pulled punches and gave very detailed reviews. 

    Take care my friend and watch your health. As I found out, your health is more important than any show and those late and all night drives are killers.

    Good luck my friend and be safe.


    • I think about you guys all the time.  I am loyal to old friends and you and the "Lovely Lou" are two I will never forget.

      Miss you guys out there.

      I will carry on for as long is possible.

      It has been a great run.

  • Nels, thank you for your blogs and information for the last years, they have been very helpful to myself, and to others

    • Thanks for reading, hope I have been helpful. Keep passing on the good info.

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