Thoughts this November.

I have a show in Louisiana this weekend and I'm wondering if it is worth the drive. (around 7 hours) .....The country is in shock and art is probably the last thing that people are thinking about and also probably afraid to spend. I will go because it's paid for and because it is what I do... but I am truly afraid that the art world is looking back towards the 2008 dive bomb. I truly hope that doesn't happen but I am not encouraged. Would like to know how you feel. This does not need to be political, I am not questioning your vote...but lets face it, many of the people that buy our art are not the typical people that voted him into office. Well, my type of contemporary art anyway, can't speak for all.  It's about our livelihood.....

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  • I've heard the argument repeatedly that election year uncertainty depresses art sales—it’s an idea that gets passed around like a given—but without real data I find it hard to believe. And if there is some truth to it, it's got to be rooted in reactions that are largely irrational.

    People in the market for the luxury of art, especially at the high end, have been doing incredibly well financially with little end in sight regardless of candidate. Do people really decide on a $4000 painting only after checking their stock portfolio? Or calculating the odds of Obamacare being repealed? And if people simply buy less of everything when they feel uncertain about national politics, what have we gained by the “certainty” that we've elected a uniquely unqualified man (I'm restraining myself here) whose own vague ideas and positions are like a ricocheting pin ball. We’ve got uncertainty ahead for a long time.

    Btw, a 2015 study by Princeton and the Chicago business school found no correlation between consumer spending overall and U.S. elections. While this still leaves the possibility that art sales in particular are effected, I doubt it. I'm with Nels too here-- I'm going to cope with my own uncertainty by making better art, and by doubling my consumption of bourbon, strategies that may turn out to be related.

  • I agree with Nels about new work selling however I do believe that the uncertainty of  the election had a significant effect on sales, especially higher end. Most artists I have shown with and talked to have said this year has been off and, I feel, that this will continue until the uncertainty settles down, probably after January. To the end we have concentrated more on the lower to mid-range and gone more functional. That seems to be helping.

  • Nels Johnson- I am new to this site but so love your insight mainly because you have been at it for so long. I have participated in shows through out the years but only on a 1-5 per year. I lost my job in January 2016. And convinced the main breadwinner in my house that I needed to do only shows no more working 9-5. Took the leap and so far it has been very good to me.

  • I found these links interesting showing the sales post election at Sothebys.  Interestingly some of the larger art auction houses have been reporting "soft" sales over the past 12 months.  Whether this has a link to the election is up for interpretation.

  • Meant to say " you all know I blog". Fricking fingers
  • Margaret, first, I am impressed.
    You all I blog regularly. But your blog got 25 responses, that is awesome.
    Sure, it is about the time we live in. I get it. Just glad to finally see lots of input out there. For too long this has been a silent lurkers site. It is good to see people reacting.
    That said, let' s talk about sales at art shows recently, and the future.
    I have done them a long time and have valuable insight, I am usually always a winner, I sell between the $30-$700 price range, anybody can buy from me, and they usually do.
    I was with Gregg Little last weekend at Pensacola actually two weekends ago.
    Had my best show there in 10 years. I killed them on all price points. Why? Because I came up with more fresh new work, and it sold.
    Elections be damned, people are out there waiting to buy fresh new art. Now come up with it and you will prosper, offer the same ol same ol, well you sW what happened to Hillary.
    BTW I voted for Hillary.
    Life goes on. Do not be downbeat. We are artists, we are winners.
  • The Fountain Hills, AZ art fair was this weekend and I was there every day, as a patron. It was very busy and it seemed to me that most of the artists were doing pretty well. I saw lots of items, big and small, being carried out. Hope this helps!
  • Hi Judy Christian~This was a great article indeed with a lot of common sense. It's good that your Son is getting involved as it will be his generation & the generations to come that it will affect. Thanks for posting this too Judy, Kathleen

  • Kathleen,

    I appreciate that you took the time to post. 

    I posted a link a bit earlier. I thought it was a good fair article. My son posted it on his facebook after he became upset with his friends over this same issue. He asked them to please all RELAX. He's young, and seeing all of this for the first time. It was the first time that he voted.

    Would anyone like to take a look?

    Here it is again. Thank you, Judy

  • Kevin Knittel~Oh, I see. it's OK for OTHERS to express their thoughts on the election & Donald Trump & sales because of the election, but I CAN't? It does't work that way.  You see, we ALL have a voice. I have NEVER brought up or talked about Politics before on here, but as I said in one of my 1st sentences that as long as others have, I wanted to give my 2 cents as well-sorry it was a nickel. actually, I'm not sorry-I have nothing to be sorry about. Have a great day & keep up your Art-My fellow Artist!!

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