Brunswick, Ohio

Your Medium

jewelry/stained glass

Years in the Art Fair Business


First show ever

I started in 1976 at the Mn. Renaissance Festival.Pounding spoon rings and selling my stained glass.My first actual art show was Excelsior Art Fair in Mn. 1980.

What are the best things about art fairs

Showing my artistry to persons who appriciate the work I do is the best part.Art shows are also a fun venue to make the sales which enable me to continue making my art pieces.I also enjoy the travel and meeting all kinds of people and other artists.

Best show ever and why

Laumeier Art fair in St. Louis was a great show.The entusiasm of the patrons has never deminished thru the years. Even with incliment weather, tons of rain and a couple tornadoes to the north of us, people came out to the show.Sunday, the last day of the show after the great flood, it was sunny and Beautiful out.The staff was rushing to artist tents spreading staw to try to make us comfortable in the three inches of standing water in our booth.I readied my self for a slow day, but low and behold all kinds of ladies showed up dressed in their sunday best, carrying their shoes in one hand, the mud squishing up between their toes.In the other hand they had thier pocketbooks and they came to buy.What a bunch of troopers.

Worst show ever and why

Unfortunatly, I can't remember the name, I guess we try to forget, but also in St. Louis. a three day show we decided to do.The attending artists, which we had checked on the artist list were well qualified and had nice professonal booth set ups.Twelve dollars for patrons to get in the door.They looked but didn't buy from us or anyone else.Sat,no one showed.WE were in a huge sports complex.Sun,Rams football game.70,000 people walked by our doors, none of them interested in art. and they used all the parking for miles.Hardly any one came through the doors.An artist next to us got lucky.He did beautiful Santas out of recycled mink coats.He hadn't sold a single one.A store owner came through after the game and puchased almost all of his stock for window display in his store.The only sales we saw for the whole show.More research was definatly required on our part.

Who referred you to ArtFairInsiders.com? Please be specific.

We had the joyous opportunity of meeting Connie when we did the Greektown arts festival years ago and have turned to her sometimes for advice on applying to different shows.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

I ALWAYS follow my dreams~~!!!

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