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Retailing is what we are doing, right? You are creating and we're all involved in selling. This info recently came into my inbox and made me very curious. The most interesting part to me was the growth of sales on the Internet ... what do you think of this info:

It won’t come as a shock that Inc. is gaining ground in ecommerce, but there are many online competitors growing faster than Amazon.

Internet Retailer’s 2019 Top 500 report, which ranks North America’s leading online retailers by web sales, shows that the retailers ranked Nos. 401-500 this year grew their collective web revenue by 24.3% in 2018 over 2017, faster than the 20.0% growth of Amazon, and well above the 14.1% year-over-year ecommerce growth in North America.

The Top 500 as a whole increased their worldwide online sales by 17.6% in 2018, and accounted for 89.8% of U.S. online retail sales in 2018, up nearly three percentage points from 87.0% in 2017. Amazon, by far the leading online retailer in North America, accounted for 22.4% of U.S. ecommerce in 2018, compared to 20.9% a year earlier.

  • Analysis of ecommerce versus total retail growth over the past decade
  • The fastest and slowest growing retailers broken down by merchant type, merchandise category and size.
  • In-depth analysis of the ecommerce performance of web-only retailers, retail chains, consumer brands manufacturers and retailers with roots in print catalogs and TV shopping shows
  • A report on Amazon’s recent initiatives and the response of competitors and government regulators.
  • Consumer survey data on how they shop online, their view of Amazon, how they view in-store pickup, their propensity to return online orders, and more
  • Benchmark data on conversion rates, growth by merchandise category and merchant type, free shipping policies, payment methods, website traffic, and more
  • Recent developments in online marketplaces, mobile commerce, fulfillment, omnichannel strategies, holiday sales, and online grocery sales
I'm not trying to sell this report, but even the points reported here give some food for thought on the impact of the Internet on our personal retailing. What do you think?

Link for the report:

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Comment by Layl McDill on May 21, 2019 at 9:00pm

My theory on the future of retail is that as we all move to buying online and retail stores die out people will eventually crave shopping things in real life.  That is where the art fair will come in to save the day!  It doesn't make sense to keep a brick and mortar retail shop open everyday when rent is high and customers are scarce on a daily basis but art fairs do make sense because they happen annually and people want to have real experiences when they buy art.  I have hope that in the future art fairs will be more special because of the move towards online shopping. 

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