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A well functioning website can change your life. It is the art fair that never closes. It can reconnect you with a former collector of your art and expose it to a worldwide audience. It opens the door very wide to new opportunities and has the potential to change your life.

Did you hire a designer to create your site and now it is complete? Or maybe you did it yourself and it is nagging at you for attention again. Facing the fact that a website is never finished is one of the less pleasant facts of life. If you want your site to do its job (market/sell your art) then that requires regular refinements and updates, and sometimes a drastic overhaul.

This podcast focuses on examining your existing website. Some of the topics:

  • 8869200666?profile=originalIs your site up to date?  
    • What are the standards you need to meet?
    • Should you modify it to match the current design style?
  • Does your site fit your marketing plan?
    • Is it geared to your target customers?
    • How big should it be?
    • Should it be a store?
    • How often should you update?
    • How often should you revise it?
    • Are you collecting email addresses?
  • Getting Traffic
    • What you need to know about Google 
    • Using Social Media
  • Q & A

8869193867?profile=originalOur guest is veteran web designer Franklin Piuck, Cyberhenge.com, Web Design for the Arts and Small Business. Frank's own interests and contacts have caused him to develop a customer base largely involved in fine arts, designer crafts, and specialized antiques and collectibles. (Reach Frank directly: fpiuck@cyberhenge.com, 973-616-6162)

Please note: on Tuesday, May 5 at 2 pm, Franklin Piuck is going to host a webinar where we will further explore your questions about your website. If you wish to be a participant in the webinar, we need to have your email address ahead of time so you can receive an invitation to participate. Please send to me: info@artfaircalendar.com

We really want your input on this podcast. Please put comments and questions in the box below.

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  • LOL -- you just stole my favorite answer, Denise! Of course.

  • Hi Connie, I don't know the answer to that.  I googled your question and there were lots of hits so hopefully you will find something to answer your question. best! Denise

  • Yes, Shelly -- we won't be critiquing one another's work, but we'll look at websites and seek help from one another. Glad it was helpful. 

    Denise, I'm "considering" updating finally ArtFairCalendar.com. It has great google ratings. What do you know about transferring the domain and maintaining your google ranking?

  • Thank you for today's podcast-It was very helpful and informative. This is a learning as you go for me- but as an artist/designer that is pretty much how it goes. I am more motivated now. I admit that critiques are great for the fine art I make, but for a website it may be a little different. Critiques are a great way to learn if you have the understanding that is not criticism. Thank you again.

  • Hi Connie, I am a technophile, but everything in this website was pretty much plug inor drag and drop. for example you just choose if you want a picture or text and if you want a link; you drag it to where you want it. So worth trying if you want a free option that looks good. I'm not sure how hard it is if you have never done a website. the hardest part of this was transferring my domain as that's much more technical than I understand, but I managed. There are still a few bugs for me to workout but I'm happy overall. It's free to try if you already have a square account.
  • Well, if you did that Denise, you are pretty skilled. Had you originally built the dreamhost site yourself? 

  • Just this week I migrated my website from dreamhost/WordPress to square/Weebly. And by migrated I really mean rebuilt. I am using the free option for the weebly website. So far I like it a lot. It took me a day or so to get it up but it was not too painful. Note I'm not using my square inventory and I also did not import my Etsy shop. For the moment I'm just staying with linking to my Etsy shop as I figure out what I am doing in our new reality of covid-19.

This reply was deleted.