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8869098685?profile=originalLIVE - THURSDAY, APRIL 30, 2 PM ET

A well functioning website can change your life. It is the art fair that never closes. It can reconnect you with a former collector of your art and expose it to a worldwide audience. It opens the door very wide to new opportunities and has the potential to change your life.

Did you hire a designer to create your site and now it is complete? Or maybe you did it yourself and it is nagging at you for attention again. Facing the fact that a website is never finished is one of the less pleasant facts of life. If you want your site to do its job (market/sell your art) then that requires regular refinements and updates, and sometimes a drastic overhaul.

This podcast focuses on examining your existing website. Some of the topics:

  • 8869200666?profile=originalIs your site up to date?  
    • What are the standards you need to meet?
    • Should you modify it to match the current design style?
  • Does your site fit your marketing plan?
    • Is it geared to your target customers?
    • How big should it be?
    • Should it be a store?
    • How often should you update?
    • How often should you revise it?
    • Are you collecting email addresses?
  • Getting Traffic
    • What you need to know about Google 
    • Using Social Media
  • Q & A

8869193867?profile=originalOur guest is veteran web designer Franklin Piuck,, Web Design for the Arts and Small Business. Frank's own interests and contacts have caused him to develop a customer base largely involved in fine arts, designer crafts, and specialized antiques and collectibles. (Reach Frank directly:, 973-616-6162)

Please note: on Tuesday, May 5 at 2 pm, Franklin Piuck is going to host a webinar where we will further explore your questions about your website. If you wish to be a participant in the webinar, we need to have your email address ahead of time so you can receive an invitation to participate. Please send to me:

We really want your input on this podcast. Please put comments and questions in the box below.

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