My 2K FB 'likes' Thank-you letter ^_^

Well I had a pretty cool day yesterday. I am just about a week away from my first anniversary of starting Lemon Drops Art. My FB page reached 2 thousand likes and I created my first ever 'tutorial' (I'm still uploading said tutorial...this part takes forever apparently but I will post a link when its all finished....that is, if I haven't slipped into a coma waiting for this thing to upload. In which case please send coffee!)

I wanted to share with you guys my "Thank You" post from my fb page. Here we go:

Yay...!!! Today Lemon Drops Art hit 2000 LIKES!! You guys are just amazing and I LOVE you! This comes just 5 days from the first anniversary of Lemon Drops Art! How cool is that? (It's cool right? I'm not just being weird like 'OMG OMG 2K OMG!' ) So... I have been trying to think of what to say to all of you in a way that expresses my gratitude for you and your support in my first year on this way cool adventure.

I could say I am humbled by your support, I could say I never thought I'd be looking back on the past year and realize just how far the LDA has come. I could mention that the friends I've made and the talent I've met on our art forums are absolutely top notch and I can't wait to see what the next year holds, but what I really think I want to say is thank-you.

Thank you for bearing with me on my first few fumbled online auctions. Thank you for graciously answering all of my relentless questions throughout the year. Thank you for allowing me to blow up your walls with 500 pictures of the same art piece 'just because' I wanted to be sure I got the best angle/light/color & the planets were aligned properly. After all, I work for like, ever on it and I want to show it off damnit!

Thank you for being you. I couldn't be here without you... Well, ok... I 'could' but it would be very lonely... and I would have waaaay too many little creatures in all of the nooks and crannies of my house, which would probably lead to my husband wanting a divorce because he couldn't cope with so many little 'eyes' watching him from every where in the house, and that would cause me to be destitute seeing as I spent ALL my monies on art supplies! Which might lead to my daughter dropping out of high school to get a job to help mom pay the bills and turn to a life of stripping because it was easy money and the next thing you know I have grand babies before I turn 39! *YIKES* So thank you for not making me a 38 year old destitute divorced grandma! Ya'll are the best!!

Whats the BEST part of a 2K Likes day???? DUH! FREE-STUFF!!!!! Every person who likes/ comments on this post between now and Friday at 7pm EST Will be entered into my 2K drawing for this little Unicorn! She is super-sweet =)  I haven't given her a name yet, so if you're bored (not sure how you can possibly be considering this post is a MILE long) leave a comment with name ideas. If I chose the name you post, I will also send you a 'free-beeeee' unless you win the unicorn, then I will send you the unicorn  XoXo~ Alicia 

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  • I'm definitely game!! If it can help my new artist friends I am ALL IN <3

  • Good job, Alicia. There is a secret: work.

    Yep, nothing helps like persistence, being tenacious, keeping up your spirits and most important, as I see you are an expert at this, having fun. 

    One of the things we can do here to help everyone is to start a round robin of FB likes ... why doesn't someone start this in the discussions and report back ... we've done it before, it is fun. Fun is good.

  • Awesome.  I'm only at maybe two hundred. I'd love to get more views!

  • I post lots of cute stuff mixed with art work from others and myself.  Always positive, but I'm up to a little over 500 after maybe a few years.

  • Thanks guys!! Roxanne, I wish I had a secret, but I don't. Most of the time it feels like I am trying to swim to the surface of the pool with weights tied around my ankles... I guess if I were to say anything it would be to stay persistent. Keeping your posts positive and fresh {a little humor never hurt either} =D I'm attending a webinar this evening on ''harnessing the power of facebook for business without breaking the bank" If you want, I will let you guys know how it goes and give you the link for future ones. 

  • Super news!

  • Congratulations, Alicia!  It sounds like you're doing something right and yes, how about sharing?

  • Wow, that's awesome!  Would you mind sharing your secret of how you did it?

  • Congratulations on your success. I am not on facebook, or I'd enter to win. Good luck with your promotion. WOOHOO!

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