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Loving these show reports from the East!

All of you guys who have been sharing stories from the Eastern shows, thank you! We've always had solid coverage on the Midwest and Florida shows (and down there in the Southwest and Pacific Coast group lots of info about Western shows).

We've learned about Lincoln Center, Rose Squared Shows, Three Rivers in Pittsburgh, Boardwalk, Ocean City, Jersey Shore, Washington Square, Taubman Center, Frederick, Reston -- many of these shows reviewed for the first time this year. Wow!

Many thanks to all of you, especially:

Alison Thomas, a valuable member here forever for her continued reporting on her shows and her befriending of other members. Her neighbor last weekend at the Boardwalk, Carrie Jacobson (who was on this week's podcast) couldn't say enough good things about her.

Marge Luttrell who has been adding show reports both here and on on a wide variety of different events and adding valuable info to other's reports. Her Lincoln Center review answered lots of questions about this once illustrious event and it brought out new names for comments including Wanda Bellamy, Andy Kearney, Linda Schwartz, Dale Norley, Sam Whitehead, Susan Thornton, David Addario and Jeanne Steck (who I haven't seen around here for awhile). Liza Norman added her review at ASR also.

Bill McLauchlan who has reported up and down the East Coast and keeps things lively and the folks who joined in on his Frederick post, Carrie Jacobson (with a great photo) and Sandhi Schimmel Gold. 

Erin-Lynn McAleer introduced us to NYC, followed this last weekend by extensive reporting on Lincoln Center. Great to hear about these NYC shows, surely one of the most difficult areas to negotiate logistically. 

Loving John Smith's "outsider" reporting on his shows and the people he is meeting along the way. Hey, John, next time you see Leo Charette, tell him hello. I miss him hanging out here.

It sounds like a bunch of AFI members were at Bill Kinney's Jersey Shore show. Next time let me know and I'll join you ;) Thanks Britt Hallowell (long time member) for this well balanced report and for the litany of other folks who joined in with comments, dry at last, Evan Reinheimer, Alison, Marge and Bill. 

Thanks to everyone who joined in on my Boardwalk post, land of the flying tents! Alison's photo told the rest of the story.

Evan Reinheimer shared lots of good info about the Rose Squared folks and their tireless work on their New Jersey events. One person's good show is another show's dog! and vice versa. Thanks for all the discussion on this one from Kevan Breitanger, Jill Stern and Dale Norley.

Mark Turner really knows how to give "added value" to his reports. Impressive. Kudos to

the Ocean City Art League judges for having the good sense to choose him for an award.

Yikes! Almost forgot the commentary/analysis on the Reston show from Elle Heiligenstein (thanks, Elle) with comments from Vicki Munn.

Three Rivers -- don't think we've ever had a report on this one, many thanks to Laurie Leonard for getting the ball rolling on this to fill out the picture - also the comments from Annette Piper, Larry Berman, Sandhi Gold, John Smith, Patty McPhillips, Suzanne Ens, etc!

THANK YOU, everyone. I am so pleased to see all these East Coast reports and the comments. Many new names showed up in these threads and I welcome you all. If any of you don't already have our Red Dot bumper sticker email me your mailing address and I'll send it out to you.

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Comment by Mark V. Turner on June 21, 2013 at 2:47pm
This weekend, Manayunk Art Festival, just outside Philly....Nearly 300 exhibitors...
Comment by margaret luttrell on June 21, 2013 at 11:54am

Being a traveling artist can sometimes be a lonely business when you are in your studio making art. Going to shows is as much a social event as it is a job. Having AFI there and the interesting forums than enshew and also Connie's steady hand making us all feel welcome makes all the difference in the world.

Comment by Connie Mettler on June 20, 2013 at 7:11pm

My apologies if I missed anyone. This has been a great couple of weeks with all the reviews and all the members old and new sharing their information that benefits us all. Show schedules may need to be rearranged in light of them.

Comment by Evan Reinheimer on June 20, 2013 at 1:18pm

Thank YOU for providing a forum for these reviews!

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