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Southwest and Pacific Coast Artists

Fine artist,crafters from way out west coming together to further our goals and industry, and just plain make good friends.

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First Art Sales at Great Falls, MT Farmers Market

Started by Ernie Komarek. Last reply by Ernie Komarek Aug 6. 7 Replies

I just completed my first show with awesome results at the Farmers Market in Great Falls, held every Sat. morning throughout the summer. My first booth setup went well but winds created problems, but I managed to make two sales that paid for my fee…Continue

"Point of Sale" Software/Inventory Tracking-Needing Input

Started by Shelley Spranza. Last reply by Camryn Forrest Aug 5. 8 Replies

Hi, all,I have Intuit GoPayment as my mobile app for art fairs, and I realized I can't really easily manage my inventory with it without downloading an outrageously expensive program by Microsoft which has been panned in every review I've seen.What…Continue

Tags: of, sale, software, point, payment

boulder open arts festival

Started by Camryn Forrest. Last reply by Camryn Forrest Jul 19. 4 Replies

If anyone is going to be at the boulder open arts festival this weekend, let me know in this thread. I'm not showing, but might walk the show, and I'd like to say Hi and put a face with a name where I can.Thanks (and have a great show!)Continue

New show in Huntington Beach

Started by Connie Mettler. Last reply by Jay Freedman Jun 30. 20 Replies

This is really interesting. Several time a day I get shows emailing me to add their events to Some I delete as they are not the kind of event I even want to see on that site (I really try to make it only events where show goers…Continue

Tags: art fairs in CA, Huntington Beach, CA

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Comment by steve appel 38 minutes ago
I am real curious to know how this new Huntington Beach show, Any buy sell. Quality of art. Load in and tear down. How did the fee base work for the public.
Comment by Richard L. Sherer 1 hour ago

We finished the show season with Estes Park today.Ii will write review later. We heard elk bugling while kicking back on the deck with a Sol.  We are going to look for moose tomorrow based on tip from wildlife photographer at show.


Comment by steve appel 1 hour ago
Kay what did you hear about ok. I stuck it out and it paid off. Fig I paid for whole show and did ok on mon. Talked to woodworker did not make a dime. When I get home will write a review. I have done Santa Fe and you hit it on the head. Friend wanted to know about sf I told her to stay home whether she did or not do not know. Ok was very hot, very humid, windy and very few buyers Load in and load out was for the young not my age
Comment by Kay Cummins 1 hour ago
Having a cocktail after pack out at Santa Fe. OK show NOT worth traveling too. Load in was easy load out too. Nice setting good weather. JURIED?? Not really some great stuff some b/s some crap. Very low traffic. Very low sales. Don't imagine you need more of a report. Santa Fe Fine Arts show. Chamber type show. Not on Zapp. I would have packed out sun night if I had the energy. I packed up at 2 but waited for load out. I waited at a nearby bar. ;-)

Oh I saw some very sad posts about OKC. hope Steve did better. A few artists left on Sun.
Comment by Ernie Komarek 7 hours ago

Saturday I tried a different kind of art fair at Red Feather Lakes, CO. It was the "Fire Days Art & Crafts Sale" held by the local property owners association. They move the fire trucks out and the artists set up inside the fire barn and a couple adjacent buildings. They gave rides on the fire trucks to keep the kids happy and had baked goods, coffee and BBQ for us. Mostly a crowd of summer cabin owners (snow birds), affluent folks from the nearby country club and campers enjoying one of the finest days only Colorado can offer. Blue sky, crisp mountain air and happy campers buying art! Sales were good and we came home very tired, but happy, happy, happy. 

I also showed at Crystal Lakes (nearby) on Sunday. I'll not say much so as to keep this post on a positive angle. Rain mixed with snow with some occasional sunshine made a nasty day, but still had some sales and a good time anyway. Despite the weather, motivated buyers showed up during the sunny times with lines to get inside. After a half hour it rained and the place was empty. Went on and off all day. Glad to get home and sleep in today.

Comment by Daryl Cohen & Kevin Frosch on Wednesday
Savina, I compare this market to like going to the casino. You win some and lose some. All you can do is your best at choosing shows and hope it works out. Your best friend is AFi, other artist around you at shows and sometimes just taking time to go see what is doing at other shows. This is a business so spend your money wisely. Make sure you plan and research your shows 8 to 10 months in advance, submit great photos of your work, plan a travel route so you can catch shows back to back while on the road. Most of us have shows booked out 4 to 5 months in advance which sometimes can mean as many as 8 to 12 and have to be paid for. So manage it wisely because the great ones are hard to come by anymore. Most are just medium to good shows. Being so new you have this urge to any shows that will have you but be patient and pace yourself. This a liken to a newborn baby, slow and easy. You will get their.
Comment by Brian Billings on Wednesday

Good for you Savina! Sounds like a good score on those frames. The first year is always a learning experience and lots of networking. When I look back on my booth and work from 3 years ago, I laugh. Looking back I now know why I wasn't selling much, lol. Jerry Saltz (famous art critic) said Before Van Gogh if people did not like your work, you'd say "What's wrong with what I'm doing?" After Van Gogh when people did not like your work you think "what's wrong with those people." We need to think like Van Gogh! 

Comment by Bill Kutcher on Wednesday

Yes I will be in Cedar City in September. Didn't do that great there last time, but thought I would give it one more chance since I generally do well in that area.

Here is a link where you can see my schedule and a picture of my booth so you know what to look for in Kayenta.

Comment by Savina Francisco on Wednesday
Thank you so much for the link & info, btw Bill!
Comment by Savina Francisco on Wednesday
Awesome Bill! It'll be good to meet you in person! I completely forgot you'd included that info in your message! Will you be doing the Art In The Park festival in Cedar City in September? I'm thinking about applying to that - I think there's no jurying fee but the booth is $150...After last week's zero dollar show I don't want to apply to another stinker...

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