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Crested Butte: View from the street

This is one of those shows that gets better with age.The Texans fill the hills, and come on down with money to spend

The show is well juried, well managed and I saw (for the first time this year) a good number of pieces walking down the street headed for a new home on the walls.The show has become a "destination" event where folks will plan their Summer trip to the mountains, and fill the streets both days.This is monsoon season in the hills, and you can plan to drop the sides more than a few times during the weekend. Saturday, the rain hit at three pm, this pretty much killed the day but they came back in droves on Sunday.

This year over 800 artists applied for about 185 spots, and there were no empty spaces.I can see this one becoming better and better over the next few years as the word gets out about the overall coolness of Crested Butte, the sales and quality of this well managed show.


Now, we are there to sell, but it doesn't hurt to have a bit of fun.Took the camera down the street to the music corner.This chick rocked as good as she looked.The food court was all down home.Real bar b que smoke filled the air,local vendors peddeling fresh lamb and other goodies, there was plenty of veggie faire for the non carnivoires.There are no fast food places here, the support your local folks vibe permeates the entire weekend. We were set up with the local coffee house right behind (the entire weekend spent well caffeinated).There are dive bars,a real nice steakhouse, and all sorts of eclectic eateries and shops that give hope to the dream of the independent business person.Crested is pretty much off the grid, and the locals know how good they have it.Be ready to entertain some of the local characters, but aside from the Hells Angels passing thru on the Sturgis pilgrimige (50 was a distinct presence as well) it was a weekend you leave with a smile on your face, and a few bucks in your pocket.It's one I plan to keep on the schedule.

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Comment by Mark Yearwood on August 3, 2010 at 10:41pm
I was about two booths to the west. (abstracts) I can't believe we didn't get a chance to visit, but with rivers in the gutter, rolling walls up and down and sales, I was pretty busy. I did get a quick glimpse of your work and love your stuff.

You are right on about Creste Butte. This is an awesome place to be, art or no art. We escaped 100 degree humid OK heat and enjoyed the mountains. We sampled lots of local eating establishments and I can say we never had a bad meal or service at any of them. The locals are artists in their own right and take pride in their businesses. Funny thing is that I met several Oklahoman's and sold them some art. Go figure. Drive to another state to sell art to people from your state!

Overall, this is a great show. There was some really high quality work there and something for everyone. Really high-end bronzes to silk wearables. My sales were good and I actually made the biggest sale on Saturday before close during the thunderstorm!

Only three gripes here: (1) We were on the South side of Elk St. and during set up on Friday it came a pretty hard rain. Had ankle deep water...errr river running through the tent. North side is the higher side and had less water. Maybe the city needs to address some drainage issues. (2) Tents were jammed too tight. I had to set up between neighbors and needed a shoe horn. Give us some breathing room. (3) A little more organization at load-in and load-out.
It's a tight squeeze with tents down both sides and people were paked willy-nilly when my 2:15 load -in time came. A better system or traffic director would help make things a little smoother.

I will make this one a stop for sure in the future!
PS: This guy in the last pic with dreadlocks was pretty cool and visited with me for awhile. Just one of the colorful locals.
Comment by Marina Terauds on August 4, 2010 at 12:24am

It was my first time in CO, and I absolutely love it. Crested Butte is very colorful and very different little town, I would like to return. Local food is great. Breakfast sandwiches from Sunflower - my favorite. Sales were good for me, a lot of customers from TX, OK and some locals too.
Comment by mark zurek on August 4, 2010 at 4:26pm
Hey Mark: Sorry we didn't meet up, but there is always next year.The load in/out thing is pretty much the old honor thing. We rolled stuff out the east end, was packed and down the road in 90 minutes.Load in, well I showed up 45 minutes early and had the wrath of two jewelers to deal with. I apologized (I did think it was 1pm) but they felt compelled to admonish me anyway. 37 years of marriage has me pretty well bulletproof tho. The rain, well they did say to stay off the curb, the set up rain was over the curb and onto the grass.
Marina.neat pics. I saw those decorated dogs (cracked me up) but missed the lady in red guy.
Crested is just a good place to be for a while.Most of the locals were so gracious (was waiting for a table at the Paradise, and a local invited me to sit and join him. Made for a great breakfast). The store owners seemed appreciative of the additional business generated by the show.The whole thing works, and aside from the afore mentioned crabby jewelers, all I saw were smiles
Comment by Jaky Felix on August 5, 2010 at 10:13am
Great scenery in the background of that first pic!
Comment by mark zurek on August 5, 2010 at 3:03pm
Yeah, there is that.The perspective changes when you seee the storms roll in! The rock chick and the local characters almost as much fun.
Comment by Connie Mettler on August 11, 2010 at 1:39pm
A funny thing happened last week. I was running the jury for the Great Lakes Art Fair. During a break in the jurying I checked into this site to see how things were going and I clicked on the blog area and this post popped up. I had forgotten that my computer was linked to the Roku that was projecting the images onto the overhead screen when suddenly the screen caught the eye of one of the jurors (a serious veteran). I've told him about this site before -- but he had been at Crested Butte, and being a busy guy had never gotten around to visiting the site ...when there was your blog, which echoed his experiences. Loved the photos. Thanks.
Comment by mark zurek on August 12, 2010 at 5:46pm
Wow.Busy and serious.Thought that was reserved for those of us that still hold a 9 to 5! Glad you enjoyed it, the show is a gem just wating to be polished a bit.ANd I think that is well under way.


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