A "Unique" Art Festival

I just received a call for artists, and this is a new one for me - an art show at a nudist resort! 

I'll be passing (have they seen my photo!?!) but here is the info, in case any of you are interested! I'd really like to hear a report from this show!!

John Kennington

Please accept this invitation to participate as a vendor at the Second Annual Fall Art Festival. This year the Festival will be held on Saturday, September 21st at Oaklake Trails Naturist Park (OLT) (www.oaklaketrails.com). A vendor brochure is attached. The fee for a vendor space is $20 which includes free admission for two to the resort. We do not ask for a share of the sales.

The purpose of the Fall Arts Festival is to provide a clothing optional venue for artists and interested parties to explore the arts au naturel. The event is designed primarily for young adults but open to all ages.

Oaklake Trails is a 420 acre clothing optional family resort with heated swimming pool, hot tub, sand volley ball, and hiking trails. We are located about half way between Tulsa and Oklahoma City just off old Route 66. Food and beverages are available weekends at the Bare Buns Bistro.

We are also interested in artists who would like to give demonstrations of their techniques. If you have expertise in any art and would like to facilitate a session, please contact Bruce Dean  at jotquec@yahoo.com or 918-261-4919.

To reserve your space or to get more information about conducting sessions or being a vendor, contact Oaklake Trails Naturist Park at 918-324-5999 or email oltnaturistpark@aol.com

Also please consider another opportunity. Stroud, a nearby community, is hosting a Historic Route 66 Wine and Food Festival on June 8th and is looking for vendors. For more information, follow this link http://facebook.com/stroudwinefoodfestival .

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  • Some strategically (sp) placed jewelry might be appreciated. :-0

  • Where do they carry their wallets? Hum ....
  • Well, you wouldn't need to pack much in your suitcase.....

  • Heh, instead of "Burning Man", we could call your experiences "Freezing Man" ;-)

  • I have been found without clothes in public a couple times, but usually only after a grueling 12+ hour cave exploration and mapping trip.

    I have found that being soaked in cold water and a clayey-organic slip slurry that only an experimental potter could love... for a prolonged period to time.... has a high degree of motivational input to 'dropping trou' as soon as possible once one has returned to the surface.... but only for long enough to find a clean pair of 'tighty-whities' to replace the now-permanently red-clay colored pair I was wearing under several layers of ballistics cloth-type nylon, protective armored padding and cold weather layering..

    At this point, one is usually on the side of a gravel road in a setting where scenes from the movie "Deliverance" could have easily been set, with a population often more morally conservative that the attendees of a Jimmy Swaggert church service.... in the middle of the dead of night.. because this is just how the timing of such adventures works out.... And there you are..... And then you hear the sound of tires on gravel coming down the road in the dark.... And dogs barking... And your ankles are tangled in your thermal undies or you are groping for some additional layers before you are illuminated by headlights.....

    Ah, those were the days of frozen muddy zippers, numb fingers and wind chill..

    Thankfully, my co-adventurers and I was never arrested for public nudity or indecent exposure, though I came close to frostbite on appendages we do not discuss without appearing to be indelicate - a couple times

  • Teeger is very good, I love his work!
  • Alan Teeger's wonderful photography would probably be successful there.  Or, he could find new models.

  • I still have memories of the guy next to me; a teacher with the Detroit school system who was there wearing a bone through his nose. His booth had the BDSM stuff, along with some exquisite chain mail. What I remember is that his booth and the party scene in there was so gnarly that the VooDoo folks behind me referrred to his booth as "the den of iniquity". I declined the invitations to join the party over there =8-O

  • Hi Robert. I truly enjoyed your telling that story to me last month in Tupelo! Hilarious!!! Truly memorable!!!!
  • Don't think I could sell a belt there.
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