Woodland Park Art Festival-Lexington, Kentucky

Well, here come the belly dancers--it must be the Woodland Park show.

More about them later.

I have done this show about eight times.

It is held in a wooded park on the edge of downtown Lexington.

Last year it was cancelled because of COVID.

This year they  advertised that it would be a small show of 125 artists.

Then they changed their minds and it ended up being almost 250 artists.

The show is held on the third weekend of August. It is run by the Lexington Art League. You can setup on Friday afternoon. Vehicles can drive into the park right up to your space.

It is always hot, but there is lots of shade. Their are a few scab shows surrounding the park.

Everybody has ample storage space in the rear and room side to side.

This year the crowds were more sparse. COVID has been rampant in the Lexington area and it affected attendance.  Lots of masked patrons.

Sales were more on the Lowend side with very few high end framed pieces going out the door.

Sunday was a better day for sales, for me, then Saturday.

BTW, I sell color photos in the price range of $33-$1100.  This show, all my sales 9546700094?profile=RESIZE_710xwere in the $33-$175 range.  They were few and far in between,

Lexington is a prosperous town with lots of horse-related jobs and the State University is there.  Lots of young people, but with little disposable income.

They buy very traditional here and they love the crafts. That said, I saw lots of artists making money here. Many, who I-talked to, we're doing their first show post-COVID.

It is a pleasent show to do.  Mellow and leisurely setup and a smooth teardown.

They have great food and beer vendors here.  The people flock to them in greater numbers than to artists.

Usually they have a nice artist breakfest on Sunday and then they announce the awards.

This year neither happened.  The organization claimed they were too strapped for cash and volunteer help.  Yet they doubled the size of the show, go figure.

Lexington is a beautiful southern city.  Great choices of restaurants and retail.

Plenty of hotels out by I-75 to choose from.

Overall, it is a nice show to do in August.

Now, about the belly dancers.

A local dance studio, who specializes in belly dancing, always puts on a one hour show on Sunday.  The music starts slow and then builds do a feverish frenzy at end. The patrons love it.  I love it but it kills sales for most of us when they are on.

Belly dancers in Kentucky-- who would have thought?

Next up for me is the Arts and Apples show inRochester, Michigan.  This was at one time, one of the best selling shows in the state, many artists did better here then Ann Arbor.  It is September 10-12. Two weekends later, I finish my summer at a biggie--Kansas City Plaza, then return home to Florida.

Later, Gators!

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  • I did Woodland this year and did extremely well. I've only done shows for two years and of course they were all cancelled last year due to COVID. Woodland is my highest grossing show so far. I'm doing St. James for the first time in three weeks and I expect that to be good. For me Woodland was so good because I live in Lexington and I don't have the expense of hotels and food. My average item is in the 70-90 range. I sold close to 35 items. 

  • I had a nice spot under some trees near the swimming pool.  It was a very good show for me - I stay with my sister who lives there so no hotel needed.  I did better on Saturday than on Sunday but was busy both days.  I thought the attendance was good and people were spending money.  Most of my sales were under $100 with only a few higher price point items selling.  I love this show.  No one asked for a discount.  No rude comments.  Very traditional and conservative audience.  College town with two universities. I was also happy to see so many young people attending the show and purchasing albeit not high end items.  

  • I was there over in the corner next to High Street. My sales sucked pond water, and I took a loss on the show. Very discouraging, and the one following that in Sellersburg was overhyped and just about as bad. The extreme heat did not help. I bounced back nicely at 4th Street in Bloomington, and getting ready for Penrod here at home this Saturday.

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