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Hand Forged and fabricated sterling and mixed metal jewelry

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Northway Mall, Pittsburgh

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Shadyside Arts Festival

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  • Thank you, Diane, for weighing in about Acre, etc. I've missed you here. Hope all is well and your are making MONEY!
  • Diane, your support is always welcomed.  You know you are the one that got me to this wonderful site.  Thanks for being a friend and maybe one day we'll meet until then, good luck with all your journeys.


    Cindy Gordon Moser, Happifeet Weight Systems, LLC

  • Diane, thanks so much for all your support. It is appreciated!
  • Hi Diane,

    I get my sterling chain from SII Findings in Mesa, Az.  Their website is www.siifindings.com.  Have never had any problems.


  • Happy birthday, Diane. I hope its lots of fun for you today with many friends nearby to help you celebrate. May this next year make your dreams come true.

    Many thanks for your contributions here.
  • Many thanks, Diane, for your recent participation on this site. I really appreciate your welcoming the new members and I am sure they do too. Your graciousness is an important asset to our community.
  • Hi Diane -- My name is Robin Wiegand from Robin's Nest Treasures. I met you last summer at a Steel Town Etsy meeting at the Waterfront. I'm the one who makes the vintage jewelry flower brooches. I just joined Art Fair Insiders, and I saw that you are a member, so I just wanted to say Hello. I read some of your comments, and it sounds like your business is doing quite well, so I am glad for you! You are a very talented artist. Maybe some time we could meet for lunch and talk whenever the show season dies down. Right now the only thing that I have scheduled is St. Louise DeMarillac in Bethel Park on Nov. 20th, and I am waiting to hear about another show on October 23rd. I joined the PCC in July, but, putting it diplomatically, I have had less than a positive experience with them. Nice to see you!


  • Happy birthday, Diane. Sending you huge wishes for a day full of friends and fun and a year full of dreams come true.

    Thanks for being a member here -- your presence is appreciated.
  • Thanks for referring Cindy to the site!
  • Good Day Diane,

    As I have learned the past couple of years, a show can be good for one artist and terrible for the next. With this in mind, I have heard the Three Rivers Art Fest out your way is a good one. Highly recommend you look at www.festivalnet.com...I joined this two years ago as I wanted more detailed information, but the using it free still can provide you with wonderful insight into shows, since many are rated by the artist/crafter attendee. Right now, it seems most of the public is really not in a buying mood and when they are, they are picking up less expensive items...and this is at some of the top of the line shows too.
    If you are looking to travel, Mt. Gretna Craft show, which is held around the 15th & 16th of August has proven good for me. This year, many of us noticed, quite painfully, how few of the patrons were carrying bags. Sign of the times for sure.

    Good luck with your business...maybe we will run into each other at a future show.
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