The Making of a Show Piece

     Somewhere along the line (right here on AFI!) I learned that jury images need to show a constistency. The pieces need to look like they are all from the same DNA, so to speak. Ever since hearing that, I have had a concern that my jury images are too dissimilar, and that someday I should make them more cohesive. 

So this month, “someday” arrived. I designed and built new statement pieces that are similar to another jury image. In the process of designing, I gave thought to my design and thought processes. Then I started to wonder if anyone else has a similar process. Here’s mine:

It would be very interesting to hear from the rest of you, as to your creative process, as well as thought process when it comes to making a show piece. Please share!

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  • Christine,

    The show with the potential award is two weeks from now. I will post the outcome when it’s over. Thanks for your kind words!

  • Thanks for posting about your process. It's always helpful to hear how other people make decisions about the pieces they create. The necklace came out beautiful! Love the earrings also! A perfect match.

  • I really enjoyed reading about your process, Sandy, but what was the outcome?  Did you win an award?  Love your work!  I haven't been in that situation yet but it gives me something to think about and strive for...thanks.

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