I got distracted and didn't get around to posting this good story about behind the scenes happenings at the best St. Louis area art fairs. My apologies to Laumeier that took place last weekend.

Artists often brag about not doing first year art fairs - me, I brag about the ones we did do. We were there for the first art fair in the Laumeier Sculpture Park. It was started by Pat Macias who had run the State Street Area Art Fair in Ann Arbor and she invited us. That was probably 20 years ago and our participation and that of others that first year was the beginning of an event that remains strong to this day.

Here's a good article from St. Louis Today with interviews with Patty Gregory whose highly ranked Belleville (IL) Art on the Square will be held this weekend. (Any of you going to be there?) Coming up the first weekend of June is the 1st Annual Taste of Midtown ART FAIR in St. Louis, with veteran show organizer Dennis Gorg. Also included is info about Art + Air in Webster Groves.

Had to laugh over this comment from Marie Oberkirsch, “All I give them is a patch of grass that’s 10-foot-by-10-foot and an electrical cord." Of course she and the others also provide nice amenities, because let's fact it folks, artists talk!

Here are some other things they do:

But behind the scenes, promoters work to please artists, too. Art + Air offers visiting artists a great deal on lodging at nearby dormitories, Art on the Square serves a Champagne brunch and secures artist-in-residence gigs for many of its artists, and Taste of Midtown will deliver free meals. Most award huge cash prizes, too.

Sounds cushy, doesn't it?


Fair winds and sunny skies to everyone this weekend!

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  • Good, it does appear that my photos are shared publicly. At what other fair can you get tarot card readings and shop for doormats? Obviously, they juried the show by checkbook.

  • We'll see if this works....

  • The Midtown Art Fair was less than stellar... far less. I didn't understand the layout at all, why they left huge gaps between some of the tents. It has been several months, but I am remembering maybe 50 tents, and maybe 25 of those were art. I have some pics somewhere, I will try to find and upload.

  • Does anyone have any comments/reviews on Midtown ART FAIR?

  • Colin,

    I was also going to try the MidTown Art Fair; however, I had to cancel as I found out I need to have a surgical procedure just a couple of days before the art fair. I let Dennis know early April (as soon as I found out) and I still have not received my booth fee refund.

    I don't know much about him, but I know that he used to organize the Central West End art festival, the last year he did it (either 2008 or 2009) was my first and it was the best: lots of people, good quality art, great sales, etc. The following two years that a different company took over, sales were horrible and the art fair looked like a flea market. So, he must have done something right when he was in charge. That's the reason I decided to try the MidTown Art Fair even though it's a new one.

    I hope it's a fantastic show for everyone who is participating!

  • Good article. We are trying the Midtown Art Fair for the first time this year. Any one have info on the show?

  • I'm still on the wait list for Belleville. I spoke to them yesterday but if I don't get in by tomorrow before noon, it's not in the cards for me.

    Maybe next year with new work...

    Larry Berman

  • I'll be exhibiting at Art and Air - my first for this local fair. I've heard good things and I'm looking forward to this venue.

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