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Seeking information on The Highlands Arts & Crafts Show (Philadelphia area)

We have been looking for a show in November to fill our schedule, and there is a show on Zapplication titled The Highland Art and Craft Show, in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania.  The primary jury deadline has passed, however the application indicates they will accept applications for several more weeks.

Have you ever done this event?  What has been your experience.  I recognize the experience can vary drastically dependent on what you sell.  I hand dye silk, and make funky fiber pieces.  My husband makes cold processed soap.    If you have done the show, would you do it again?  Have any recommendations?  I value all feedback!!!!

(Its a hike from Cleveland Ohio to this Philadelphia suburb, so i am trying to really do some research before i commit to this.)

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Comment by Kathleen Caid on September 12, 2014 at 10:53am

I have done the Highlands show for the past two out of three years, only because it fit into my East Coast schedule. I am from California and I sell high-end beaded jewelry. I won't go back there for any inticement. The show is just too small, too localized and not worth the effort. The women who run the show are adorable, helpful, concerned, competent, everything you could wish for, but they just don't get the Philly crowd, which is what you need for a small show. it is a fund raiser for the Highlands Mansion but is held at a near-by posh private school, in the field house (indoor athletics). The first year I did the show, it was held inside the Mansion and the crowd was great and I actually made decent sales. Then something political happened and they moved the show to the school and my experience was that it cut down the crowd by half. I just can't advise you or anyone to sign up for this show unless it is an easy, local drive. For all the effort it takes to get to these places and set up and sell your wares, this one doesn't have enough draw. Had they stayed inside the Mansion, I would be singing a different tune. The opening night party on Friday was invitational and there was a really well-heeled (literally) crown that came in (the mansion supporters and donors) and they were wined and dined in a beautiful setting and they bought! The move to the school (as nice as it is) was a huge mistake, in my opinion, and I have let them know these thoughts.

Comment by Dale Norley on September 12, 2014 at 11:13am

I have to agree. I am 45 minutes from there and don't do it. In the past, it was a good show but not for the last five years. Under attended and overrated.

Comment by Robin Miller on September 12, 2014 at 11:36am

I live nearby, and visited the show to see if it was a show I wanted to do, and what I found was that the exhibitors were complaining about poor sales and low attendance. There are better shows to do in the Philadelphia area.


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