Cleveland, OH

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a church craft show - eeeek!

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What are the best things about art fairs

sense of community, willingness to share knowlege and insight between the artists, meeting people.

Best show ever and why

Tremont Art @ Culture Festival, for 9 years I helped to set the festival up, but the day i was one of the artists was a breakthrough for me. it was also very profitable.

Worst show ever and why

weather was the big issue with Woodsstock, held in Shedel Gardens... it rained from 9a to 3p on an event that went only until 7pm.

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web search

What is one fun fact about yourself?

I love to just get lost in the creation process of my work, and loose all sense of time.

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  • I have done this show with very high expectations that failed to materialize.  This show seems to be slipping downhill more every year.  The  name is Great Lakes Art Fair, not Great Lakes Home Show or Great Lakes Business Expo, so why are there so many commercial vendors in this show. This venue holds a home show very close in dates to this Art Show and that is where the businesses should be.  I respect they are trying to make a living, (and pay a very high fee to attend).  But shoppers of fine art/fine craft shows come to find treasures they can't find in regular retail stores, and they want to do it in a relaxing atmosphere where they can look, touch, admire and converse with those who create the product.  They don't expect to be aggressively approached, yelled at, have things shoved in their faces, comments made regarding their interest or lack of interest in home improvement business,  It seems that every year this show draws new artists/crafters that believe they are paying a high exhibitor fee for a high caliber show with quality items to purchase.  They end up with sales $$$$ barely meeting expenses, so they don't return.  The shoppers don't like the atmosphere and they don't come back.  The show survives on artists/crafters who take a chance and end up losing money.  If artists/crafters are being juried for any show, there should not be businesses in attendance that do not supply to the art/craft market.  There are shows that are 1/4 of this price that you can make double or more than is possible at this show.  Unless they overhaul the guidelines of this show, I would not recommend and hope that no more artists/crafters get burned by this one.  Price it under $100 booth fee to more closely achieve expense/income ratio.


  • I'm so sorry Barbara that we didn't see you comment before the show.  I hope you had a good one.  We were definitely down from last year, but I think the weather had a lot to do with it.  Take care and good luck on your future shows!

  • Thanks for everything you do on AFI, Barbara. Your post has won "Post of the Month." Have a great 2015 and keep us up to date here on AFI.
  • Thanks so much, Barbara, for all your recent comments and sharing of information. This is exactly how we keep this community alive and helping others -- its goal! Right?
  • Thank you, Barbara, for your review of Made in Ohio Art & Craft Festival. We appreciate your help.
  • Thank you, Barbara, for your review of Yorkfest 2014. We appreciate your help and are thankful to have a member like you.
  • Thank you, Barbara, for your review of the Made in Ohio Art & Craft Festival. We appreciate all your help.
  • Thank you, Barbara, for your review of the WoodsStock Music & Art Festival. We appreciate your help.
  • Thank you, Barbara, for your review on the Great Lakes Art Fair. We appreciate your help.
  • Thank you Barbara for your review of the Ohio Sauerkraut Festival. We appreciate all your help.
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