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Another Sedona Arts Festival done. Awesome!

Thankfully this year the weather was fantastic. The city was FULL of people, people coming in from all over the US, and many from the nearby Phoenix area looking for a weekend away from the big city. Sedona was jumping!

The show was beautiful – Fine Art Only (FAO), and very well done. I heard many compliments from the attendees on how good the art was – I agree.

I did very well this year, great sales both Saturday and Sunday.

Load in is easy – just select your desired load in time and get going. Load out is also good – once you are broke-down, you get a card to bring your vehicle in and load up. (I dollie'd out because it’s easier for me).

There are a lot of people in the Sedona area with a lot of money and little to do. The art show is a great place for them to drop a bunch of money on fine art for their beautiful homes.

My clients were from all over the US. A lot of snowbirds (back-easters with their 2nd homes in Sedona or just out for a week in the high desert (4,444 foot above sea level))…perfect!

I saw many of my pieces go to homes in Sedona and as far away as Minnesota and Florida – and others.

This show is really beautiful. Set in Sedona, AZ at the high school baseball field. The music is “class act” defined. Local musicians with outstanding talent. There are great food trucks lined up with great fare.

The only thing missing is wine or beer – the high school grounds do not allow alcoholic beverages.

Consider the area for your artwork, or not. I bring “Native American” style artwork to this show. I did the show about 7 years ago with abstract sculpture – did not go well. While I was in Sedona I saw some Native American Shaman sculptures that inspired me and I made some for my home. An Arizona resident / client of mine came over to my home one day, saw my awesome Shamans hanging on the wall in my home, and immediately purchased them. This struck me as – hey, this is what the people of Sedona want.

I decided to make lots of Shamans for the next year’s Sedona show – and I never looked back. My Shamans are my break and excitement for my Arizona shows. Most of the time I am making my abstract steel artwork for California “desert” shows (La Quinta and Palm Desert) - (Modern and Contemporary Artwork lovers).

So, If you are looking for a show in Arizona, in October (beginning of their wonderful winter-season), the Sedona Arts Festival is the one to do. (No guarantee of the weather – sometimes it actually rains in the high desert, most times not (crossed fingers for 2020)).

I’ll be back…Thanks Sedona for a wonderful show. A special thank you to Lori Reinhart and crew for all your hard work to make the show a success.



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Comment by Jeff Owen on October 25, 2019 at 11:53am

Hi Connie. My Shaman sculptures are truly a relaxing change from my abstract work. When I decide to make them, I completely change my direction in art to a very relaxing creation process. Every "Shaman style" piece I make is different, there are many that look similar but each is its own. The photo attached is one of my tabletop Shaman pieces. I am always working on my abstract and contemporary pieces - even during my Shaman work. Jeff

Comment by Connie Mettler on October 23, 2019 at 1:19pm

Thank you, Jeff. This is the first review I've seen of this show and had no idea it was so classy, nor the demographic information. Can you upload an image of your work? Was it hard to make the transition from abstract to representational?

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