San Diego Artwalk

I tried to get this note posted months ago about the San Diego Artwalk, which takes place in late April. Yes, Connie is right about their publicity, etc., but there is a downside to this show. I talked to two of the directors at the Peoria NAIA conference last Sept. I had a lot of questions to ask about the show, because I wanted to apply to it; it's near where I grew up.According to the directors, they get about 1,000 applicants for about 300 booth locations; previously accepted artists get precedence in acceptance over new applicants; previously exhibiting artists get preferential booth placements over first-time artists; the main street on which the festival takes place doesn't hold all of the booths, so overflow goes onto side streets, which doesn't get near the foot traffic of the main drag; and - the kicker - first time accepted artists usually get the side streets. In my opinion, you have to lose money the first year or two until you move up to the main traffic flow - if you have a product that sells. Take a close look at the images posted by the previous artists and the images posted by the show about the festival itself. If you think your work fits into this world, go for it. Enjoy San Diego in the spring, it can be quite lovely, with warm weather, lots of flowers, moderate temps and few, if any storms. Or, just fly out there and have a real vacation without doing any shows!Mike Stipek
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