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Benefit for a home for unwed mothers - 1978. I made $28 and had to pay a 20% commission!

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What are the best things about art fairs

Selling. Meeting/visiting other artists and seeing their artwork.

Best show ever and why

Cherry Creek Arts Festival (all 8 years that I got in): awesome sales!

Worst show ever and why

Oooohhh! So many! Any show - and there are quite a few of them - where I had to drive 2,000 miles round trip and didn't even make expenses.

Who referred you to ArtFairInsiders.com? Please be specific.

6 PM: vans not allowed on show site until that time, then artists had to also get in dinner line at 6 PM; then artists had to get in line to check in at 6:30 PM; then artists had to rush for their vans, rush to their booth location (unknown until 6:30), then set up. And there were 300 of us!!! I left the show when I discovered my booth location was on a side street: 0 sales! Gasparilla 2009.

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  • Hi Micheal...wanted to thank you for the recommendation of the Mechanic Shoppe....they did right by us and got the truck fixed even though it turned out to be more complicated than expected. Made it up to Casper tonight and then onto Jackson Hole tomorrow :) Pauline and Brian
  • Happy birthday, Michael. I hope this will be a great year for you, full of fun and the best kind of surprises.
    Many thanks for all your contributions to our community.
  • Thanks, Mike!  I still chuckle when I think about it... Appreciate it!
  • Hi, Michael!  Quick question... I'm writing a blog article about crazy things said at art shows and I'd love to use your example of being asked if you had any photographs of Jesus... One of my favorites!  Let me know... I'd rather make sure sharing stories outside of the AFI forum is ok with you!  Thanks!
  • Hi, Michael!  I was looking through booth info from the Deerfield Festival of the Arts and noticed you were listed as well!  Hopefully our paths will cross during the weekend and if nothing else, I'd like to shake your hand for all your helpful advice!  See you in a few weeks!
  • Thanks for all your thoughtful and helpful posts here. Hope to see you at a show this year.
  • Michael, I'm surprised to hear about your problem with the FL dept. of Rev.  I pay sales taxes in about a dozen states and I find all of them give adiquit time to file a return.  I live in Florida and all my due dates are the 20th. of the month following the month in question.  I live in Michigan for 5 months a year and have until February 28 to file with them.  Something is wrong if your due date is Jan, 1 for an anual FL sales Tax return for the previous year.  For one thing, you could still be doing a show over the New Year's Eve weekend, as I did in Naples this year.  And, I'm sure you know by now, that those $50 fines are easily redressed with a letter of explanation (no fun, I Know).  I used to be fined $50 a month by New York on a monthly basis because they wouln't send the forms to me.  I finally closed the account and if I want to go back there I'll open it again.  If I were you, I would close my FL sales tax liecense and then sign up again when you need it.  I think you'd be given the right amount time to file.
  • Many thanks for your down to earth, practical comments, Michael.
  • Hi Mike,
    re Irish music guy: I did a craft guild show in the basement of a community center in Little Rock a couple years ago. The guy across from us was supposedly selling his hand made hammer dulcimers, but what he was really selling were CDs of his playing christmas carols on the dulcimer. I haven't been the same since....
  • Thanks for the excellent blog response today, Michael. Few others could have answered this question so well. I appreciate your participation on this site.
This reply was deleted.