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art jewelry - lampwork (glass) and silver

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I started out sticking my toe in to the water of things by doing local farmer's/Saturday markets. Once I had enough courage, my first real show was the Quincy, IL Midsummer Arts Faire, where I won an award! It was a great way to get started!!

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What are the best things about art fairs

I love getting to meet other creative artists and getting to meet new, interesting people. The hardest day at an art show is still 100 times better than the hardest day in the office!

Best show ever and why

Hard to say... Love doing the Quincy show, as their group takes such amazing care of the artists and really treat us like royalty. Love doing my St. Louis area shows because they are so darn profitable!

Worst show ever and why

GOLD COAST ART FAIR 2010! Too many artists, horrible set up, HORRIBLE sales and just all around everything bad.... First and hopefully only show where I ever lost money in doing it.

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  • Hi Amy, Thank you for asking. It was an interesting show. Well run, great people and for a lot of people great sales. But it was not the show for me. I just did okay. It was a big 2-D show. I saw lots of paintings, big paintings, walk out of the park. The crowds were a little unprepared for wearable fiber and there was not a lot there. Which you would think would be a good thing, but I find that I do better when I part of a pack not a lone wolf. So I will not do it the again, but happy I did.
  • I just saw that you are in Peoria...the Lincoln Parke Art Faire may be too small for the journey...if you are used to doing the larger shows then this one probably won't work for you...it runs the gamut from crafty to artsy to fine art/jewelry but it all worked...it is a two day show.
  • Hi Amy...no, it is a very small show but very nice...usually in September.  A couple of weeks ago I drove by the Lincoln Park Conservatory and saw a "call for artist" sign. Call the Conservatory.  In the meantime, I will look through my files to find contact information. 

    I'm not doing it this year...actually not doing any outside shows this year...last year I had a really hard time with the heat and I was afraid to put myself though all of that again this year.

    Be well and happy creating,


  • Yes Amy, it was really wonderful to meet you yesterday. I'm happy to have my brain 'picked', it was VERY interesting to simply be a visitor to that show. I spent close to 4 hours talking with artists, quite a luxury and very enlightening.

    I LOVE you work! Best of luck to you today!

  • Go for it. I think it will be a good read. 
  • Amy,


    I don't know if you got my comment on the "Friend" page, but it's OK to use my comment on the "Jesus photo"!  Thanks!



  • Amy,

    I'll see you there at Deerfield!

  • Thank you, Amy, for referring Joe Landon to Art Fair Insiders.
  • Thank you, Amy, for referring Brock E. Eddleman to Art Fair Insiders.
  • Thanks, Goddess!
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