With the start of festival season quickly approaching, you need to start preparing in order to make the most of every art event you attend this season. 2020 put a damper on our spring and summer markets, so you can bet the turn out for this year’s season is going to be great. You don’t want to miss out, and is here with some info on liability insurance and a few tips to help you make the best of 2021’s art festival season.


Is your contact information up to date? Have you checked to make sure your phone number and email are listed correctly online and on your business cards?

You’ll want to spend some time updating your information if anything has recently changed. If nothing has changed, be sure to proofread any new business cards or signage you’ll be using for the 2021 market season. You want your customers to be able to find your website and online store info as easily as possible.


We’ve all had plenty of time to create and think of ideas for new products. Now is the time to make sure your signature pieces are fully stocked and prepped for your first show.

Most seasoned crafters and artists suggest you carry enough inventory to sell at least 8-10 times. the vendor fee. So if a show costs you $40 to get into, consider carrying anywhere from $360-$400 in merchandise. You know your business best, though. Maybe try looking at past sales from shows you attended a few seasons ago to see how much you sold and base your show inventory off that.


New year, new business signage! Try amping up your signage by designing something new for your booth. Whether you want to create socially-conscious signs that remind people to be mindful of space or have a new color theme you want to use, new signage is the way to go.

You can usually design something online yourself or contact your local graphics or even UPS or FedEx store for help.


In creating new signage for your booth you might also look into rearranging your booth display. If you’re currently keeping things basic and only using a few tables and tablecloths to display your products to the public here are a few ideas to step things up:

  • Using shelves to elevate products
  • Organizing items with storage cubes
  • Try displaying larger art with table easels
  • Hang items with clips and racks


Have you signed up for the shows you know will start soon? You’ll need to fill out your exhibitor forms correctly in order to avoid any application mishaps that could result in your business not getting into the events you've chosen.

Be sure to read through your forms a few times and list accurate, up-to-date information. For the best outcome check to see if your show has an online application to avoid any complication.


When filling out your forms and applications, you may realize you’re asked for proof of artist liability insurance. Event shows and promoters may even ask you to list them as an additional insured on your policy. Wherever you’re unsure in getting the right coverage or paperwork, ACT Insurance can help!


ACT Insurance offers artists, crafters, and tradesmen liability insurance that can protect you against financial loss associated with liability claims that arise out of your booth operations at a market, fair, or festival. Show policies start at $49 and you can also purchase annual policies starting at $265.

To learn more or get covered, visit ACT Insurance. today.

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