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Pledge Drive Winners 2014 - The Top Twenty

Many thanks to all the people who sent support to our Pledge Drive. We drew the first 20 names in a yesterday and here are the winners:

  1. Kay Gallagher
  2. Suzanne Krongold
  3. Marianne Caroselli
  4. Andy Shea
  5. Ann Light
  6. Jill Banks
  7. Pamela Burgess
  8. Carol Joy Shannon
  9. Robert Johnson
  10. Maggie Zielinski
  11. Gloria Danvers
  12. Lisa Fair
  13. Robert Stein
  14. Susan Hohman
  15. Sue Kroll
  16. Laurie Leonard
  17. Janie Manaski
  18. Bonnie Eastwood
  19. Lisa Loudermilk
  20. Brian Miller

Congratulations to each! Several of them were winners last year too.

To claim your prizes visit the Prize Page, choose your top 4 prizes and send me those choices:, and I'll make arrangements for fulfillment. While many people had their eye on the top prizes, we don't like to choose for you. So which one suits you the best?

Please let me hear from you before the next podcast so I can set your prizes aside.

There are many more prizes than 20. On Monday, June 2, at 3 pm ET, "celebrity hosts" will be joining me on a new podcast. They will share some info about their event and then draw the names of the next segment of winners. Hope you'll join us then to hear your name called.

Which, of course, also means that if you haven't pledged yet you have more time to help us support our websites. We really appreciate each and every pledge, no matter the size. Here's where you can do that:

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Comment by Connie Mettler on June 16, 2014 at 3:47pm

The rest of the prizewinners:

John Leben, Allene Cassognol, Loren Fisher, Maggie Luttrell and Dale Yakaites won a gift certificate from

Lacey Wallace won the weekend pass to Jammin at Hippie Jack's

Debbie Stillman won a free booth space at the Holiday Art Show

Diane Rose won the John Leben digital print

Gary Willcock won the painting from Katalin Luczay

Larry Smith won the NAIA membership

Michelle Dieter won the Pandache scarf

Carol Larsen won Sue Lukas' book, Naturally She's Dreaming

Jacob DuChane and Melanie Rolfes won consulting with Patrick Dennis of

Chris Mason, Christine Rodriguez, Susan Kennicott, Stephanie Gutzman, Bill and Stacy McLauchlan, Jill and Patrick McGannon won a free booth space from

Megan Horan chose the free booth space from

Jane Johnson, Robert Stein and Robert Osborne won the free subscriptions from

Richard Sherer won the antique button bracelet from Marilyn Richey

Robert Caron won Janice Armstrong's books

Elizabeth Tivol won the free booth space at ArtWorks

Bernadette Rogers won a free booth space at the Berkshires Art Festival

Mike Shearer won the Bodyscapes photo from Allan Teger

Ronna Katz and Anne Schroeder won a half day of booth sitting from me at Ann Arbor

Debra Ehmann won the tote bag from Christieellen White

Tamara Kelly won the vase from Kim Ray

Mendy Marks and Candiss Cole won the Expert Website Design from Scott Fox

Alyx Morgan won the Arts Festival Conference pass from

Jan Anderson won the cheesecake candle from

Kay Cummins won the double booth space at the Catalina Art Fair

Jennifer Ivory, Jane Shaffer, Jacquelyn Zajac and Laurel Gregory won Click Millionaires

Rose Marie Lanpher won the copper bowls from Andrea Mora

Daryl Cohen won the decals from

Patty DeMaria won a booth space at Fine Art on the Farm

Robert Johnson won the level 3 membership at

Comment by Gloria Danvers on June 2, 2014 at 2:52pm


Thank you, I LOVE Larrys work...I'm so excited , Thanks again for choosing me :)

Comment by Connie Mettler on June 2, 2014 at 9:57am

1. Kay Gallagher chooses the Fairy Coat from Lynn McAleer -

2. Suzanne Krongold wins the SHOWOFF canopy from

3. Marianne Carolselli wins the Art Fair Sourcebook Online from Greg Lawler

4. Andrew Shea wins the set of Happifeet tent weights from

5. Ann Light (who also won last year) chose the Art Fair Sourcebook Regional from Greg Lawler

6. Jill Banks chose the new product from, the set of black MeshPanel SoftWalls

7. Pamela Burgess won the Wire wrapped Pendant from Marlene Ilecki of  MI Designs

8. Carol Joy Shannon won the $100 Amazon gift card from

9. Robert Johnson chose the FestivalNetworkOnline level 3 membership

10. Maggie Zielinski (haven't heard from her)

11. Gloria Danvers won Imaging services from Larry Berman at

12. Lisa Fair won studio services from Larry Sanders at

13. Robert Stein chose a subscription to Sunshine Artist.

14. Susan Hohman wins the Deluxe Snackboard Gift Basket from

15. Sue Kroll wins eBooks, Getting Started at Art Fairs and 17 Secrets to Success by Connie Mettler

16. Laurie Leonard wins the Solo Roller from Vince Pernicano

17. Janie Manaski, Handturned Green Silver Metallic Fountain Pen from Rich Horner

18. Bonnie Eastwood (another winner from last year) wins the free booth space at the Holiday Art Show in St. Augustine, from Lynn Wettach. Bonnie, which one do you want the Christmas or the Easter? Let me know. 

19. Lisa Loudermilk has just won the Art Marketing for Artists & Craftspeople E-course from Carolyn Edlund and the ArtsBusiness Institute.

20. Brian Miller has chosen the free booth space from Howard Alan  at

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