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Back in 2009 before Facebook was even a glimmer in Mark Z's eye, there was ... an exciting place for artists to discover. So many of us work alone in our studios and it was fun for all to share the life of being a creative who stands on the streets of the U.S. selling our soul created work. The post below had over 60 comments from artists across the country dishing on the Krasl Art Fair, Magic City Art Fair, Coconut Grove Art Festival, etc ... If you've got the time to read, you'll find lots of interesting information from the good old days when people stood in line to buy art ...

You'll find so much good information, such as this excerpt from Jim Parker:

"... the weather was excellent for the most part. My sales were about what I expected for this economy. Ann Arbor has been four days of work for two days pay for several years now. Too many artists, a confusing layout with lots of dead ends, and waning interest on the part of the public for real art bought from real artists in favor of Walmart and Costco crapola. Canvas prints haven't helped this at all, nor has cost-cutting and lower pricing structures from certain groups of photographers in a vain attempt to compete on price alone.

I bucked the trend this year and only showed split-toned black & white digital photographs at a higher price point. I've been at the same spot three years running, at a slower area of the State Street show. Previous customers do know how to find me and email marketing pre-show helps a little. I was on Channel 7 news on Friday, and a few people mentioned seeing me. Publicity was great.

My sales were about the same as the past two years in this location. However, my newer work does not look like the cookie-cutter Tuscan landscapes, or the national park sh... "


"In the interest of getting all the show reviews in the same place we are incorporating the Show Reviews section into the Blog. Please post your show reviews here. One of the advantages is that you can add "tags" at the bottom of each review so it is easier to search the reviews for specific events.


This is the place! Tell us about your art fairs, short or long reviews, we all want to be in the know.

Please include your media as, for example, a jeweler's experiences may not match a painter's. Also, include the state in which the event took place. There are way too many cities with the same name!"


And here's where you can find the rest of the story:

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  • Reviews are an importnat resource for artist to filter out shows that won't work for them before they lay out cash for jury and booth space. Unfortunately most don't write reviews, but they sure do complain about shows and promoters.  Just my observation from out west.


    • You're surely correct, Dick. So helpul to so many. Yes, in general the complaints are many, and the kudos are few and far between. The myth is that you don't want the other guys to know about the good shows. 

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