Halifax Art Festival-Daytona Beach

My next to last blog.

The succinct description of this show-- it royally sucked unless you won a nice art award.


No crowds, no sales.

Three years ago I had a super show, this year I did not even break $500 in sales for two days.

This is the very worst show I have done in the last ten years.

It is a lovely show right by the river and shops downtown Daytona.

Booths are backed on both sides of a grass median.  Two sections juried and unjuried.  The show is about four blocks long.

They are known for giving generous awards and the show attracts the usual big hitters looking to bag awards.

The rest of us are looking for sales.  It never happened for most of us.

These we're the thinnest crowds I have ever seen here.

I talked to many locals who said they did not know about the show, they just happened upon it.

Daytona is a tough place to sell fine art.  Craftwork has better chances.

They buy the familiar cliche and stay away from anything that is new and different.

I think serious Art buyers in the area do not attend this show.

People I talked to with not that informed about our art.

Many times I had to patiently explain that my images were photos.

Also, many were not even aware of the concept that photos could be printed on metal.

I mostly sold $40 matted photos, no interest in anything big.

Overall, the show left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

I guess next year it will be back to Pensacola.

That is it.  I am done with this.

My final blog is coming next. It will be a goodie-Winter Park in the fall.

Stay tuned.



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