"Fine Art Deserves Fine Manners"

Kudos to writer Lisa Gutierrez for her article "At Brookside Fine, Art Deserves Fine Manners" in the Kansas City Star, all about Art Fair Etiquette for shoppers.

One of this weekend's finest art fairs is taking place in the Brookside Shopping District in Kansas City this weekend, the Brookside Art Annual, May 3-5. Many of you will be there and it is great to see that the publicity for the show includes writers such as Lisa who "gets" the business.

Here are some of her tips:

  • First, control your kids. 
  • Keep your dogs out of the tents.
  • Don't browse while drunk.
  • Don’t stand around yapping and block the way into the booths.
  • Don’t make uninformed — read “stupid” — comments about the art within their earshot.
  • And about buying stuff … don’t dicker. An art festival is not a flea market.
Wishing everyone who is "on the streets" this weekend the success you deeply desire. 
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  • Love the etiquette tips. To them, I'd add - Please don't ask the artist how he/she is doing in terms of sales. Would you ask your local grocer if he were making money that day? Would you like it if I asked you how your earnings were today? I know it is people trying to be nice - but it makes me crazy, and it's just rude.

  • Saturday they come around with wine and a box lunch. Today's high predicted at 62 but it hasn't gotten there yet. Rain chance fairly small now.
  • Just looked at today's weather in KC -- high of 51 degrees! Not too bad for customers, but not great for those of you in the shade who have many hours to keep warm. I remember receiving a full bottle of wine with a dinner box lunch at this show. Did they do that again?

  • I meant to also add that my heart goes out to all my good friends (and also those artists I haven't met) who are enduring the weather at Brookside this weekend.  We are a hardy bunch, but weekends with this kind of weather always take a toll, especially going into it knowing what's ahead.

  • Connie,  Add Arthur Bryants BBQ to that 'spending time' list (or any other of the fine Q establishments in that great city)...if anyone has time to go out for food.

  • Not really a day off, Connie. Most of us will be setting up in the rain. Big tent is supposed to be back up by noon. Such a glamorous life!
  • Luckily Donna is a veteran show organizer with good community ties. I'm sure she'll have as much of this under control as possible pretty soon.

    I'm looking at that weather pattern and it looks like it extends to Texas too. So the two big shows this weekend, Brookside and Cottonwood will be affected. A friend driving down to KC from Minnesota drove the whole way in the midst of the storm.

    What do do when spending a day in Kansas City? I know you are there to do the show but sometimes these weather emergencies give you the only real "day off" in a long time. Sleep in, go shopping, visit a bookstore, see a movie, go to the Nelson-Atkins Museum, go to the Plaza and hang out. 

  • Nobody had set up in the big tent that I know of. A few folks were setting up on the street.
  • Update on Brookside: show officially called on Friday. The big tent suffered a partial collapse around 4pm due to the rain/snow mix. We got our tent up when Donna and Marti came by and told us. It is now a Saturday/Sunday show. And if snows as much as the Weather Channel predicts, it may be a Sunday show.

    My truck and trailer was parked here last week. Drove up after Dogwood and parked it. Flew to the Black Hills to help my Mom move. Flew back yesterday and it was nice in the afternoon.
  • Hi Jim I sure hope we have people, I think the serious buyers will come regardless of the weather. I am hoping to meet you. I am in booth 101 under the tent. See you tomorrow.
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