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Fees being returned by some shows and not others?

Because of this epidemic things are tough for everyone. But I am not understanding why some shows are returning funds and others are not. I understand that this is hurting all but for a show to say they have expenses to meet, well artists do to. If your running a show and you don’t have things like insurance in place well I find it hard to believe that you would still be in business. There’s a saying no business is in business to loose money. I know there is many small and large shows out there but I would bet you the larger ones have per visions in place for things like this.
What I have to ask is why I have small shows returning my money and large ones not. Of course over the years I have always wondered about fees like the one that come on the seen shortly after I started doing shows in the seventies called application or now jury even though they both still exist. It was the sign of the times the only thing that started to bother me was when the rules became a little one sided when it came to those fees and why they were charged and how much was charged.
During these trying times we should take the opportunity to maybe reevaluate our industry from the shows side and the artists. The long and the short is we need each other if our industry is going to survive. Listening to some of the talk out there artists are taking a beating so things have to change for all, or 2021 is going to be a bad year.

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Comment by Jan Hubbard on April 3, 2020 at 9:31pm
I agree George but after experience this and seeing things and how people a dealing with them, I feel things should be reevaluated by both the promoters and artists and reworked to make a much more level playing field like it was when I first started out.
Comment by GEORGE NEUBERGER on April 3, 2020 at 1:23pm

I've had the Bellefonte show in Wilmington De offer to apply my fees towards 2021. It's funny that the smaller shows tend to work with you such as 501-c3. The larger shows have jury fees which (I feel) should cover their expenses.

Comment by Connie Mettler on April 1, 2020 at 11:00am

It is hard to believe, Jan. Non-profit events have boards of directors that make the policies, and the ones that run festivals that have been around for awhile have fiscal responsibilities to the entity, the 501-c3. I'm in agreement with you that there aren't funds available to see them through crises like this. 

Many of us would appreciate it if you would post here the names of the "good" shows, the ones that get it, from your personal experience. 

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