8871866688?profile=originalComing from an art gallery background, when Eugenie Torgerson worked with the late Audrey Feinberg on the Cain Park Arts Festival in Cleveland Heights she says, "I was amazed that there was an audience with enough visual independence to purchase significant work in parks and parking lots." A new career was born and Eugenie was onto a new trajectory.


Moving from the gallery to the street means many changes for the artist. Instead of a pristine space with a small stream of visitors suddenly you find yourself in a parking lot, on a park-like lakefront, in the middle of a state capitol or on the bluffs of Lake Michigan surrounded by thousands of interested viewers. 


8871867254?profile=originalResponding to this milieu, over the years Eugenie has moved from intricate multi-layered screenprints to pastels and then on to digital photography, taught herself bookbinding and box making, printing on steel plates, and presently is a true mixed media artist incorporating all these explorations, using centuries-old drawing and printmaking techniques yet exploring the latest technology.   


On March 25-27 she will be at the Bayou City Art Festival in Houston showing her latest incarnation: mixed media work ---  steel plates printed with digital imagery, painted, and bolted to birch backboards and wall books (pastels/digital images nested on paper and textiles). 


Learn more about Eugenie and her work:   



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  • Beautiful work Eugenie. Very strong, sure, rich and evocative.  I loved mixed media pieces, Joesph Cornell and seeing a complete series of work created by a single artist. There is a flow and connection from each piece we create to the next piece we create-that is very apparent in your work. I liked that you discussed the your work as all being part of a larger body of work head on.  I look forward to seeing your work in 'person', as I know it will be much richer than it is 'online'.

    Connie, thanks for featuring this wonderful artist and her work.

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