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I was going to set up my booth today to reshoot my booth photo.  I got the EZ Up set up but before I could stake it down, a wind gust caught it and blew it over.  One of the legs sort of bent over and I now see the frame is warped.  I'm not sure what to do.  Since the frame is aluminum, should I try to push it (or hammer it) back into place or should I see if it will close as is?  Now I'm worried about strength as I try to use it for this art fair season too.


Any advice anyone?







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  • My EZ Up actually wasn't from Sam's.  It's an Encore II that I got on E-Bay.   I thought my problems were solved when I realized it's still under warranty but the warranty doesn't cover wind damage.  I can't say I blame them.  ;(
  • Don't buy the EZ Up Tents at Sam's Club!!! The are the poorest quality you can find. I bought my first EZ Up there. The frame was quickly damaged. I got a replacement tent from them, that did the same thing. At the second return, they told me to add my tent to the pile of other EZ Up tents in the corner. Spend a little more money and buy some piece of mind! I work with www.hutshop.com. Fast delivery!
  • The tent may still be under warranty. If you call and complain loud enough they will send replacement parts; if your lucky,  a new tent. The newer Ezup's are all made in China so don't expect much. You get what you pay for!
  • Jillian - It goes up easy, but the weight might be too much for you. My daughter carries it and puts it up with no trouble by herself but she's a lot younger than I am (and I'm in a wheelchair) And there wasn't any warranty... We've been happy with these and we've used only 2 for the past 5 years...unlike people who've had to replace EZups every year or more!
  • After having several trusses fail over time. I just bought the top of the line from ezup - Eclipse II aluminium (aircraft aluminium). I only bought the frame since I have the top and sides already (~$350 from ezup4less.com). I have used it for 3 shows now. It seems much stronger than the Sam's ones. It has mor head room than the other and goes taller. It is about the weight of the Sam's one. 
  • You can tell the measurements for your particular tent on the site, I think it is genius Phillip. Recycle the parts. Keep it in mind fellow artists/craftsman.  Hope the folks have enough sense to save them, but most get pissed and toss them.
  • With so many of these things going down maybe a shared parts source would make sense. An EZY up grave yard. Could be a tourist attraction like car henge.  Try posting in forum maybe someone will scavenge their wreckage for the right parts for you. If you do try to repair, make sure you measure because not all the supports and poles are the same length from tent to tent.
  • Thanks for the link Linda.  Does this tent go up as easy as the EZ Up?  Is there any warranty at all?  I do fairs by myself & have a bad back & bad knees, so I'm not sure about the 62# weight.

  • We have bought our canopies on eBay and we love them!


    The frame is steel. Heavy, and not as easily destructible as the EZups. Our canopy has survived windstorms that destroyed others all around us! We bought a 2nd canopy because the first one's canvas got dry-rot and tore. We had a sail maker fix it and he said that UV causes the canvas to weaken. The walls of the canopy are nylon, but the top is canvas. The eBay price includes shipping. The first time we bought one we got it for only about $10, but had to pay over $100 in shipping charges. The second time we were able to snag one for about $140 with shipping included. Have been happy with this particular vendor, but don't know about others on eBay. Their shipping was pretty fast.

  •  For $180 I would go buy another at Sam's ; just to have a spare //but first I would call to see about the warranty// they have sent me  FREE replacement parts even after the so-called warrenty date
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