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  • Thank you, Brett, for referring John Miley to Art Fair Insiders.
  • Happy birthday, Brett. Wishing you a good year filled with love, creativity, fun, friends and meaningful days.
  • Thank you, Brett, for referring Richard Hemenway to Art Fair Insiders.
  • Thanks Brett!
  • Hi Brett - I live in New Jersey and do shows mainly in the Northeast. I have avoided Manyunk because it's a difficult show to do and not a lot of high end artists (price-wise, although some good work). I've been to the show and live two hours away and it's not for me - I don't see a lot of buyers. I've never heard of Noho even though I do shows in Ct. Mystic is also one of those shows that's a puzzle. Their website claims huge attendance but I don't know any artists who exhibit and the northeast group is always recommending shows to each other. I do know Manyunk gets huge crowds. That said, take into consideration I've pretty much stopped doing most outdoor shows as I've found that the indoor shows (where people pay to attend) attacts a different type of crowd, more of buying crowd. But as someone else pointed out, it's a crapshoot depending on who you talk to. Good luck. Photography seems to be hot now. Ann
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