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Well… I was in The Excelsior MN show this weekend…emphasis on the WAS. Beautiful setting for a show, but unfortunately storms came through today--Saturday--with high winds. A decision was made to close the show after the first storm passed and more was expected late Sat. pm and more on Sunday. I'm sure it was a tough call, but safety was a concern. At least I had a chance to test my trimline and I had no problems at all. Unfortunately, some with EZ-UPs had a very wild ride. Felt sorry for a young couple across from me who were doing their first show with a tent, and it took multiple artists to help them hang on to things and keep the tent from becoming airborne. No stabars or much support other than weight on the legs. Saw a couple other tents take flight.

Other notes: The show is in a park setting by a lake and load in requires carting some distance across grass to booths. One way narrow road in.  Artists have load in times and they are adhered to. Scouts were there and carted artists' gear in/out for a fee. I would highly recommend it.

Parking for artists is non-existent near the site. Artists are asked to park at a grade school across town. Volunteers in vans provided shuttle service for artists and were very helpful under the circumstances.The art I saw was quality work and there were artists from all over. KC--Nebraska--Wis--Mn of course--gal next to me from California.  This a Minneapolis suburb and there is money there.

Would I go back? (I zeroed) Yes, but it's not the easiest show to do.--Despite tough load-in and parking situation, weather--there was great communication leading up to the show and many volunteers working hard to provide services. There is money there--high end art--didn't see art on a stick---I sensed that the few patrons who did come out until the real bad storms hit were there to buy and support the show and artists, but the rain and wind started a little after 10 a.m. start time and made the show a washout. I sensed this could be a pretty profitable show.

One sketchy situation. And maybe a huge problem for some. After we were told the show was canceled and load out began, an hour or more later, an  announcement came over a PA stating that artists could stay at their own risk--after many of us had already torn down. Some artists and food vendors ad apparently complained about the cancellation. I think that call was made after some  asked about getting some fees back. Soooooo…if you left…well you get the picture.

Dale Yakaites (Yak)---Photography

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Comment by Jenny Nunnelee on June 16, 2014 at 9:52am
I stayed until about 3:30, then we started packing up. But we came back on Sunday. There was about 30 of us, some of us moved to be closer together. The buyers did come out. The show seems to have a lot of community support and there is a lot of money in the area. In the end, I did as much Sunday as I did last year at Stone Arch.
Even though it is a pain to set-up and park 10 blocks away, I think I'll try it again. I think it could be pretty good if you had good weather all weekend.


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