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I am wondering why so many artist's web sites don't list the shows they are scheduled to attend. I list every show I am going to do with a blurb about the show. So, what is it that prevents artists from updating their show schedule on their website?

Is it that they don't know how to update their website?

Do they not want other artists to know where they are going? (Best fishing spots remain confidential?)

Do their clients even look at their website for show info?

Is it some form of paranoia, to keep it secret?

I just find it odd that "if" you have a website to show your work, why wouldn't you let EVERYBODY know where you are going to be so they can come see you. A LOT of people I know don't email because they don't want the back and forth.

I bring this up because I have a lot of friends on the circuit who just don't update their websites to where they are going to show. Grant it, I am looking at their site so I can see where they are, but that is the whole idea.

It seems like a shame to have a powerful marketing tool and not use it to it's full advantage.

Let's see some responses...


Jeff Owen


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  • Post COVID priorities. Materialo cost increases/price increase calculations. Regulars know where I will be. 


  • Most artists haven't updated their show schedule page in a few years. That's because most artists aren't technologically driven. And they usually have more important things to do, at least that's how they perceive it.

    Larry Berman

  • I agree with you for all the reasons you mentioned. If we are trying to promote our work outside of the shows, this would definitely be a requirement from a business standpoint. But I do think there are people that are putting all their focus at the shows where they are exhibiting and nothing more. Marketing such as updating your website, maintaining your email database requires additional work but may not be as valued since it doesn't necessarily result in immediate sales. I don't agree with the logic but I think it's out there. My wife has brought up another point. When you list where you will be, that will let people know you won't be home which is a security issue. That one does worry me but not enough to stop posting my show schedule.

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