Columbus, OH

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mixed media

First show ever

NA... I hope to do one in the near future. Building up my portfolio now.

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What are the best things about art fairs

Being a professional artist has always been a childhood dream. I am considering art fairs as a hobby/supplement income. I currently have a similar business but more commercially focused. I create t-shirt designs that is marketed to the pet industry and pet lovers. There are many similarities of what I do as compared to art fairs. I do about 15 shows a year setting up a 10x10 booth for 3-4 days in different cities. I think I can provide valuable input from a business standpoint. Have been in the business for 10 years full time.

Best show ever and why

My best show (not in $) but in terms of solidifying my resolve for my business was the end of my first year. I took a big risk in driving a cargo van filled with t-shirts from Ohio to Long Beach CA to exhibit at the national dog show. I had no idea what to expect as the previous dog shows I had participated in had done well but would it be worth it to make a 35 hr trek one way?. I exhibited for 4 days and was able to gross over $11K. Ending my first full year with the best show helped my confidence with continuing on my professional journey.

Worst show ever and why

Similar show as my best show but this one was recent. I trekked to Pasadena a year ago to do a show where I basically broke even. I signed up for a piggy back show in San Diego (so I could visit my former residence) and it became the worst sales show ever. Total sale of 5 t-shirts in 2 days. I can laugh about it since it was a show I could afford to lose but had to chalk it up as a self-exiled vacation.

Who referred you to ArtFairInsiders.com? Please be specific.

Google... after searching for art shows, there must have been an article that led me here.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

At least one of my dogs (usually my bulldog) travels with me to most of my shows.

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  • Congrats Loc on being awarded the Post of the Week - 1/23/2017
  • Welcome to Art Fair Insiders, Loc. We’re so glad you joined us. I hope you’ll find the site helpful and that you’ll share your ideas and experiences, ask questions and join the discussions. The site is only as good as the members make it. We have a lot to offer one another, experienced and newbie alike.

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  • Thanks, Loc, I'll keep that in mind...appreciate the offer.
  • Interesting...my husband and I have toyed with the idea of printing some tee shirt designs but we're not sure how to get started.  So glad you finally took the plunge, I know you'll like our community, it's fun and informational...enjoy!

  • Hello Loc,

    Welcome and thanks for jumping right in with comments!  We're delighted to have you and hope you'll continue to participate in discussions.  Thanks and continued success.

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