Hi All!

I already have gotten so much great info from this site. Thank you!
I am getting ready for my first multi-day art fair and have a few questions:

--I paint acrylic paintings in a variety of sizes. I know how to package the smaller pieces. But how do you package up a larger piece, 36" x 36" with a floating wood frame, if if sells. I am making cardboard corners but would really like to be able to package quickly, look professional, and most importantly safely for the customer. 

--Do painters take down their work every night? Bring it with them or stack it somewhere safe from weather? This fair is in Denver, so there is a chance of thunderstorms and although there is security, how much do you have to worry about theft?

--I have some sporadic help from friends and family members throughout the weekend, especially for set-up? Is is really important to have someone to help throughout the whole fair?

--Do you bring back-up pieces with you if something sells or just replenish each day?

Thanks so much for any advice!


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  • Would bubble wrap work also, or is reflectix better?

  • I too am a first year acrylic painter. I finished my first 3 shows recently. Here's some suggestions I can provide. Packaging- many artists use reflectix or a reflective insulation barrier you can buy at the hardware store. It works like bubble wrap but more durable and more expensive. You can use to transport and give to the customer when it sells. I have been using large art portfolios from amazon to transport and then kraft paper to wrap when it sells. But I will likely buy some reflectix for future shows. Taking down artwork nightly? Quick answer is 'no'. But hopefully you have a professional canopy that is strong and waterproof. If you fear a strong storm, use your best judgement. Fortunately for me I haven't. But if I were worried, I'd either buy some plastic 'drop cloth' from store's paint section and cover it up or pack up in my waterproof art portfolios and leave in my tent. Theft shouldn't be a significant worry as paintings are usually not the usual target. Assistance- you should be able to work the show yourself. Others are around if you need help with your tent or bathroom breaks if there aren't booth sitters. Back up pieces? As a new artist, I can barely fill a booth so I only bring about 24 pieces which fills 3 sides nicely. If you have the luxury of having 'extra' to bring, you should. Good luck!

    • Thank you so much, Loc for your info. I have heard of people making reflectix bags and will look into that option for next time too. All the best to you! 

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