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Where in your booth do you package your art when it sells?

I will be at my first art fair end of the month and need to purchase display panels for my tent. I'm not sure if I should do full 3 walls or the set up that has a 'door frame/space in the back. Even though I like the look of the full 3 walls, my conc

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6 Replies · Reply by Veronica Cabrera Jan 6

Out of State Transporting Booth Set Up & Inventory

Hello!  I've done many art shows in my home state and am looking to cross state lines in the next year.  For the closer shows I can drive, but for the longer distances flying is probably the route I will need to go.  I have a ProPanel set up with som

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2 Replies · Reply by E. Kelly O'Neal Oct 21, 2022
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