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Gotcha! I know our plan was always to keep doing shows and then fall dead out of the chair at an art fair (actually, I know a couple of people who did just that), but if you don't believe that the Internet is your retirement plan, look no farther than this website and my others.

I took our mailing list from doing art fairs for over 25 years and turned it into a business when we could no longer do shows. You can do that too.

Our podcast Is Email Marketing the Answer? The Experts Weigh In is full of the answers.

You've got your website. People can find you online. Shows can link to it and patrons can shop before and after the show. What's next?  Email marketing

Our guests Mckenna Hallett (able to live in Hawaii and earn a living selling her jewelry around the world) and Scott Fox (an online marketing expert and host of an entrepreneur coaching community) are passionate about using email marketing as the prime tool for staying in touch with your audience of potential buyers. 

Learn why Scott calls your email list "the artist's retirement plan" plus:

  • what email marketing is and why it is important for your business
  • best tips for building an email list
  • services available to help you use email marketing
  • integrating your website with email marketing
  • nuts and bolts of those emails

Get cracking, folks. You won't be able to put up that tent forever.

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Comment by Scott Pakulski on September 25, 2014 at 1:49pm
I did that and four subscribers dropped off my list
Comment by Barrie Lynn Bryant on September 23, 2014 at 3:38pm

I haven't had the time to listen, but will get to it soon. WOOHOO!

Comment by Connie Mettler on September 23, 2014 at 2:11pm

Thank you, Cappi. We are not always going to be young, things will happen, we may have to miss some shows and can't depend on them. I believe it is called "putting all your eggs in one basket." We have access to so many people at the shows, people who love us and our work and would welcome our staying in touch with them!! Use those great resources while you can!

(btw, Cappi, I'm seeing Marcia tonight)

Comment by cappi phillips on September 23, 2014 at 1:05pm

Thank you, Connie, Scott and Mckenna.  This was a very informative pod cast filled with many useful tips.  Now I just need to get cracking!

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