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ArtFest Fort Myers— Finally, a really good show, my first This year.

Well, I just set up my booth at Gasparilla.  I am back in my old hometown of 20 years before moving to NSB.

So I am having a relaxing lunch at the Hall on Franklin Street in Tampa.

Eating a great poke bowl and chasing it with a great temponiollo wine.

So, I figured, what the hell, you got the rest of the day to fuck off.  Thus, my final behind the time blog of FM artfest which happened the first weekend of this month.

With this blog, I am officially caught up.

Do not let anybody tell you that retirement frees you up. I got things to do everyday.

Oh, maybe that means I am not really retired.  Only doing 24 shows this year.

BTW.  Just got good news this morn.  I am in Des Moines again.  This is a killer show.

Jeez! Nels, order another glass of wine and get on with the blog.  Otherwise, order a glass for all of us.

I guess I am a cheapskate(not!) So I will write the blog.

How I finally found happiness and put a little extra in my bank account this year.

FM is a big show, 220 plus artists.

It is well run on all levels.  Lots of volunteers.

Basically a two day show. Although a few unfortunates do the Friday nite preview which is a big waste of time for most.

Day before setup.  Plenty of backspace for inventory.

It is their one big outdoor art show of the year, so big turnout, and, they come to buy.

Mostly everybody makes moola here.

This year we had heavy rain for a big part of Saturday and it seriously impacted sales.

Sunday made up for it, big time.

I did more there in one day than I had done my previously two shows.

I was not alone.

This  is primarily an older, traditional and conservative, crowd who loves Fish and Feathers.

You ought to know what that means by now.

It defines most of the Florida buying market.

Lots of midwest people.  They will try to talk you down on price.

But not as nearly bad as the Boca crowd.

It was refreshing to see crowds of people Walking with art in their hands.

I went home a very happy camper.

A little aside.

It was my wife’s, Ellen Marshall, last outdoor art show of her illustrious 40 year career.

I am going to miss that special feeling I get whenever I am on the road to an art show.

I could a,ways look in my rear view mirror and see this gorgeous, smiling blonde right behind me.

It is a truly awesome feeling.

I was going to do a Tequila Report, but I will save it for my Gasparilla blog.

So,I am taking my last sip of wine and checking out.

I see a nap in my  near future.

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