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Art Show Promotion - Car Door Magnets

So, artists often complain about show producers not advertising enough to get people to their shows, I understand. I personally don't know how much promoting/advertising promoters actually do. Shows that charge a commission really should (NEED TO) advertise their shows aggressively – thus making them more money from commissions on sales at their events.

I’ve done some shows where there are large billboards on the highway near the show that advertise the upcoming show – excellent – it really does work and people do come because of the billboards (I asked people at the show and many said that the billboard sparked them go.)

Where a billboard cannot be used, radio advertising is an excellent avenue to inform people in the area of the upcoming event.

Television advertising is obviously expensive (I really have no idea what a TV ad costs), but this is obviously the best way to advertise a show. Everybody watches TV (I assume) and those that see an ad for an event on TV often come to the show – I asked my buyers. Often, the Chamber of Commerce can help with getting the event on the TV.

For smaller venues, TV, radio, and billboards are often out of the question – too expensive.

There is another way to advertise an event – even many weeks before the event... that option is simple door magnets that are placed on vehicles that drive around many weeks before an event containing all the pertinent information about the event.

Because many shows have volunteer groups lined up to help at their event, these groups could receive door magnets, supplied by the promoter, to advertise the upcoming event. Every volunteer would then also be a moving billboard advertising the upcoming event.

I’ve personally done this for events I’m going to be in, in my area. It’s a simple and very inexpensive way to promote an event that I will be at in my area. Because I have some skills with graphics, I can create any artwork needed for a door magnet advertisement. I design the art, go to, upload my file, and within two or three days, I have some door magnets advertising the event.

It’s simple and “cheap” to order door magnets. Just go to / Signage & Trade Shows / select Car Magnets, and go. A 10 x 20 door magnet is only $22 bucks. 40 door magnets is only $880 – the price of only one double booth! (In my experience). Imagine, 40 cars driving all over the city every day advertising your event!


The image above is a “sample” of what any advertisement could look like.

NOTE: I am not affiliated with Vistaprint at all. I just use their services regularly. 

Just my 2 cents…


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Comment by Steve Sawusch on October 18, 2019 at 10:52am

It is a cheaper advertising method though and I think would bring people to a show.

Comment by Steve Sawusch on October 18, 2019 at 10:51am

I see a potential legal liability. If one of those cars gets in an accident, the show might get pulled into the legal/insurance proceedings.

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