America's Best Art Fair?

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1st Annual "America's Best Art Fairs" Survey


Artists know which art fairs are their favorites (and there are lists to prove it) but art collectors also have their favorites and those important people in this process have never been surveyed. You've met them at show after show, they are looking for that next great show or that next great artist, so we want to know:


What show do you think they should not miss?



This is a 2 round process.  In Round 1 we are taking nominations for shows to be included in the final voting. In Round 2 voters will choose the Top 25 Shows in the country, as well as top regional shows plus other criteria that we will develop from your participation in the survey. 
Nominate your favorite show with our quick and easy survey:
Nominations for "Best" open
August 8
Deadline for voting
August 31
p.s. PLEASE FORWARD:  We would like to include opinions from all people who love art fairs.  Will you please forward this Nominations Invitation email to your friends  who care about increasing quality attendance at the nation's festivals, too? 
p.p.s.  YOU COULD WIN: All survey takers will be entered in a drawing to win two $50 Amazon gift cards, too! 
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  • I neglected to mention that the people at the Rosen Group, the BMAC, have been really helpful to me in developing this survey. To my knowledge they are the only people who have ever surveyed the public to see what their opinion is of the best art shows. Thanks to Lisa Fritsch at the Rosen Group!

  • I agree with that, Larry. No excuse.

  • Hi Cappi,

    You're correct. I just reread it. But there's no excuse for leaving out State College which knocked St James Court out of the number one spot in Sunshine Artist top 200 issue that came out today.

    Larry Berman

  • If this list is for art fair buyers, then BMAC should not be included as it is a wholesale show.

  • OMG -- I linked to this survey on an email I sent out yesterday and there were nearly 7000 visits to yesterday! I know we keep focusing on the artists on these sites, but ... it looks like we've really hit an opening in the market. Art fair buyers want to know about the shows. Please folks -- forward the link above to your mailing lists. It is quick, easy and helpful to you in the long run.

  • In the post about last week's podcast, Bringing Buyers to Shows, member Don McCoy who is on the artist advisory board for La Quinta presented a solid list of amenities that make patrons want to attend a show and return. I hope anyone who is reading this will take a look at Don's ideas.

  • This survey's purpose is to find the shows that are art collectors favorites. There are already good lists for artists at Sunshine Artists and AFSB -- but there is no list for collectors. This isn't about where artists do the best. Its purpose, like our original purpose in starting these sites, is to support artists in this business by bringing buyers to the shows. 

    I know you've met people at shows who travel from show to show and love discovering a new one to visit. We want to know which shows those are, we want those people to share their favorites. 

  • It's the largest wholesale show that artists that do art shows do. Also it balances the show list for those artists that only do indoor shows.

    Larry Berman

  • It was a big error on our part not to have the CPFA on the list. No excuse for that. It will be added to the list. We will be revising the entire list according to the nominations and even if you are the only one who mentions this is missing it will be added. We'll also be looking at all the additional ones people have mentioned and adding the ones we know should have been there. We are getting lots of nominations for additional shows.  We've been planning this for a long time, but even so we are finding missing events. So glad we did the nominations first!

    The BMAC is strictly a wholesale show -- do you think it should be on this list?

  • You also have the Smithsonian and Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft shows listed but not Evanston ACE, Baltimore ACC or BMAC.

    Does adding them in the questions actually add them to the list?

    Larry Berman

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